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Edmonton Business Coach | Minimize Interruptions and Avoid Multitasking

Although most of the business world applauds people who are good at multitasking says Edmonton business coach. Business owners may realize that they are unable to get all of their tasks done in their business. When they are multitasking most of the day.

This is very important for business owners to realize. Because the science actually backs up the fact. That multitasking is not an effective way of getting work done. Because not only does it cause people to shift their focus constantly.

But people who are shifting their focus constantly. Are not able to focus long enough at the tasks that they are doing. To get them done very well. So not only did they get less work done. But the work that they do get is not a good quality as well.

And when business owners are trying to break themselves of the habit of multitasking. They often hire Edmonton business coach to help them. Because so much of the business world. Is geared towards encouraging everybody to multitask.

Especially now that everybody is carrying a smart phone. That can allow people to answer phone calls, receive and send emails. As well as have text messaging, to ensure that business owners can stay connected to their business and their customers.

Therefore, one of the keys to ensuring business owners can stop multitasking. Is to avoid the temptation of cell phone notifications. Such as social media, text messages, and emails. This may seem very difficult to do. Especially if business owners are very connected to their phones.

But once they spend some time working without these constant interruptions. They will often find that they get so much accomplished. That they cannot consider going back to working the way they used to.

And some business owners may not want to put their phone on silent. Saying that they promise they will not check their notifications. But the simple act of hearing that notification on social media. Or the time on their cell phone indicating that the received an email or text message.

Can be enough of a distraction. To cause business owners to lose productivity. Even if they are not checking the notifications. But are simply hearing them. Is why Edmonton business coach recommends simply turning the phone to silent. Or take social media or email off their cell phone.

The next thing that business owners should do according to Edmonton business consultant. Is creating a time block to schedule. So that they know exactly what they need to work on every day. So that the moment they walk into their business. They can start working on what needs to get done.

As the complete each task, the time block schedule will tell them what they need to work on next. And when they are working uninterrupted. They are going to be able to get all of the tasks done, as per the schedule that they have created.

Helping small business owners minimize multitasking is an important way. That they can get more accomplished, get better work done. And help them grow their business.

It may be very difficult for entrepreneurs to understand that they should not be multitasking says Edmonton business coach. Especially because the very image of a successful entrepreneur. Is an image of someone who is very busy, doing many things at once.

However, truly successful entrepreneurs, such as Warren Buffett. Or actually very good at focusing on one thing at a time. And avoiding all distractions. They do that, because they have created systems and processes in place. To ensure that they can work and focus when they need to.

And while many people may think of other professions. And realize that multitasking is a very bad idea. Such as surgeons, or pilots. Because nobody wants to think that their surgeon is answering emails, or taking phone calls. When they are in the life-saving surgery for their loved one.

Or that a pilot is checking their social media, or answering text messages. When they should be focusing on flying a plane full of hundreds of passengers safely. However, while many people realize that it is a bad idea for other professions to multitask says Edmonton business coach.

They often think that their industry is different. Or that they are actually exceptions to the rule. And they can multitask, even though it is a bad idea for other people to multitask themselves. However, this has actually been proven to be very incorrect.

Studies have been done. That show not only are all people terrible at multitasking. And that nobody can get good quality work done when they are trying to get many things done at the same time. But that the people who think that they are good at multitasking.

Are actually the worst people at multitasking. Then the people who are bad at multitasking, and realize it. Therefore, if anyone thinks that they are good at multitasking. Should stop multitasking immediately, for the sake of their business.

And one of the biggest distractions. Causing people to multitask. Even when they are not wanting to. Is email says Edmonton business coach. Because email is so often considered a very quick way of communicating. Business owners often start their day by reading their emails.

And then realized several hours later, that they have accomplished thing else. And they still have a pile of emails that are and answered. And they have not worked on any of their strategic priorities in their business. Emails are a way of focusing on other people’s priorities.

Instead of allowing a business owner to focus on their own priorities. And growing their business. This is why it is extremely important to set aside time devoted to checking emails and answering them. But when it is not time for business owner to check emails. They should not even be receiving notifications.

By minimizing distractions. Business owners can be more successful in avoiding the multitasking. That will cost them productivity, and good quality work. Which is extremely important for business owner who is trying to grow a successful business.