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Edmonton Business Coach | Mastering Productivity

Entrepreneurs are busy people, but they are not accomplishing any of their strategic goals, Edmonton business coach knows why. Business owners are often really good at working very very hard. That doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to work efficiently. Learning how to effectively use time blocks can help business owners and their staff become masters of productivity. Learning how to be productive in business is a great way to ensure important tasks get done. It is easy to fall into the trap of working on the most urgent things in a business. Time blocking make sure that the important strategic goals are also being work done. It’s important to make sure that strategic goals have a place in a time block because those are the activities are going to drive the business forward and help it grow.

So what are some great time blocking activities? Business owners should set aside a time for client meetings, recruiting staff, training and coaching their staff, human resources situations, marketing efforts, creating checklists and templates, administrative tasks and even unforeseen events says Edmonton business coach. Some examples of things that don’t need time blocking are: checking your email. email is a important task to get done, but any of your staff members can be properly trained on how to check the inbox. They can deal with the messages, and if there’s any that needs your personal attention they can send to you. We can have a time block devoted to email, but it’s not likely to be just checking the regular inbox.

Knowing what activities are great for time blocking is step one the second step is knowing how much time to block for each one says Edmonton business coach. But business owners really want to avoid is sitting time blocks that are too short. Time blocks that are too short create a problem of switching tasks too often. The reason why switching tasks too often is a problem is because every time a person such as tasks, productivity is lost. It also doesn’t make sense to leave a task unfinished why you start a new one only to have to go back to that first task and finish it. In addition to the wasteful time of switching tasks, your brain also has to process but has been completed on that job to that point, and what needs to be done with it moving forward. Some are more efficient to figure out how much time that activity would take and then setting the time block for that amount of time. It might sound attractive to business owner to have many time blocks in their day but this is actually counterintuitive. A business owner may want to set a time block for a little bit longer than they think will take to accomplish the task so that they can use any additional time at the end of the task devoted to urgent items that have come up unexpectedly throughout the day.

Knowing how to get more out of the day is great way to help business owners grow their business says Edmonton business coach

Edmonton business coach | mastering productivity

Even though business owners seem very busy during the day if they are not achieving their strategic goals they are not working on the most important aspects of their business says Edmonton business coach. It’s important for business owners to work effectively in their business, and not omits the things in their business that actually help the business grow. A great way for all businesses to get more out of the day is to learn how to effectively time block. Time blocking says Edmonton business coach is awaiting to set aside a specific time in the future that are dedicated to specific tasks. This way a business owner can ensure that each task they need to focus on for the growth of their business has time in the week to be worked on.

It takes time for a business owner to get the discipline to time block effectively but once they see how efficient it is in their business it will soon have their entire staff on a time block schedule. The most important thing to remember when it comes time blocking is work on the important, not the urgent. Time blocking can free up time as well. The reason for this is if business owners set aside time for creating checklists for their business and processes as well as creating templates, efficiencies will be found. Says Edmonton business coach Checklists help eliminate mistakes both from employees as well as customers. Fewer mistakes means happier customers, fewer mistakes also means less time devoted to fixing mistakes. Creating templates also create time. Instead of an employee taping the same message over and over and over to clients think of the most common emails that are sent on a regular basis and create templates for them. This will allow employees to have freed up time because they are pulling up a template instead of wasting their time typing the same thing over and over.

Time blocking is also great for business owners as a communication and coordination with their team. Especially if there are time blocks where business owner is unavailable to their staff, having time blocks devoted to that staff will ensure that your staff knows there is a regular time that they can talk to you, ask questions or get answers to problems that they had throughout the day. Knowing there is regular face time means they are less likely to entrust to throughout your day. Also it’s important to include training and coaching opportunities on a regular basis with your staff. The reason for this says Edmonton business coach is a well trained staff makes fewer mistakes which in turn creates happier customers. Also a well trained staff is efficient and delivers higher level of service to your clients which also create happier customers.

Time blocking is a great tool for business owners for staff and including their customers says Edmonton business coach. There is no reason why business owners should be getting the very most out of their day using this technique.