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Edmonton Business Coach | Mastering Efficiency

Zig Ziglar said that if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you wasted Edmonton business coach says this is extremely true. By not blocking your time, you are ensuring that you will work on what’s urgent, not important and he will open yourself up to constant interruptions. This article will discuss how to efficiently use time blocking to help you stay on task as well as accomplish your strategic goals.

Business owners are busy, but are not accomplishing their strategic goals, this is a huge problem because even if they are putting in lots of work, their businesses are not growing. Business owners can tackle this problem by learning how to use time blocking efficiently and effectively. First you must learn what time blocking is. Time blocking, says Edmonton business coach is a strategy of setting aside specific time in the future dedicated to certain tasks. Taking future blocks of time, locking them in and ensuring that the tasks in those time logs will definitely be what you are working on. This takes a bit of discipline, but it also requires you knowing what the most important tasks to time block are. Article will discuss what you should and shouldn’t be time blocking.

The number one time waster in business today is email. Business owners tend to think it’s the most important thing to work on because it seems so urgent. Get to work and have an inbox full of hundreds of messages of people waiting to hear back. Important thing to remember is while email seems urgent, none of those customers are concerned with your bottom line, or you accomplishing your strategic goals says Edmonton business coach. As a business owner your number one priority should always be growing your business. Unless there’s something in the inbox that is going to help you grow your business it is not your number one priority. You can create time blocks set aside dedicated to answering email, or better yet train your staff how to deal with email so your time can be freed up on more important duties.

Business owners also make the mistake of thinking that during a time block since they are sitting at their desk they should be able to answer the phone, talk to clients who walk in the door, or answer any question that any staff for them. It’s completely acceptable during the day for business owners to be unreachable. That is, the and available to answer the phone, talk to clients, and even answer questions from staff. It is important to have great communication with your staff, however setting aside time for that is the most efficient way of doing things. Every time you get interrupted, it will take your brain 23 minutes to get back on task. This is too much downtime for a busy entrepreneur says Edmonton business coach.

These are just some strategies on how to increase efficiencies by using time blocks. The most important thing to remember is to just get started using them, you can always refine your technique as you learn.

Edmonton business coach | mastering efficiency

Have you ever wondered why some business owners always seem very very busy, however they never seem to get anything accomplished asks Edmonton business coach. And yet other business owners can be just as busy and yet get so much more done in a day. We all have 168 hours and out week and 24 hours in a day so why is it some people are getting drastically more done than others? There are several answers to this question but when the most efficient tools business owners can use to help get the most of their business is time blocks time blocking is a great tool to ensure that business owners schedule in all the most important activities for their business, and set aside enough time to accomplish them recommends Edmonton business coach. This helps business owners avoid the trap of getting stuck in urgent matters, not important ones. There are many things that can waste of his owners time a day, time blocking will help you eliminate that.

The most important things that a business owner can time block is marketing. Many business owners us question why should they worry about marketing when they are already so busy? Answer this question is that the only effective marketing is marketing that is done consistently. By not spending regular time marketing, time spent is doubled or tripled. To make most efficient use of your time schedule blocks of time dedicated to marketing business. Growing your business should be one of your biggest strategic goals, and marketing is how you are going to accomplish that. Even if you’re busy, that doesn’t mean you should stop your efforts. Marketing is how you got busy, so why would you stop utilizing methods that help to grow in the first place says Edmonton business coach.

Time blocking for creating efficiencies is a great use of time blocks. How to improve efficiencies includes creating checklists for staff and clients, as well as creating and improving templates. Checklists eliminates mistakes by creating a system for staff and clients to follow. So much time is wasted in a daily because of mistakes, if you can eliminate mistakes business you can eliminate at wasted time. Templates are also a great efficiency tool because rather than typing out an email for example several times in a day, utilizing a template can be used eliminate the need to cut same email over and over and over. Think about any task business if it’s repetitive is there a way to automate it, asks Edmonton business coach.

These are just some methods to utilize in your time blocking. Start using time blocks, refraining your method as you work. Also take into consideration that creating templates for your staff will make them as efficient as they can be as well. Create a master calendar where every one’s time block is available so your entire team knows what they can expect for themselves, and what you are doing throughout the day.