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Edmonton Business Coach | Marketing Using the Internet

Edmonton business coach | using the Internet for marketing

The most common reason for failure of businesses is the inability to attract enough customers according to our Edmonton business coach. According to 42% of entrepreneurs this is the reason why they failed. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are driven by our goal to help small businesses. Our firm has a team of like-minded people who are inspired by our mission to help decrease the odds of business failure. Our work is last to create a free consult program for first-time clients. They will also receive free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “e-myth.” Please contact our office if you were should know more at or 780-665-4949.

Technology has played a big part in marketing initiatives. Technological advancements have been quick and game changing the past few years. Businesses need to adapt quickly to changing market. Traditional marketing strategies have been rendered less effective by the advancements of technology. Television commercials are less effective nowadays due to the decline of cable TV. The Internet offered cheap or even free video streaming services. The same can be said for radio advertisements. Music streaming applications have risen lately replacing radios. The Internet has became more mainstream recently and thus making it more accessible to gain information and content.

Marketing firms used Internet to their advantage. He realized marketing strategies are leaning towards the online world due to the decline of traditional marketing effectiveness. One of the few ways you can use the Internet to advertise is through social media. Everyone is on social media nowadays. Big corporations have started to realize this and take advantage of the social media market. They will often hire social media specialist for various platforms. Process for me to marketing notice like this; product placements and advertisements followed by a relatable funny post to cater to a wide array of audience, primarily the younger generation.

Social media marketing is important for our next topic. Search engine optimization is an important part of online marketing. Our Edmonton business coach who will explain what search engine optimization is. These are a set of algorithms that search engines will use to find and rank your content or website in terms of relevancy. Search engine optimization requires your website to be responsive, have plenty of Google reviews and having content rich webpages.

A responsive website means a flexible and fast website as explained by our Edmonton business coach. In the past search engines such as Google, look at websites with fast loading times. This can be achieved through optimizing assets by compressing. However in the modern market, Google noticed an influx of mobile web searches. Now that smartphones are mainstream, most people have a tiny computer in her hands. They can connect to the Internet from anywhere. It’s important for modern websites to be responsive. There are a wide array screen sizes out there and web designers need to take it as into account. The website needs to be multiscale to a small phone to giant monitors.

Edmonton business coach | marketing using the Internet

Technology has improved a great deal in the past few years according to our Edmonton business coach. These technological advancements of late, has forced businesses to adapt quickly to keep up. Marketing is essential for a business’ client generation process. Traditional marketing is being phased out slowly. These marketing strategies includes television commercials, radio ads and classic print marketing materials. The decline of cable TVs means television ads are less effective. The rise of the Internet is the cause for this decline. The web offers users an accessible way to consume video content for little to no cost. This is the same for radio stations. Music streaming apps are abundant causing radio studio will be less relevance.

Marketing firms realize that Internet marketing is the way to go. The traditional marketing strategies, while still effective are not the best way to go through marketing anymore. Digital marketing or online marketing is the modern way of advertising. There are few ways to use the Internet to your advantage such as the social media and search yet optimization.

A lot of people are registered to various social media platforms. These are tapped to market for advertising. As the Edmonton business coach we suggest that you look into big corporations social media accounts. You will often find them connecting with fans with relatable, funny and witty comments. This is to appeal to the younger generation. Of course they will also need to advertise certain deals and products in their respective platforms. The corporations hire social media specialist to post content and interact with fans on all of the famous social media platforms. This is also important for search engine optimization.

As the Edmonton business coach it’s our job to explain what search engine optimization means. This is an important factor to web site building. These are set off new rules that web designers need to comply in order for search engines to see and will rank websites. Small business owners often underestimate the value of search engine optimization or are unaware of it. A newly made website will never rank on Google. This website will not generate any leads and thus making search engine optimization important.

The first and most basic world to SEO is having a responsive website. This means having a fast and scalable design for your website. Just a few years back will prioritizes quick loading websites in order to rank them in responsiveness. This can be done through optimizing assets and code. However Google noticed that moles web searches have become more common recently. These mobile phones are basically tiny computers which you can use to connect to the Internet at any time. Mobile web searches are becoming more common in the recent years does requiring the world to implement a mobile first rule and web design.

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