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Edmonton Business Coach | Learning How To Schedule Increases Efficiency

Business owners need to learn early on in their entrepreneurship to schedule their time efficiently says Edmonton business coach. If an entrepreneur does not plan their time, someone else or they themselves will waste it. As entrepreneurs get busy, they can easily fall into the trap of cancelling appointments in order to make more time to accomplish tasks. Unfortunately, what this does is makes their time shortage worse, as they now have to deal with rescheduling the appointments that they have cancelled to make more time.

Because time is a finite resource, entrepreneurs need to find a way to work as efficiently as possible and to consider that they cannot create more time. Therefore, taking fifteen minutes of their day to reschedule an appointment is like spending time to make time, it does not end up working. And for every appointment that an entrepreneur schedules, they fall farther and farther behind ultimately. It is the most important thing for entrepreneurs to keep in mind, that if they are so busy that they feel they need to cancel an appointment, it is actually the most critical time that an entrepreneur should not cancel at an appointment and waste even more of the time that they already do not have.

One thing that business owners should also take into consideration, is that if they end up cancelling on customers on a regular basis, it makes them believe that an entrepreneurís time is not valuable, or is flexible, causing them to start cancelling or rescheduling an entrepreneurís time. This will end up with a business owner having holes in their schedule that they cannot fill, and wasting even more of their valuable time. If they miss appointments with employees, it could cause their staff to not meet important deadlines, because they never know when that appointment is actually going to happen. When an entrepreneur gets into the habit of moving appointments, it sends a message to everybody that this is acceptable behaviour.

If an entrepreneur is cancelling an appointment because they are not able to get a job completed in time, Edmonton business coach recommends that entrepreneurs keep in mind that it is much better to f just finish a job then spend time making it perfect. This will allow entrepreneurs to do what they need to accomplish a task so that they can keep a meeting with a client, rather than waste everybodyís time cancelling the meeting and trying to find time to finish the job.

When entrepreneurs treat every item in their calendar as something that cannot move, they will start to be able to work more efficiently in their business. Edmonton business coach says that this is key to ensuring that an entrepreneur is not stealing more time at a higher cost to the entrepreneur later. By getting into this habit early on in their business, entrepreneurs can ensure that they have enough time in their day for all priorities so that they do not end up wasting their own time, or that of their clients.

Edmonton Business Coach | Learning How To Schedule Increases Efficiency

If entrepreneurs discover that they are having to cancel or reschedule appointments on a regular basis, Edmonton business coach suggests that an entrepreneur looks at their schedule as a cause of this problem. Typically, when an entrepreneur is not able to accomplish everything in their schedule, it is either because they are not working efficiently, or they are not giving themselves enough time to accomplish tasks. Both of these problems can be solved by creating an efficient time block schedule.

A time block schedule is when an entrepreneur sets aside a specific time in the future dedicated to specific tasks and then locking them in. This is going to require entrepreneurs sitting down ahead of time, in order to figure out every single important priority that needs to happen every month in the business, as well as how much time it is going to require to accomplish it. Edmonton business coach said that entrepreneurs often underestimate how much time it is going to take them to accomplish specific tasks, and by creating a schedule, will ensure an entrepreneur is setting aside the right amount of time. As they follow the schedule, if they find that they are consistently short on time for a certain task, they can adjust their schedule.

Since most entrepreneurs end up underestimating how much time it will take them to accomplish certain tasks, this usually ends up with an entrepreneur understanding that they cannot get everything accomplished in their business in an eight hour day. In fact, Edmonton business coach says that entrepreneurs are typically the hardest working people, working up to eighty hours every single week, and working six days a week. By creating a schedule ahead of time can help ensure that an entrepreneur knows exactly how much time they need to devote to their business to accomplish all of their tasks. This way, they will never have to cancel an appointment in order to have enough time to finish working on a project.

For the most important aspects of a truly efficient time block schedule is that an entrepreneur will create some blocks of time with nothing scheduled that is going to help an entrepreneur have a built-in buffer so that entrepreneurs can deal with unforeseen events that come up in their business, or if something unexpected has complicated a job. Or, an entrepreneur can even create blocks of time that are slightly longer than is required to accomplish a task, so that there is built-in free time in an entrepreneurs day so that they can deal with something without stealing time from another task.

By learning how to block time, entrepreneurs can avoid the bad habit of rescheduling meetings in order to make more time in their day. Edmonton business coach says that this is extremely important and is going to allow an entrepreneur to accomplish all of the strategic priorities in their business.