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Law Firm Marketing Part 7 of 7 | Edmonton Business Coach

Don’t blog because there’s guys at Deloitte who are blogging all day and I’m beating him. Hmm.

Yeah, I can see why. Because it’s mad.

Instead of having 20 pages on the website, you’re better off Joe or pages jump back. Your Edmonton Business Coach will tell you the same thing. Um, nope. The number of pages with a thousand parts or more. So I’ve taken the time to write 6,000 words. Has anyone told you to blog before? Are they on the top term for Google on anything? And I told you for gardening, winning, right? Do you know how long it would take? Like most of my clients, they’ll take them between like four and eight hours to write a thousand words. I’m asking the plumber to write a thousand words. This is going to take like all day. If he’s ever going to write a thousand words, maybe you guys, lawyers can, yeah, knock it out. And I don’t, how long does it take you to write a thousand words? Four hours. Two hours. Okay. I gotta I gotta a copywriter. She can do it in an hour, but like, she’s, but she’s a professional writer, right? Say it takes you four hours. Um, are you going to do that every week? Maybe it takes you eight hours and why? Some people write little slower. Does it? I’m not that quick. Get ready. Um, don’t block. The guys who are winning are blogging now. You want it now we’re going to get into something a little bit dirty. So, but sometimes you got to try a little harder to win. Um, so don’t blog because there’s guys at Deloitte who are blogging all day and I’m beating him. No. How are you beating them?

And I talked to you about 10 minute youtube videos, so don’t cloak. You’ll, you’ll have website guys who say you can cloak it and just very texts and the white white on white text. Your Edmonton Business Coach will tell you that this is not a move. Google will HDI rank you for that. They know that trick exists when they read the color formulas. They’re going to, they’re going to penalize you and you’ll actually be worse off. I don’t have trouble getting back up. So you need words. They need to be unique content. You can’t copy and paste. Google can recommend that Google can see it. Do not pay someone from India to write your articles because they will copy them and you will get and you will get blacklisted by Google. Do not do this. You need unique content and you don’t want to sit there blogging all day. Well guess what? Why is this video camera running here right now?

Because I’m going to take that transcript, check that video, transcribed it for 10 cents a minute and very at my site site map and I do that over and over and over. That is what a great Edmonton Business Coach will have you do. I have hundreds of thousands of words on my website. It’s all unique content. None of it’s coffee. It’s all relevant to my subject. I’m not blogging. That’s why I’m number one and that’s how every one of you guys could be number one too, but you’ve got to just exercise that discipline so you have to put out that content every single week or do you want to it? You put it out every single day. If you put content out every single day, you would probably be the number one account in the number one law firm in the country in five years. Do you think that there is one of the one page, one knows those tech thinks that at some point they will be kicked to numb to page. Exactly. It’s same reason why everybody doesn’t have a six pack in our 4% body fat.

You know, if you want to lose weight, you got to work out and eat healthy. How many people were going to eat healthy? I’ve just told you I unfortunately you can’t, right? There’s no silver bullet. I’m telling you to make weekly content Wakey wakey making weekly content is hard. Making daily content is like, you’re like Congress, David and type, you know it’s really difficult. Right? So yeah, theoretically that you’re not putting this content on a blog and you’re putting it right in your website or anyway, what I’m saying? Yeah, so on the site map where nobody even sees it, you won’t even know that it was there unless I told you it was there. It’s not even one of these top pages. Your Edmonton Business Coach will help you get to that top page. You’ve got to go down, go to the site map, and actually it’s if you have additional pages that you can readily click on Alzheimer’s and more unique content, not cost speed relevant to your self, worth those words on your website then or they show up right here.

So here’s the thing, you just aren’t listed in his psych main site directory. So it’s not like, like up at the top where he has all those things. It’s not under team services or any of those, it’s just going to vary back backdoors so you just don’t bother listing to elevator information anywhere it’s listed, but it’s more difficult to get to. And I’m not even proofing this, this is literal machine transcription. If you’ve read it, it’s kind of painful. Um, there’s overwhelming, I don’t care about being perfect. I want them. What does it take to get the first set of Google starts marking grandma or a start doing grammar, but they don’t care. Google loves the biggest book and your Edmonton Business Coach also loves the biggest book. Just cares that it’s unique and you know, it can’t be copied. Um, it has to be relevant to your subject. That’s the key. So now doing this is very, very difficult.

And that’s why I realize as an accountant I can build these great business plans and right what people have to do. But that’s why I partnered in a marketing firm because people need kind of the bucket once a week in order to actually do it. And someone, Alex actually helped them with some of the technical things that they, they run around. You have to find a Edmonton Business Coach that will hold you accountable to these things. So it would be my recommendation to you guys, either a, do this yourself or be hire somebody who charges you a monthly fee to keep doing it forever. And ideally someone who meets with you every single week because that’s what it actually takes. You’ll make a change on our website and it’ll mess up something in the end or not right now. I’m not entirely happy that you saw on my head or the black bars, a little too thick. I’m working on that to get that knocked out.

I want this to be a little thinner. Um, things that every single day or every single week. Um, and that’s kind of how you make your phone. Then when it gets to that point, then you can turn the ads off. Now Melville, now the ads are cheaper and they’ll convert because now someone searches it and spray it. Associates 148 Google reviews that by playing with a website in editing, it did, does that actually have an effect or you’re just making yourself a better website? If you do need that new website, your Edmonton Business Coach can help you. Um, sometimes he’ll make little changes and stuff will look great anymore. So like you don’t want to spend an over amount of time, but it’s not affecting your Google ranking beyond their everyday you need regular content updates. So that weekly content, it’s not just the amount, it’s the velocity of the content. Same thing on, on Youtube. Um, it’s not just the amount, it’s the velocity.

And then you could start looking at the other marketing initiatives that feed into this referrals, outbound trade shows, networking, paid online and social media and print media. Do you want to spend all your time on Twitter hoping to land? Clients are posting on Instagram. It’s not going to work. You don’t have any reviews. I’m not going to convert. Spend all of the women who spend all year to get two clients, right? When you get a bunch of Google reviews and just going to convert more. And that’s just not my recipe for marketing and professional practice. That’s my recipe for marketing. Virtually any small business, a local based small business that you run into your, you could be a plumber or a lawyer who the same recipe in the stats is just so overwhelming nature of this. And I literally had to fly out to meet the people who were the best of this and the world because I saw so many clients that have to pay so much money and not get anywhere. Um, like I said of the last year I’d been, you know, there Edmonton website design and their own page night while you’re going to be on page, I have a new hire them. That’s just how it’s going to work. So um, yeah, all open up for you guys. Any, any, any questions on that one?

How often do you post a video? I’ve been posting every week I want to be the best small business accounting firm in the country trying to post everyday. I’m trying to understand. It’s hard. It’s hard. I did three weeks, I did seven in a row or three weeks and then I had three. I was only able to do that because of my Edmonton Business Coach. Um, so let’s go back to your time. Yeah. You only have so many hours a week. Do you Cook County work yet? Yeah. Now maybe you’re not doing it. Maybe you’re managing a business. Yeah. How much time do you spend on this marketing? Um, I can do the questions at lunchtime. So between 12 and one I can generate the questions and I need four hours to shoot the videos and posting them. So does the hours, mind you, I’m 80 hours a week. 5:00 AM until 7:00 PM Monday to Friday, Saturday 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM and then doing that for a long time.

But I’m not trying to be the best in the city. Having an Edmonton Business Coach to hold you accountable is huge. I’m trying to be the small business accounting from the country. That’s, that’s my goal. If you’re just trying to be in a city you don’t need to do that. We’re talking about, I’ve tried to do seven videos a week and I’m spending, call it nine hours a week. Your trying to use those nine hours and do one video a week. Right? So you’re trying to do nine hours every two months almost. So that’s the threshold and it sounds easy, but it’s easiest to break your appointment with yourself. What do you have the appointment to make your video? It’s difficult to break an appointment with, you know, you had a court appointment, guess what? You’re not going to miss that one. Uh, you’ve got a client upon, you’re probably not going to miss that one either. But when you have an appointment with yourself on your calendar to make content for your website, that’s the first one that goes. I’m telling you, you guys all have the answer. It’s, you know, like eating sweets at night and not going to the gym. It’s, it was easy. Everyone would do it. And that’s why Google makes it hard at the top.

That’s a good question. And I call my, I called my mom pretty much everyday on the way home when I’m driving you home call mom. Dad usually turns in on the speaker phone. Okay. Um, yeah, I don’t have as many friends does it used to? You’d have to be no kids. I have two kids. Two kids. Okay.

Do you know them? Do you remember?

Yeah, I know he’s, yeah an Edmonton Business Coach. And I’ll give you another step to average person spends five hours a day watching TV on social media. So when I get home, the checkout, I want to get about two hours when you go to bed. But I’m going to spend those two hours and I’m watching TV or not want any doing anything else. That’s, that’s what I’m going to do it. And that, maybe that’s it, a choice and some people don’t want to make that choice, but there’s probably other things that you can cut out in your life now. And I’m telling you, like if you want to be the best firm in the city, if not, you can still watch a TV, but what’s your game of Thrones? Whatever. But if you want to be the best part in the country, you probably going to have to cut off game of Thrones to get there.

Um, I’ll let you cut off your family and said, and still watch game of Thrones. I guess you could do that too, but I’m not sure that’s the right move. But yeah, I started a professional about the youtube. How do you make sure Google knows it’s, you are like are you creating a youtube account or is it linked to a Google account? So now it’s linked to the my business account. You use the same email address as the my business. Yeah. So you’re hearing a set up that my business, you’d start that you could count on the same one and Lincoln start one for your business. Not For yourself personally. Nor your Edmonton Business Coach but for the other guy.

Do you advertise on Youtube? I do. Andy. You get revenue from that to do lots of people watching the counting videos? Um, no, it’s people. So the way I advertise on youtube is I advertise on Youtube, not Dj. I’m not trying to be youtube stars. Neither is my Edmonton Business Coach. We just want to win and I’m trying to get leads. So has some ideas to be just stopping and taking a long time. It’s a skill that I’m really honest, like I don’t have it yet. The guys who were willing to do this every single day, they don’t miss. So, um, one of my mentors, I listened to his podcasts every morning and I listened to his podcast every morning. Not because I really like podcasts. I’d rather listen to audio books. I think they’re more informative. But listen to this podcast are you wearing, because it’s my reminder that I know he does this stupid thing every single day for like 45 minutes to an hour and I’m struggling to do my 10 minutes. So that’s why I listened to, it’s my reminder that I’m not there yet. Right. Uh, but on youtube you advertise the same way you pick the keywords. So if they’ve searched family lawyer, all of a sudden they’re going to be watching a review on that Tesla they want to buy and all of a sudden your ads for a family lawyers kind of pop up because they search your keyword term. So it’s going to re target them based on that. Um, and they’re very under priced ads on Youtube,

so everyone’s just buying the Edwards family lawyer. So you show up at the top. Everyone buying that it’s going to cost you five, 10, maybe 15 bucks a click to click on your website, which is why you give away the $30 book because you don’t want it to have to pay a million people to click on. You want to convert them. Um, so, but then you can target them on Youtube, which not a lot of your competitors are doing. It’s going to be a 32nd ad either you’re going to do that one professionally. It’s a little higher standard where you’re going to move while you’re talking. There was a lot of stats that say if you’re moving while you’re talking on that Youtube ad, that they’re going to continue watching, even if they’re not interested in what you’re saying are more interested in where you’re going. So they’re going to keep watching. So cluster, I don’t mean just, I just, I just copy them. It was group them off. That’s the guys who are winning. That’s how they do it. So,

um, yeah,

and if we miss this, we can just watch your video. You just watched a video on your website. So my ass for you right now, I will probably be a full as an accountant by the end of the year. I only do a hundred households. Um, for my firm to get to 200 it’s going to require a guy like cold or something to the guys who are in the system to kind of be ready to step in and do those client meetings. Uh, but my goal is to get in front of more small business owners like this in the group setting. I do a free business bootcamp at need to have one on May 4th but if you guys could give me a Google review, say you listen to Josh, talk about what came up but you’re not on a client. And He came up, I listened to Joshua’s talk on small business marketing and it was excellent information.

Remember there are 5% of our population who are self employed and 50% of all jobs in this country are from small businesses and half of them are going to fail. And we’re all there sitting talking about pipelines and labor law changes and it guess what? It doesn’t matter. Half of them are seven to fail anyways cause we don’t know what the heck to do. And they can’t get the phone right and they’re the best plumber or the best electrician. So you guys could leave me a Google review and it’s like one of those things and you leave the scene of the crime, you’ll probably never do it. So if you could leave you that Google review and say, hey, listen to Josh talking and he has really good information, you should go off anytime you get a chance to hear him speak on the topic.