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Law Firm Marketing Part 6 of 7 | Edmonton Business Coach

You don’t want you, you want to be is you want to be on the ad, you want to be on the places and you want to be on the organic. You want to see it three times before you get there. That’s what you want, right?

Yeah. I can see why because it’s mad.

Oh, go to the ones that actually say that. Because when I, it was such a good question. Some people are like you, a lot of people are not you. You want to be is you want to be on the ad, you want to be on the places and you want to be on the organic. You want to see three times before you get there. That’s what you want. Right? And some people won’t click on the ads, but we don’t worry about what’s up. We just worry about how do we get 80% 80% they’re going to click on the first one just wants something now. They want convenience. So there are some people who were just like, wash it. I don’t want to click on ads. Right? But imagine, hey, got an ad. They have the most reviews. And the number one, nothing to click on that one, the list, check it off or you’re not curious at this point, right? So these are some of the search here. Search here for your Edmonton Business Coach. So we’re going to show you some of the ones that we’ve targeted to get the first page. So Edmonton Accountant, again, these are paid ads, these are dependent on how close you are to that person.

And then below here,

uh, these are based on the organic strength and your website. So there’s everything accountant and spurling associates is there when the first page placement or, and these are big meaty terms. These are long keyword terms. These aren’t, uh, Ebit to the small business account for taxes. This is just Edmonton Accountant. This is like family lawyer. There’s almost the identical number of firms. There’s 200 and some law firms in the city and there’s 200 and some accountants. So it’s pretty much the same to win family lawyer. Uh, you know, actually it’s probably a little easier to when family lawyer then, uh, um, you know, because there’s corporate law or a image, a lawyer might be the equivalent, right? You can ask your Edmonton Business Coach these questions as well. Are you allowed to say that you’re the best? I’m the best to click. I’m not saying I’m the best ever read it. Read it real carefully. So if you’re looking for the best counted, if you’re living in and say I’m the best.

So I fought. Yeah. Alright. Alright. I took aim at that when someone gave you some advice on that, but they pointed me in the right direction. Um, what, what about Yelp? Cause waste the money. Only thing is that just an older demographic that uses milk. Older dying. They can but check with your Edmonton Business Coach first. They want, if they want to basically charge you, yeah, they want to charge you ransom so you don’t have to, they going to charge you a fee to get there too. Right. So you’re ending up paying for the Yelp platform. It’s not as, and that’s a good thing. Someone brought up reviews to reviews on Facebook or reviews on Yelp or reviews are rate my lawyer, you know, they’re like pesos, two American dollars. Google reviews or the American dollars and reviews on Facebook or if pesos, they’re not worthless. You just need a lot of that to even equivalent one. Google review reviews are a little bit harder to get. So there’s that Edmonton Accountant.


we have Edmonton accounting term. Let’s do this one. There we are. First page organic ranking again. And then this one is usually my favorite was the CPA.

See right here. This is the first one, the first key return that I started with. If you notice who’s below me, that’s not a competitor. That’s the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta is ranking below me there. So there’s a lot of people who want to sell you marketing and just type in Edmonton Marketing and see where they are. Now it’s going to give you a good idea on, you can give me a top of Google. Getting there is what your Edmonton Business Coach can help you do. Why aren’t you on top of people? That should be your first question. Um, and how did we do this? Well, number one, we have 148 Google reviews. So we were so focused on this, we’ve got a goal in our heads and the guy first place in the city was 113 and someone told me this a year ago, I was like, how the heck am I going to get 113 reviews? I had three because I have one guy and went on there and just ripped me cause I was, he thought it was too expensive and that was my first group of review.

And then I had another guy. And then so I was like, well, okay, well I’m going to go get three more. So I had actually had four, so I had three, I got a star over four. I was like, that’s good enough. That’s all I need. I just checked out. Don’t check out before consulting your Edmonton Business Coach first. Um, and then I saw the stats and the numbers and the way this, you know, fit together. Um, and we just went all in, you know, doing, doing, speaking engagements. You don’t, I’m taking extra time with clients who couldn’t afford it. Um, you know, uh, and simply just asking more. It’s asking for the clients that we see. Um, you know, that’s one of the reasons more we’re getting to the top is 148. And so we focused on this guy with 113 reviews, who actually wasn’t even a CPA. As an accountant. You don’t have to be CPA open affirms terrible, but this is the way it is.

You can just call yourself Smith and Co. Uh, it wasn’t even a CPA, but he had the most Google reviews. And guess what? Clients don’t know the difference. They just think they see a Smith and Co and they just think, oh, he’s a CPA not just an Edmonton Business Coach. It’s all the same. But um, you know, it’s, I don’t know that I gave up seven years of my life to get a CPA and he didn’t a big difference just like you guys. Right? Um, so we did that and then when we got to 114, we started to say we’re number one in appetite. And we took a look around and we’re actually number one in western Canada. There’s no one else in Calgary. I don’t know, some Vancouver and there’s one guy in Toronto and he has 193 reviews. And I know because we check every single day as written on our whiteboard. He’s 193 and we’re 148.

We were here every, every single morning at 8:00 AM when we meet. It’s sitting up there on the board and that’s what we measure ourselves by. Um, think about that, not just doing that for the Seo perspective, but think about how that affects the psyche of the team on what they’re actually trying to accomplish everyday. You’re no longer just trying to get Google, you’ve got to be good in order to do that. Um, and you’ve got to go the extra mile. Overdelivery is what your Edmonton Business Coach is best at. You got to over deliver and we’re going to do that. Um, clients, clients, we have work that we did pro bono and speaking engagements and that’s it. Again, that’s the special, we have a bit of a unique practice. So you have the hundred 48 that’s across the board. Yeah. Why is it that the different search terms that you’ve inputted into Google populate you on different places on the page of what was the other metrics of the particular terms that are influencing where you show up a few questions.

There are 200 uh, factors in Google search. All agree. If you’re coke trying to be Pepsi, you should know all 200 if you are spurl CPA or Jones’ law, he’s, there’s only four you need to know cause you want to get to try to get the, don’t waste your time trying to get evidence CPA on the top floor family law just to get to the first page and move on. Okay. There are four terms. There are four factors that you need to worry about. Number one, it’s the number of Google reviews that you have. Number two, your site has to be mobile compliant and don’t just take your worst part. There’s a search you can type into Google mobile compliant test website. It’s free. Then you just put it in here, your your business and it’ll say yes or no one’s a yes or no answer.

Well, what are word press that was in that? Yeah, yeah. If it’s, but not necessarily, you can have a bad word press site that will be mobile compliant. Right? Um, so it has to be mobile compliant. Number three, it has to be Seo compliant. There’s a, now you guys aren’t coders here either mind. Um, there’s a good piece of software you can go. It’s called, you can either hire a good SEO guy. Um, I hired a good SEO guy and download the software costs me like 200 bucks a month to have the software, but it can run a test if your client is [inaudible], I can run a free for free. Uh, but we just have that test so it’ll tell you the errors on your website. So it’s kind of like, you know, having a, an inspector to inspect your house because you’re not a building contractor.

You don’t know what they should have did and what they shouldn’t have done. It’s like hiring a, um, I view it as, it’s like hiring a home inspector when you purchase a house. Basically. It is very black and white like your Edmonton Business Coach. Now I use Seo. Moss does another one call sem rush. They’re like Pepsi, coke, they’re expensive and it’s just going to check it. It’s going to give you all the errors on your website and that’s what you want to try to work out. And now remember building a website is a not a project. So specifically when we started the marketing company from what we learned that we knew we had to have a monthly ongoing fee. Cause if you want to do anything that works, you have to do with continuum. So if you’re thinking about how am I going to do these videos and what I’m going to do, my website updates, stop thinking about building your website, like building a house and start thinking about building your website, like going to the gym, which I don’t do very well, but too busy making youtube videos to the top of Google.

So you want to really think about that. I work on my website from, you know, nine to 10 every Tuesday morning for forever, for as long as you want to be a lawyer and these are the changes is what I’m going to communicate. Communication is key with your Edmonton Business Coach. That’s the way to do it. Now I’m going to get you to number four and number four is the one that’s going to be the problem. And this is going to be the reason why all of you guys know how to get to the top of Google and only one or two if any of you are actually going to get there. It’s the number of pages with a thousand words or more. And you’re going to go read a blog and it’s gonna tell you only need 350 words. Maybe I don’t want to maybe be on page one. I want to be on page one. So a thousand words or more. You’ve definitely got to cross the threshold, the number of pages with a thousand words or more. And we’ll tell you how much we, we buy into this.

So you’re going to click on our site, um, or one you see on our site, every capital city, he’s going to do a free consult. I’m going to do a free consult and give you my favorite business books and it cost me 30 bucks, but I’m going to pay so much less than marketing. If you get that call in, they’re going to click on a bunch of different sites and I’m the only one giving the free book. Um, it’s not really free. It’s just money. I would spend on other forms of advertising. You had networking and paying Google APP words like, here’s it’s way cheaper. I’m going to buy another copy of Michael Gerber’s book and give it away. It’s a great deal coming from your Edmonton Business Coach. Um, that’s what’s going to get there. And you have to remember when you build this site, people build the site thinking I got that information on another page.

The majority, the overwhelming majority of people are going to make a decision based on the, your website, what we call above the fold before they even scroll, and I’m showing you the, the desktop version, 80%. It’s going to be on the mobile version. They’re going to make their choice before they even scroll. Nevermind not click on another page. They’re not even going to scroll through your homepage before the naked decision. So all of your tie is here. Some people will go through my website, so you’ve got a spelling mistake on this page. He’s like, that’s great. Am I above the fold in the home pace on point? Like that’s what we want. We’re ready to go on that. Um, and that’s, you need to allocate your time on that too. Um, you guys are professionals and you used to assess then know what’s it, you know, not just what, what’s right and wrong, but what’s important and what’s unimportant. Okay. Um, so above the fold then let me go through the web page here and I got a bunch of, I’m pretty looking services and myself and some videos and our history and a couple of videos that we do. I would probably stop here if I didn’t know any better. I would stop here. All right


problem, vision, mission and values I have are why I have a thousand pages, thousand words. I have a thousand words on every page. That was the worst than the team page. People come right? Bios. Yeah. How much I buy into this. If you go to the contact page, I have a thousand words on the contact page. This is what your Edmonton Business Coach will teach. You know the one where people just dumped their address and leave it. All right. Talk about how to get started. The initial questionnaire. Can I do the questionnaire by email? Nobody reads this stuff except the Google bots. I’m scheduling this or console where I gave him a little bit ridiculous in here.

Um, when are we talking about here?

How’s the coffee I have? How’s the coffee out of it? I got a thousand words on my contact page because I wanted to get to number one. Most people are never going to see any of this a thousand words on every page. That’s how much you have to buy into it. And if people don’t think that it’s going to work, um, I’m going to search a term. I’m going to search the term German shepard. Like I like searching that term. Uh, who did, what do you think is a site that’s going to be on the first page? See, it’s Germany. It’s been a really obvious, when you hear the answer, anybody’s guess SBC like yeah, you got it. We can be, yeah.


Okay. So you guys search the German Shepard here. Here’s Wikipedia. They’re going to rank for like everything on the first page. Number one, they’ve got a lot of, uh, they’re viewed as a, uh, a relevant source by Google, which is don’t spend your time

do that. Um, but let’s see if I can do this year,

you ever notice how many words are on a German shepherd is written on this page? 148 times. What’d you say that, uh, right here on this search term

and look at what Wikipedia is. It’s words on top of words, on top of words, on top of words. People are like, I want to build a flash website and it’s going to look really pretty. Well, you can look really pretty on pay Kate and no one will see it. If you want, you can go ahead and build a flat website, but I want to be on the first page so people are actually going to click it. So that’s why I write a thousand words, including on the contact page and talking about the coffee we’re going to serve.