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Law Firm Marketing Part 5 of 7 | Edmonton Business Coach

If they cannot memorize that mission statement, it is a worthless,

yeah, I can see why. Because it’s mad.

What does the vision, so the vision is something that you can, it’s a longterm goal that you can count. You know, for example, the division of spelling associates is to help a thousand businesses for more than five years at all. Accomplish that this year because we have the capacity of a hundred. I have to grow the firm and I have to work for a long time to get that. Um, but then our mission is helping Canadian business beat the odds. Find a Edmonton Business Coach that will help you find your mission. Really small, really succeed. Most business owners are going to write literary masterpieces for their mission statement. And you’ve got to think that someday you’re going to hire a receptionist or someone to do file work for 15 bucks an hour. If they cannot memorize that mission statement, it is a worthless. So most business owners, right this literary masterpiece and nobody remembers it. Even then, they can’t remember it either.

Simple, simpler, the better. Uh, I got an a like, you know, here’s this help a canny business beat the odds. I got an electrician. He’s a, um, bringing power, building trust. That’s it. Real simple. What does that mission statement, what are people going to gravitate back towards? And people ask me, well why, why do you do the youtube videos first? This is an order. If I force you to talk about your business for 10 minutes at a time and you do that half dozen times, 10 times, 20 times, you’re going to be a lot more clear. Your Edmonton Business Coach will help you find a clear mission. But what’s important to you, what’s not important to you? So you’re going to start to get your problem vision mission, then you’re going to look at your differentiation factors. And so you guys have seen this before,

do this differently.

So what you do versus what other lawyers do. Now you guys are probably going to be like me in this on your differentiation factors. This is the differentiation factor for, uh, the marketing business that I’m a partner in. Um, we’re very, you know, guns drawn type of thing. We’re rate at our competitor’s top, drop a pixel on every wrappers and talk to a freight across the street from us, which makes it really funny. The best Edmonton Business Coach will help you with this. But we target them. But as a CPA firm, I can’t put my competitors on there on that. You guys as lawyers probably can’t either. But you can talk about other law firms. It’s probably the same way I can talk about other CPA firms. So, um, you know what you do that your competitors don’t do it. Be Very specific about it. You know, why are they coming to you? This is what you have to think about because it’s one thing to get a leak, but now I’m talking telling it to you about how to convert that lead. Okay? You have to be very specific about what you’re going to focus on, what you’re not going to focus on. Brandy, now we’re going to talk about

the, your branding, which you know, it’s going to be your logo. THis is something your Edmonton Business Coach will walk you through. Where are you going to put that branding? And I always recommend to businesses you should actually do this after people. Like most people that come up with a logo first, but they don’t really know who they are and what they stand for and what they’re going to do. So sometimes when you go through this exercise, you’re going to throw me that you’re branding. It doesn’t really communicate, uh, what we’re trying to communicate that sometimes you’ve got to renew that branding. Then once you have that branding, decide where are you going to put that brand new media and make fancy little folders? Or are you going to put it on a sign up front end of your vehicle? I don’t know what you’re going to do, but you’re going a term, once you get that branding, is it appropriate? And where am I going to put it? And you can see that this is an order to, this is not just the, you know, what we think you should do, but this is the order we think we should. You should do it. Okay. Um, and then we’re going to come up with something called a no brainer offer.

This is going to be hard for some of you guys. Don’t do it on your own, find a great Edmonton Business Coach. So the no brainer offer is something that you’re going to give away for free or low cost that’s going to set you apart from your competitors because your competitors are out there and they’re searching for multiple firms and they don’t know who you are. You can be the best. Um, but they don’t, they don’t know that I work with a, uh, a garage door guy and believe it or not, installing garage doors is a bit of a science and there’s no program. You can actually take four at an eight and this guy is just knows it, you know, everything that could go wrong for a door. And he’s a second generation garage door guy, but he started his garage door business that he posted a website, you posted a website and he’s literally probably the best of the garage door installer in the city.

His family has been doing this for generations. Then nobody called, nobody knew it was the best. They didn’t know who he was. Uh, but you know, what is that no brainer offer that you’re going to get? So a lot of a lot of lawyers you might actually get away with free consult because a lot of firms that don’t give free console now do you want to give it one step further where you give them an ebook? Maybe, maybe something like that, but you’ve got to think about why they’re going to call you. You want to give something away for free or a lower cost and other people that are going to increase the time that you’re going to click because that’s just going to produce the amount of content you do in there in the amount of advertising I’m going to do. Then now only at that point are you actually ready to build a website? Sorry. Find a no brainer with your Edmonton Business Coach. Yeah, it’s a no brainer. Offer something that you, they come to you and then you give it away or would it be on your website if you’re going to do it on your website? I would get contact information. Like if you’re going to give away an Ebook, I would get that email address and follow up for it. Um, or if you’re going to just give it away, I wouldn’t think they have to come into the console to get it.

That’s, that’s important. Um, and I, uh, business starting from scratch, this will take six to 12 months to get through if you’re hustling. So there’s a reason why we’re doing that in order to, so people who start with that website on day one probably have wasted five grant. Um, so once you get to that website, it has to be a wordpress website, has to be a wordpress website. WordPress has the biggest market share. It ranks easier on Google. If you want to know how to rank on google, ask your Edmonton Business Coach. And everyone’s like, well, I want to do a wix website. I don’t care. It has to be a wordpress website if you want it, if you want to spend less energy to rank it. So if you have a wix website, you’re going to take that receipt that you paid for Wix or whatever it is, and you’re going to light it on fire and have a little ceremony and you’re going to say, I just made a mistake, but we’re going to build the word wordpress website.

Why is that? Why is it because wordpress just has the biggest volume and Google is better at searching what it knows best. So we will just search wordpress better. So you’re just fighting is huge uphill battle by using [inaudible] or or, or wix. Your Edmonton Business Coach would recomend you go with WordPress. So you’re gonna want to word press website. It’s at this point, I mean you might need someone to help you through this whole process. He was like a, it’s like a coach at this point. When you hire, you might need to hire someone to help you with a website. Uh, but that’s the order you should do it. And then finally, the last thing on this is the sales training. The worst thing in the world is you don’t answer that phone. Hello. Or you know, Smith Llp know how hard you work to get that phone to ring. And someone’s answering the phone like that.

You’re called, who here is called companies and they’re just terrible on the phone. And who here has called companies like, man, they’re great on the phone and then you call them back a week later and you talk to someone else and they’re still great on the phone. Does anyone know why they’re great? Practice it, practice it. They literally sit there and role play and practice it. All the good companies that were good at it, they practice it. So if you’ve got that, you know, receptionist and they aren’t paying that receptionist, 15 bucks an hour, 20 bucks an hour, 25 bucks an hour, which you’re not training them. Your Edmonton Business Coach will walk you through payscale systems. And then you’re spending a couple thousand dollars a month on Google ad words, which you won’t do any role playing with them to see if they can convert or what are those common objections that they’re running into good before they book a consult, they’re probably running into one or two common objections, objections all the time.

And you should have it scripted out of exactly what you say to this objection and exactly what you say to that objection. And you should practice it with them. Do you do it to them? They do it to you. So these are what we call our foundational marking niches. Edmonton Business Coach And we view it as, yeah, you can spend money on these other things, but if you spend money on these other things, chances are they’re not going to convert. You know, we’ve seen car, it’s, you know, pay tens of thousands of dollars for Google ad words that don’t convert because these things are broken. You know, they, people get interested, but the immediately they go research a bunch of your competitors and your competitors have abused and they don’t like, guess what, you just paid Google ad words to recruit business where your competitors, um, so these are what we call her our national marketing dishes and they should be done before you start doing that.

In fact, the, all the literature would suggest that you should have 40 Google reviews before you place a Google ad. There’s a lot of people out there who want to sell your Google ads, uh, who don’t have 40 Google. Reviews are huge and if you need help with them, ask you Edmonton Business Coach. Even if you don’t have Google reviews because they’re going to charge you a monthly fee or a percentage of the ad spin, um, at 40 ads, psychologically you’re past that barrier where you’re probably getting more reviews and just your friends and family type of thing. Um, and also Google will sell you those ads for cheaper if you have 40 or more. It’s not a hard number. Google isn’t published that number. It’s an approximate number, but we can just use that as a rule. A 40, you should have 40 Google reviews before you pay for a single. This makes sense so far. Who wants to see what this looks like?

And action.

We’re going to do live searches again. Don’t want to want to thank me. Know.