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Law Firm Marketing Part 4 of 7 | Edmonton Business Coach

I would get four leads a year from Google maybe and now I get four per week

cause it’s not.

So when you started this as opposed to before you had it, what jumped in net revenue? We increased because of our Edmonton Business Coach. Did you show what jump in net revenue? My revenue number today, but I’m going to tell you, yeah we get about four leads per week for Google and for leads per week for an accounting firm is good because their lifetime clients, I have a cap of a hundred clients to give you kind of the idea like I can only the nature of the work that we do cause we do financial planning and business planning and the corporate world for the client that I can really only handle a hundred households and I get four leads per week from Google. Um, and how was that compared to before you did the youtube stuff? Or did you, did you measure that kind of meant I would get four leads a year from Google maybe and then we get four per week.

So it, you know, if I was, you know, started out like you guys that at free page or that page on that page eight or into your hand. Our Edmonton Business Coach taught us this. So you mentioned having worked with legal clients buffalo or is there any issues that run up with like code of conduct and marketing and that kind of thing that you’ve run into a, I’m not the expert on the recorded call it, you might want to think about, do I have a disclosure on it? Right. Um, you know what it is, is this a not a, not a substitute for legal advice? I would imagine your code of conduct, you’re similar to ours, right? Can’t disparage another CPA if you’re a non designated account and I can just let her fly. But if you have your CPA, uh, I can’t, I can’t disparage you whether, whether I think you did a good job or not. Right. And giving your advice, we have to be careful that somebody viewing it isn’t seeing it as legal advice, but they’re specific. Yeah. So you can put your disclosure on it, but how would that really like do you have to do that as an accountant?

Um, nobody was, lawyers are already kind of looked down upon. Then you throw a disclosure on there, then we’re just kind of playing to the, yeah, yeah. Speed was a big thing our Edmonton Business Coach helped us with. I’ve heard some big names, uh, lawyers on Nah, you know, podcasts and videos before and they’ll usually just start off with this isn’t a substitute or, or legal advice. So, um, being in business is you’re going to have to take some risks. So if you take zero risks, if this is, this is something new, I’m always pushing people towards the middle of the risk spectrum. And some people are just, they don’t want to take any risks. And some people, they just take so many risks that you have to like dial it back down. You know, you’re going to have to take some risks and all level business if you want to scale that. That probably is a common denominator between successful entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with.

Now some people take way too many risks, you know, maybe they’re doing those videos. Well, the disclosure and there is sitting there and the disparaging a bunch of, well you know, you could do it in one way that’s taking a lot of risk, but I think you could do it another way that would mitigate your risks. Don’t risk it and call an Edmonton Business Coach to help you. Could you eliminate them? No. Kind of limit anything. Um, I don’t think you can eliminate any risk or this is how can you meet them? What would be your guys’s, you’re just your discretion. Um, any other questions on youtube?

Yeah. Two questions. So you mentioned that it’s best to have 10 minutes or longer, if that helps with the ranking. Okay.

Yeah. Dennis will, and there’s something else that I’m going to show you that Renee do with them that you can’t do. I’ll save it for a bit. You can’t do it unless you have 10 minutes. That’s just surprise me cause I thought like for me, like Oh, the videos watch it, right? Yeah. Yeah. Get all of the facts with an Edmonton Business Coach. I’ll watch the two minute and I read all those fats to me and if you look at spurling associates business plans, I’m not going to be hypocrite from three or four years ago. They’re going to say, do 62nd videos, right? Your 62nd videos, do 62nd videos. And I found the guys who were doing that and I was like, oh my God, there’s so much better than me. I just saw what they’re doing and you’re going to see it. That’s kind of make sense.

Sorry. Slow progression. I saw you, you’ve found Hashtag on here, ask for help. Um, do you find that helps? Are there stats for that, that the Hashtag on different platforms?

No, it’s getting much more, you know, I, I’m not doing this to be a youtube star. I have 35 subscribers, which is like 33 more than I would ever thought I would get to. Do you have any to rank in Google and then I’ll show you. Um, and I would encourage you that, like I said, that weekly threshold is which you should go for. Do it daily and learn key systems with your Edmonton Business Coach. And rather than make them better, get to daily first you want to, if you can get to daily, go ahead, knock yourself out and spend time making them better. But I would think most people, what they’re gonna do is I’m telling everybody in the room to do this and I can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to be very lucky if one of you does it. How much time does it take? So if you, and we have an excellent question.

So we’ve wrestled with a couple of different uh, strategies. I’ve tried scripting them takes forever. It looks mechanical. Um, I’ve tried talking myself very difficult and I’ve tried, uh, what we’ve settled on is we essentially write out 10 questions. So we’re right up 10 questions and someone prompts me with those questions. Call or y’all way, they prompt me with a question. I can talk for 10 minutes. You guys are all experts. You can talk. You mean how long do your client meeting? So it’ll longer than 10 minutes, right? All you need is someone asks you questions and you can keep going if you’re anything like me, but if you have to talk by 10 minutes by yourself that some people can do it. My Edmonton Business Coach taught me this. I can’t, it’s harder. It’s hard just to talk for 10 minutes by yourself and a camera. So I would suggest that you write out a topic came questions on that topic.

Another topic, thank questions, that topic and w I’ve experimented with what it’s like to edit these doing one and then one and then one is slow. I write seven outlines and then I filmed seven one after the other. You have the Lx or just go and just talk to you can’t talk no more and you’re kind of two hours of building and then you’re done. Your seven. Um, that’s probably, that’s the quickest way that I found it. I think you probably write a hundred outlines before we forget. Outlines is what your Edmonton Business Coach can help you with. What the heck do you want him to stay on it? But if you write, you know, seven over the course of a week or you don’t even probably remember where your head was at in that, and more quality at a decent quantity is going to be better than a high quality. Only once there’s so much noise, it just won’t work.

Okay. Um, so are you saying that if you’re on youtube it helps your Google rankings? Is that a second? Yeah. Google will will favor people who post on youtube because they own youtube. I want to make it, um, can you explain that a little bit more? What you’re saying log. So you record seven, like we’re talking about sending videos, Huh? They can then use for the next seven weeks. Yeah. Yeah. So I, I basically, I found it difficult to sit there and write seven outlines at one time. Outlines are very important according to my Edmonton Business Coach. Um, but I can write out why he’s, you know, one or two old wines a day. Right. And then get to a filming point and build them all. Because you know, if you guys are anything like me, you’re working on a file, maybe you were working on a child custody and then the next time you’re working on spells.

So don’t reinvent the wheel. Just right. Seven questions on the, you know, the topic that you’re working on that day and you don’t have to switch gears mentally, but trying to find seven different topics. Maybe you can do that. I’ve just struggled. Great. And then do you use an agent to push your media content out at specified times? Yeah. You don’t have to pay to that? No, not that useful. I mean, if you’re trying to be an all star in social media, Twitter and Dan and all of those posts. Yeah, I view Twitter and, and Linkedin has as an ancillary marketing aspect, you know, I mean the engine behind that so that it pushes up to all of your various media and no, I’m not using it. Okay. Yeah, I know it’s not to say that it’s wrong, it’s just saying I would do what I’m doing first.

Anything you want to do, make sure you’re doing it in addition to what I’m doing. Or if it’s taking you too much time, just cut that out. And I just made those foundational initiative, which, which is the least cost and the, the, you know, biggest bang for your buck in terms of hours, you better to invest in that. Okay. So you were just saying that you would do seven, seven is kind of like your critical mass. Once you got the material for seven of these videos, you’ll sit down record seven taking a couple hours. That’s right. Yeah, that’s right. That’s exactly, and that’s, that took me awhile to get there. We did one and one and I was like, oh, this is the cube, the tube. And then I did four. Right? I’m like, no, I’m going to do seven. And it’s not easy. Um, but I’ve been around guys who do, uh, like big name, you know, Youtube and podcasts and it could be done.

Um, some of their schedules, they work are intense. Uh, I shadowed a guy once who has a big name podcast. He’s three 30 in the morning, but he’s, it’s as much work as they want. Um, it’s incredible. But yeah. Uh, so I don’t think everyone has to go there. I think weekly is that threshold. You can run a good business. I think if you could do a daily one, you are, you know, you’re going through the beat, the number one guy in evidence. If you can do that for any sort of length of period of time, you’ll be the number one two for a day. Yeah. But I mean, if you could do 365 days in a year, that’s, it’s like a superpower. You know, you’re like Spiderman type of thing. Um, yeah. Okay. So let’s move on to the next one here. When this for you guys, um, then we talked about we have that now we’re going to do our vision. So what is the problem, vision and mission of the business? You really want to establish with your problem, vision, mission, and business. You know, what are you solving? What’s that problem you’re solving for people? Your Edmonton Business Coach will help you find your vision. What does the vision, so the vision is something that you can, it’s a longterm goal that you can count. You know, for example, the division at Spelman associates is to help a thousand businesses.