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Law Firm Marketing Part 3 of 7 | Edmonton Business Coach

You mean a lot to me. If you could go onto Google places and I actually showed them on this computer screen and leave us a review.

Yeah I can see cause it’s not,

can you give us some words for how you actually ask it quite to do that? Like I’ve had clients, oh I’m just so happy. We hear this a lot from those who use their Edmonton Business Coach. And then I said, well if you’re happy, can you just go on some social media site and most of review good. Yup. Yup. You walk them right to it and you’ll walk them right through your Google places listening. It’s like, hey this would mean I’ll, I’ll you know, I’m glad you’re happy with what happened here. Um, you would meet a lot to me if you could go onto Google places and I actually showed them on this computer screen and leave us a review. Okay. Um, they can do it in person. Make sure they are not connected to your Wifi when they do it. Cause if you get a whack of Google reviews and they’re all from the same IP address, Google is going to take them off and they might even penalize you for that. So they can be on their own cell phone as long as they’re, you know, an Eo, you get rid of the uh, um, the wifi connection, they’re connected to LTE or three g that’s fine. They can do it right at their office and you can even walk them through how to do it. Um, if they don’t know how to do it, uh, you can go on.


if any of you are a little uncertain on how to do it

right here, three minutes, you can do it from scratch. Finding an accountant can be hard without an Edmonton Business Coach. If you don’t have an account, you can do it in three minutes and 28 seconds and you can send them that. Give a Google review, uh, covered your phone. That’s me. I’m recording my screen one day. I’m doing that. So if you have any, you know how that actually happens on a phone. You can, you can watch that video, but yeah, you want to ask him. You want to follow up. I have a friend who is even a little bit more aggressive. One of my, one of my mentors, if he doesn’t get the Google review, he’ll call them up passive aggressive. They say, hey, we’re really, thank you for that goober view. I wanted to send you a box of chocolates to thank you for it. Um, where do I send that to? Again? I don’t do that. I don’t, I don’t know, but it works for him and so he can, you can, you can go very far, but people are drastically underestimated how much that is worth. You know how many thousands of dollars that firms are spending in advertising and your competitor who spent zero but has a hundred Google reviews, it’s just going to crush it and they keep paying. Paying back. Yeah. How do you protect yourself though from false reviews? You get boring.

You just ask. Yeah. Yeah. Just cause once they, you know, come through, you’re going to get that to eight Mil. Let’s go. Come. It’s going to happen. Right? But did you want to be in a position? You think about, you know, how am I going to get Google reviews? You guys can do presentations. You can do speaking engagements to get Google reviews. You can think about when clients come in is there, you know, and this maybe a client that doesn’t have the budget to pay me but it kind of give them an hour or two and maybe get that Google review. Trust me, you’re going to pay Google way more for this advertising. Finding an Edmonton Business Coach can be the needle moving action you need to take. Then you count on that review. That’s it. Any questions on that part before I keep going? If get all that. Okay, let’s say what I think I’ll put up. This lawyer was great.

She gave me all of your free time when you get is all the people wanting to use given a few times you have a thing and say, hey, you have so many slots available. That’s it You need an Edmonton Business Coach. Um, you’re going to, if you do this right you are going to be booked. Uh, we will start your career and if you call my office right now and asked for a consult, it’s me. Like I don’t have a single slot open for April. Like were every one of our, we know, I do consults at set times and every one of them is booked. That’s a good thing. So I’m asking for, for you, they come in and just do it again and you just keep going through a training. Um, and if you have enough of it, you can just, you can charge for a consultation if you’re book two months out, charge for your consult.

Right. Um, but the key is you need that. You need that phone to ring, curse the ball. Um, and a lot of people are too afraid to do things away for free. You know, I have this, I have this discussion with, uh, uh, an electrician when it comes to things like, Josh, I’m a journeyman electrician. I use an Edmonton Business Coach. I’m not going to work at a reduced rate. I was like, man, I’m a CPA. I have to work at it. So, um, but that’s what you’re thinking. And lawyers will have that same thing to do. You want to be the biggest and the wealth and the most known in the city, or do you want to make money off of an initial consults? That’s kind of the choice. Do you need to go down? Um, so that’s that part. The next part is, does anyone know what the number two search engine is in the world? Google is number one. They do? Yeah. Yeah. Human being are very common answers and the wrong angle, whoever said youtube is 100% right. In fact, youtube we’ll have more than Yahoo of being combined. There’ll be more searches on youtube and Yahoo of being in virtually all the other ones combined. So number two, Google is so far up in front of me and youtube is bigger than all the rest of you. Why it is number two is what all of these stuff

[inaudible] asked Jean. I think there,

I think they’re pretty far down there lately. But um, so youtube is the second most popular search engine. So, and getting to top of Google is hard. Getting to the top of youtube is not that hard. Um, all you have to do is there’s specific keywords that you can put in the youtube videos and you can get there very quickly. Using an Edmonton Business Coach has helped my company grow. So let’s go to you two right now. And his cats, cats, cats. How are we going to do, um, Edmonton, when are we going to do Edmonton business coaches? So we have this guy, Chris Voss who’s paying for something. Well, Chris Voss, he’s anyone ever pretty sure that’s the FBI guy and you’re going to listen to him. Great book if that’s him. But um, so it ebbs and business coach. So if you Google that, I’m not just at the top, but I’m like Kim, John wound up there like there’s no one else that can see.

And then we get to these guys. Well, who is this Amazon business coach? Inspired method, inspired method. Those are my business partners. So, uh, I own a part in inspired method marketing. So we’re just slowly taking over real estate on Youtube and the search results from Google, easier to do on youtube. Takes longer to do on Google, but it’s almost the same process. So the key is on youtube is you want videos over 10 minutes, they’re worth a little bit more. Okay. Uh, your videos themselves might start to rank for longterm key worked for long tail keywords. Uh, let’s see one here. If you go hire a CFO? Edmonton.


Do you mean line results? I don’t know what’s going to happen. So


here’s these guys. They specialize in CFOs and then there’s my youtube videos and then there’s a, this is from my, my website too. But you know how much these guys paid. They, they only won one. He worked term. They’ve been working on it for years. I decided to work on hire a CFO, admitted for two weeks and there um, here and then I’m these videos and on this one and I’m not one, these are all free. Yeah. These are all free. Which is why an Edmonton Business Coach helps so much. Uh Huh. Can you click along? Okay. I want to see how professional you are doing it or yeah. Oh Great. In our office. That’s a good question to ask. That’s a good barrier. He’s right there. Kohl’s. Or we can find the calls in.

Uh, why should I incorporate,

I don’t know if we’re having any sound here. Looks high production value.

Yeah. And we knock these out. We have our Edmonton Business Coach to help us every step of the way. So this content, there’s going to come a time where the not so distant future that if you do not have a weekly content that you are going to be irrelevant. Even on a local scale. I believe weekly content is going to become the threshold for success. So that doesn’t mean you can’t get out of living. You can eke out a living but you are never going to have all of you know, a law firm or you’re going to, you know, scale that law firm even to a medium size type for her. I think weekly content is going to be the threshold in most businesses. Daily threshold is if you can get to daily, which is my goal in life because there’s a whole bunch of things that I’m showing you. The things that I’m doing today, guys that worked really well the a scale, but the guys who just dominate the Internet and the business case, they all do the same thing.

They do daily longform content and chop it up and put it on every channel. We found this out because our Edmonton Business Coachtold us how to succeed. You might think that they’re doing a different posts for Twitter and a different one for Instagram and a different one for snapchat at different one. No, they’re not. They’re doing one long form video and they have their team chopping it up in the background and just blasting it out everywhere so that you don’t hear the end of them. Um, but daily content as a superpower weekly content is probably going to be the threshold to be relevant. Um, so that would be that the, the way it works in, I favor a youtube to deliver that content simply because I just showed you how it, it can rank so that youtube video can rank for that long tail search work term. Um, and I’ll, I’ll show you some other things that we’ll do with the youtube videos that might blow your mind later, but yeah.