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Law Firm Marketing Part 2 of 7 | Edmonton Business Coach

But this infographic probably took me two years. I’m in life too to come up with.

Yeah, I can see why, because it’s mad.

So what we have is we have developed what we call these, our pipeline initiatives and these are what we call foundational marketing initiatives. And we’ve gone through and we’ve done the research on this. This is kind of exhaustive research on, you know, not just kind of what goes into my day and what’s going into my day for the last, you know, decade or so is I’m up at 5:00 AM every morning and I get about three hours of research in before I start my day at eight. And we’re doing that for a decade. So, uh, and a lot of it is, once I found people who are doing is really good in the world, I flew up to meet them to see what they were doing. If you’re looking to grow your company, you can use an Edmonton Business Coach. So, um, I boil it down for the most simple infographic. But this infographic probably took me two years. I’m in life too, to come up with, you know, what it was gonna look like. And where we start is, you know where a lot of people start is they start here, they start. You don’t have a small firm. I must need a website. I need SEO and a website. How many of you here own a firm?

I want a fair. How many of you are here? That maybe one owner from Sunday. Everybody already has the firm and those of you who didn’t put up your hands, you know, do you work for other firms? Is that what’s the what? I’m trying to get a read in the room. You worked for other fronts. Are any of you can any influence the marketing in that firm at all or are you guys completely, you guys have had some influence on what that marketing? Yes. Okay. How many of you, when you started your own firm went to a website first? Your Edmonton Business Coach will help with your accounting.


when you just searched for and what areas a lot of people in you guys need to shut him up a little. We have family, family. What’s your family’s and wills and estates? Real estate and real estate. So we’re all over the map, right? Everyone needs a coach, that’s why your Edmonton Business Coach will help your with your path. Is Anybody when they’re searching family law. If I do a search of family law, I’m going to find anybody in this room on page one. Okay. What we’re not going to find and how, what was the ranges that you paid for your website? Some of you probably did it for free. Some of you probably don’t want to tell us how much she spent. That’s okay. Um, but you, you thought you were going to do a website and that website, have you ever tried to track back and see where your website is? What page are you on to? Not Bad. That’s pretty good. Yeah. For what term? What term? Yeah.

Yeah. Oh that’s fantastic. Yeah. Oh, collaboration. Yeah, that would be, yeah, they’re not the meaty ones like family law or competing with the world. Those are the, the threshold is a little bit, but I, I can teach you guys how to win the term family law. Why wait, your Edmonton Business Coach can help you grow faster. Like inevitably like you could it 100% you might not like what I have. I tell you that the owner needs to be done because it’s not easy, but you can wake it. But the point is, is that a lot of people, when they’re going to start their business, they’re going to start marketing initiatives. They’re going to start right here, Seo and website, and they’re going to do somewhere being free or they’re going to pay 2,500 bucks or five grand or 10 grand. And it’s like anyone ever heard that? You know, if a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to see it, did it really happen?

That’s kind of like, you know what it’s like being on page eight of Google or page five, Google. Climbing the google ranks can be hard but your Edmonton Business Coach can help you. Um, maybe another one that I’ve heard on it is, do you guys know where the best place to hide a body adjusts? It’s page two of Google. No one’s going to find it. So you don’t want to buy or a body page to a Google. No will find it. Um, so most people start here, but where they really should start is Google my business. Okay, so Google places, and I’m going to show you some real world examples of what that, but you guys have ever seen like Google reviews. Did you guys ever seen Google reviews for the, for for companies that you shopped at before, before we even go to them. The stat on this is like overwhelmingly it is 88% of your idea of likely buyers are going to look at your Google reviews before they decide to use you or not.

And that stat does not differ if it’s a direct referral. So even if you get a direct referral, 88% of those people are going to check you out on Google before the decide to do business with you. Now that doesn’t mean necessarily it won’t do business with you if you got to, you know, a three star rating or something like that. It just means it’s decreasing your chances. 88% of them have now seen, that’s their first impression of you is that Google star rating, both the rating and the number of ratings. Speed is quality so give your Edmonton Business Coach a call to help you today! So most businesses rather than spend 5,000 bucks or 10,000 bucks would actually do better with no website and more reviews that they just have a number. So you imagine a lawyer who is thinking about this for a second. If you’re someone, you’re your ideal and likely buyer and they’re searching for a lawyer and you have a website, well everybody has a website.

But how many family lawyers and Emma tenant have more than 40 reviews? How many have more than a hundred reviews? One of the biggest benifits of having a Edmonton Business Coach is the fact that they’ve already had success and can teach you the path. You think it’s your website that’s going to convert them? Or do you think it’s the reviews that are gonna convert them? And then I say as I say that now, um, some of you will own up to it now and some of you will own up to it later cause we spent money on websites that it’s probably the reviews that are going to convert those clients. It’s not going to be the website. So 88% is your Google reviews. Um, make sense so far? We’re going to show


let’s, let’s do one. Let’s see what happens here. Someone once told me to never do live searches and presentations all the time

might happen.

So ECLC family court assistance, let’s see who you CLC nail in it. And then we have a long family log so that, that family law for, that’s a government type deal. Right? Let’s see. No, no, no, that’s ECLC yes, SCLC, yes. Right. They’re, they’re very difficult to outrank those governing bodies or some sort of, you don’t government tie because they have big, um, um, Google views and as, as authorities, uh, so it’s, it’s not impossible. It, I’m going to show you that later on, but it’s difficult. But really, I mean, look at long family law. They’re killing it. Page one, right? The difference between hearing here, I don’t know if you, you don’t want to spend too much time on, I’m getting there. Don’t take to long way to get to the top, find an Edmonton Business Coach to get you there. It’s getting to page one for your search term that you should really be concerned about. But then we’d go to the Google places and what we’re talking about here.


So when you look at this, uh, you guys understand everyone up here, they’ve paid for these ads. Okay? So anyone here has paid for these ads. So that result is going to be kind of random depending on where they are in their budget. Um, and then we have, uh, the Google places. So this is the Google my business or Google places. If you hear those terms, they’re kind of used interchangeably. So you have to register that. Is Everyone here register for that? Does anyone know not know how to do that? I’m not sure. No. Great. So all you’re going to have to do is if you’re not registered for that is uh, what did you call him again? So does Google places Google places or Google my business. Yeah. That’s why your Edmonton Business Coach can help.


Sorry. Here it will just walk you through it. So if you Google that, you’ll get up, you’ll get up to speed on it, they’ll likely send you a postcard. So we’ll send you a postcard with a, basically a code on it so you can’t kind of set up a fictitious address. Um, so really that’s kind of step one. You’ll get both that process. They’re going to kind of half set you up. They’ll send you a code, you get that postcard in the mail, you go back to Google the answer that back, end your up if, then you got to ask for reviews, have to ask for reviews. Um, it’s like I said, 88% of your ideal and likely buyers are going to look at the reviews, not just the review. I don’t think people expect perfection. That’s not it. What I would suggest more than 4.5, which is difficult as a lawyer.

Some industries are more, there are easier than others. So that is difficult as a lawyer to receive that. It’s like a, I have some clients that are in insurance too. That’s difficult as well because people aren’t happy when you tell them no, it’s not covered. Um, some businesses are a little, you know, if you’re a dog walker that’s usually, it’s pretty easy. It’s a little easier. People are happy about that sort of service. Um, but as a lawyer and sure it’s a person that can be challenging. So, um, when it comes to getting Google reviews, what you want to do is, you know, you want to assess when you have the positive interactions with your clients because not every one of them is going to be positive. It’s like me, when I give them their, you know, when they made a whole bunch of money or they failed to make their installments that are recommended and a whole bunch of money, that’s probably not the time I’m going to ask for the Google Review and that is what your Edmonton Business Coach will tell you.

I’m going to ask for to go, girl, do you after a positive interaction, but you’re going to have to ask and you’re going to have to follow up. If you’re a strategy revolves around asking once, you’re not going to get a lot of reviews, you need to ask, you need to follow up. You need to follow up again. Um, so there’s, there’s some programs out there that can automatically ask for the Google Review. They, in my experience, they are a good supplement, but they’re not a replacement for asking. I’ve had clients who, they will just, you know, by the program, they’ll send the automatic and they’re not very successful. Um, so you can do it without that. The other, a way to do it is you offer something of value for a little or no cost. That’s a good way to, um, so that person who can’t afford you and they come into your office, this happens, you know, people come into my office sometimes I know for sure I don’t want them as a client, or sometimes I know I can solve their problem in the next 60 minutes and they will never need me again.

And a lot of accounts, we’ll turn them away. I’m going to solve the problem in the next 60 minutes. But the sole purpose is that I’m wanting Google review because the only thing I’m doing, I want that Google review. Uh, so if you can offer it edited, reduced, uh, you know, value or little or no value, trust me that Google review is something, either you can pay a ton of money for ad words, or you can get Google reviews that you’re probably just going to have to invest time in. That’s the legal.