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Edmonton Business Coach | Is It Reasonable For Entrepreneurs To Work 80 Hour Work Weeks

The most successful entrepreneurs arenít ever working less than 80 hours a week according to our Edmonton business coach. If people are quitting their jobs to start businesses so that they can improve their work-life balance, this is often a mistake, because entrepreneurs typically need to work longer hours than the average person for an extremely long amount of time before they can have the freedom of time that many people associate with entrepreneurs.

The reason why entrepreneurs need to work 80 hour work weeks, is because itís very hard and very time-consuming to build a successful business. Edmonton’s business coach says that because of the extremely long hours that entrepreneurs going to be putting an end, they should choose to build a business around what they are passionate about. The adage is if you do what you love then you feel like youíve never worked a day in your life. This is extremely true when it comes to entrepreneurs. The fashion that a business owner has for their business will allow them to be able to put in the long hours that will be required of them.

Another way that business owners can tolerate the extremely long work week that they have to put in as an entrepreneur is by taking pride in the small accomplishments in their daily life. The reason for this is because people tend to develop motivation from progress. Instead of celebrating owns large goals that may be several years away, entrepreneurs that celebrate the smaller accomplishments every day, they can often stay motivated, even when the days are extremely long and tiring, and the big goals are far away.

For an entrepreneur to be able to have the time in their life to be able to work 80 hour work weeks, Edmonton business coach recommends that entrepreneurs cut the unimportant things out of their life so that they can focus on the most important things when theyíre not at work. For example, an entrepreneur may decide to give up playing video games, so that they can spend time with their family at home because they have such little time at home anymore. This way, a business owner can enjoy the most important things when theyíre not at work, which can help them put up with the long hours away from the family.

Itís also very important that business owners learn to unplug when there are no longer at work. The most important reason for this is that business owners can avoid business tasks from sneaking into their personal life. By putting the phone or the computer away, an entrepreneur is not able to work on business tasks and they should be spending time with their family. Edmonton business coach says that this is also so that entrepreneurs can be more present when they are at home, instead of being distracted by electronic devices when they should be spending time with their family.

If people think that by starting a business, theyíre going to immediately have a bunch of free time, Edmonton business coach says that they might have unrealistic expectations about how much work it takes to grow a successful business. Not only is it reasonable for entrepreneurs to not have the freedom of time yet in their new business, but that will also have to be working much longer than they ever did as an employee. An 80-hour workweek is extremely normal for entrepreneurs.

If people are quitting their day jobs to start businesses so that they can improve work-life balance, they need to realize that work-life balance is going to come in after they work 80 hour work weeks for many years. Because of this, itís often a mistake for people to start-up businesses to have the freedom to do whatever they want. Entrepreneurs are often the most overworked and scheduled people in society.

While itís possible for entrepreneurs to eventually have the freedom to work at the number of hours they want, that should be a long-term goal of their business. Edmonton’s business coach says that entrepreneurs need to be prepared for their work schedule to get worse for a long period before they have the freedom in their business to work fewer hours.

The very difficult for entrepreneurs to work 80 hours every single week, but what makes it easier, as if they are extremely passionate about their business. The passion that they have will carry business owners through long days, and long hours. It will allow business owners to have the passion to develop the discipline to create rigid work schedules to adhere to and working hard wonít seem like a chore.

Another way that entrepreneurs can keep their motivation up during 80 hour work weeks, is by enjoying smaller accomplishments in taking the time to appreciate those. Edmonton business coach says that people tend to develop motivation from achieving goals. So instead of only celebrating and enjoying when businesses reach large milestones, if business owners can learn to appreciate all of the smaller accomplishments in their every day, it can help them stay motivated especially when the hours are extremely long in their business.

Another way that business owners can manage working extremely long hours, is by creating a rigid work schedule not just for work but for home life as well. Most entrepreneurs understand that a rigid work schedule can help with work because it allows them to stay on task, avoid getting distracted, help with employee buy-in, and even get more accomplished, but Edmonton business coach recommends that business owners use rigid schedules for their home life too. How they do this, is creating a schedule that they adhere to when theyíre at home, so that the family can anticipate when there going to be able to spend time with their loved one so that it helps them as well as the business owner the present.