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Edmonton Business Coach | Is Google and Marketing Important?

Edmonton business coach | marketing in the modern-day

Websites aren’t always the magical thing that will bring customers according to our Edmonton business coach. It’s impossible for newly launched websites to generate any clients. Modern-day marketing requires a great deal of online presence. He can generate this over social media and search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO is set of rules for websites to be seen by Google. Google plays a big part to modern-day marketing. Almost everyone uses Google to search and you want your website to be near the top of Google rankings. In this article we will talk about the importance of search engine optimization for modern-day marketing.

Our team of Edmonton business coach are dedicated to our company mission and values. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we are inspired by our mission to help small businesses succeed. Our firm believes in small businesses of us will help them beat the odds. However the statistic shows that 50% of all small businesses fail within the first five years. The most common reason for this failure, according to 42% of business owners is not having enough clients. Our mission has let us or create free consultation program for our new clients. On top of our professional consultation service we will also give them a free copy of “e-myth” Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book. Contact us at or 780-665-4949 to find out more information.

A newly launched website will generate any business for you. Small business owners need to understand that this union optimization is important part of a website building. Most websites from the 2nd page of google will never be seen. However if you optimize your website for search engine usage, the chances of your website to be seen will dramatically increase. A few rules needs to be set for your website to be SEO complaint. Your website needs to be mobile friendly, have responsive design, and have relevant and plentiful content. Having plenty of Google reviews also helps to convert potential customers.

Firstly our Edmonton business coach will talk about Google reviews. Almost everyone uses Google reviews to determine whether they will use the company service. According to statistics, 88% of potential customers walk into Google reviews before conducting business. This includes referrals which is extremely important for small businesses. We should strive to get at least 40 Google reviews if you are a small business.

Secondly, your website needs to be mobile friendly. In the last few years, mobile devices have taken over the modern days. Most people use their phones to search for almost anything. This includes what places to eat, places to shop and etc. thus Google recently prioritized having mobile friendly websites to get a good SEO ranking. This ties into having responsive websites. A responsive websites means, the website will scale to whatever screen size customer is on.

Last night the least, having relevant and plentiful keywords and content. Keywords are important for search engine optimization. This will allow Google to pick up on your services and relevant content. The more content you have, the better chances that Google will rank your website higher. We suggest having at least a thousand words each page.

Edmonton business coach | Google and marketing

Canadian small business owners often overestimate the importance of newly launched websites according to our Edmonton business coach. The newly launched website will generate any clients blessed optimized for search engines. This is called search engine optimization or SEO. These are certain set of rules for search engines such as Google to find your website when a potential customer searches for certain keywords. In this article we will teach you importance of having a Google compliant website and now with them affects modern-day marketing.

Our firm employs Edmonton business coach who are passionate and driven by our mission and values. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are inspired by our mission to help Canadian small businesses to succeed. Our team is develop a way for new clients to get our professional consultation services for free. If you are a new business, your elligible to receive our consultation service for free as well as a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book called “E-myth.” If you wish to know more about our free consultation program please contact us at 780-665-4949 or

Google plays a big part to modern-day marketing. Business needs to use SEO or search engine optimization for Google to see her websites. If you try to observe the top websites for certain keywords, you will start to notice similar traits. These traits are mobile friendly aspects, responsive design and content rich pages. Another factor modern-day marketing is having positive and plentiful Google reviews.

As the Edmonton business coach, we found that having sufficient Google reviews facts business client intake. Statistics have shown that the 88% of potential clients looking to reviews before conducting business. The legitimacy of a business nowadays is often derived from the number of Google reviews. It’s important for small business owners to ask their clients to leave Google reviews. These Google reviews will help convert referrals into actual clients. We believe that the magic number of Google reviews is 40.

The next factor to search engine optimization is a mobile friendly and responsive website. A responsive design means the website will adapt to the screen size of potential customers device. This also factors to how fast your website loads and how big your website assets are. Google shifted to mobile friendly websites for SEO nowadays. Almost everyone uses their phones to look up information about businesses from anywhere. Thus Google made it a priority to have mobile friendly websites.

Lastly having content rich websites are important for search engine optimization. Almost all the top websites will have at plenty words on most of their webpages. This factors into SEO. Having more relevant content will help Google find your website easier. We suggest having at least a thousand words for at least your important pages suggest home page, about page and the team page.