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Edmonton Business Coach | Is An 80 Hour Work Week Necessary

One of the most unrealistic expectations entrepreneurs can have when it comes to building a successful business is how much time it takes them according to Edmonton business coach. The most successful entrepreneurs are not working less than 80 hours in a workweek. While many people associate the freedom to work less as one of the advantages of being a business owner, real entrepreneurs understand that to build a successful and sustainable business, they need to first put in an extremely large amount of work for many years.

Because of this, employees who are deciding to start their own part business to improve their work-life balance are often making the mistake according to Edmonton business coach. While business owners do have the freedom to create their schedule, this schedule is extremely rigid and is based on working 80 hours in a single week. That is double the amount of hours that employees work for their employer. Anyone who thinks that business ownership is going to be a quick way to a life of leisure, they truly do not understand.

One of the most difficult things about having to work 80 hours a week, is that a business owner’s family and friends are not going to understand it, and they are not going to support it. Edmonton’s business coach says that entrepreneurs are going to have to be constantly justifying their behavior and their long hours to the people that love them the most. They need to understand that while their family does not understand, they can help their family except it by focusing on family time when they are not at work. Business owners must ensure that they are making time for family every single day, and then that time is quality time.

Edmonton business coach says one of the ways that business owners can ensure that this time that they spend with their family is meaningful, is by unplugging from their electronic devices. By ensuring that they are not on any of their electronic devices from their computers or tablets to their phones, business owners can focus on their family and be present in the moment. It is also an important way that business owners ensure that they are not allowing business tasks to starts their family time and disrupting things.

Another way that business owners can ensure that their family will at least tolerate the very busy schedule, is by an entrepreneur creating and adhering to an extremely rigid schedule. Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of keeping a rigid schedule at work, it can help business owners be disciplined and stay on task, but their time at home must be scheduled out as well. That way, business owners’ families can count on the business owner being present for all of the time that they say they are going to be home, and family can plan their own life around business owners’ availability.

Industry Canada says that 50% of all entrepreneurs close their business within 5 years, and 3 main reasons given for those business failures are not being able to find the right staff, running out of money and not being able to find enough customers says Edmonton business coach. To overcome these very common obstacles when it comes to business ownership, business owners need to understand that they have to work harder at their business then they have worked at anything else in their life. They should be prepared to work a minimum of 80 hours every single week, which is double the amount of time that typical employees work for their employers.

The reason why it is so important to spend so much time at work is that it is extremely time-consuming to build a successful and sustainable business. Not only is a business owner leveraging their lack of money the time they have in their business ensuring that they spend time working on tasks that they do not have money to pay for, but it also needs business owners to spend a lot of time, because there is so much that needs to get accomplished.

To not get burned out working that type of schedule, Edmonton business coach recommends that entrepreneurs choose a business that they are extremely passioned about to get into. By doing what they love every single day, is passion and joy can motivate them and carry them through rigid work schedules and long workdays.

Another way that business owners can get through the difficult and long days of business ownership, is by learning how to celebrate and take joy in their small achievements that happen every day and work. While celebrating the large successes is important too, Edmonton’s business coach says most people get motivation from reaching goals. Business owners should get into the habit of celebrating all of the small achievements that can happen and they such as achieving the quota on getting leads in their business or making all of the sales calls that they set out to make. By keeping their motivation up, and working on a business that they love, can help motivate entrepreneurs when the days are long, and their big goals seem far away.

Business owners need to also figure out how to keep the joy in their personal life, is by deciding what things they need out of their life to be able to work 80 hours a week. It is not possible says Edmonton business coach for entrepreneurs to be able to do all of the things that they used to do in their life before they became business owners, so they have to choose what tasks and what activities stay, and what goes. A business owner may choose to give up playing video games with friends to spend quality time at home with their family. This way, an entrepreneur spends time away from work doing what they love, before going back to work and working on something that they are passionate about.