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Edmonton Business Coach | Interested in Optimizing Website for Google?

Edmonton business coach | the first page of Google

As the Edmonton business coach we found that businesses only last for less than five years. The most common reason for this is the lack of client intake. Modern-day marketing and significantly different than the classic way of doing it. Today’s marketing strategies rely heavily on a solid online presence. It’s required for business owners to acknowledged the importance of search engine optimization. These are ways for Google to track your website and rank them according to relevance. There are few ways to create a solid search engine optimization strategy and this article will discuss these tips and tricks to succeed online.

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we acknowledge the struggles of Canadians on businesses. Our firm employs a number of like-minded people. These people are passionate and dedicated to helping small businesses beat the odds. Today’s article focuses on how to launch successful websites you how to create successful online presence. If you are for no more we are offering free consultations for newer clients. It will also get a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best-selling business book “E-Myth.” You should know more please contact us at or call us at 780-665-4949. You will never need another Edmonton business coach.

The importance of search engine optimization should not be underestimated. However small businesses often think that simply launching a website can immediately generate clients. A newly launched website will never rank in Google’s top page. The website needs to be under Google’s canonical compliance and it will take time to build popularity. There are a few factors to having a solid search engine optimized website. One factor is having mobile friendly and responsive website. Second factor is having content rich webpages. Last but not the least having sufficient Google reviews.

The importance of Google review should not be underestimated. As the Edmonton business consultant we found that 88% of potential customers look at Google reviews before conducting business. Obviously a new website will not have Google reviews. Small businesses relies on referrals to generate clients. It’s important to ask of these referrals to write Google reviews for their business. This will not only them gain more business, it will also help convert referrals into actual clients. We suggest small business owners to strive to have at least 40 Google reviews. This is the magical number that people consider business is legitimate. For the top Edmonton business coach please call here as soon as possible!

There are few ways to immediately rise up to the first page of Google. First and most common way is through Google AdWords. These are paid ads for Google to let you have the top spot for certain keywords. However that the Edmonton business consultant, we suggest avoid using Google AdWords before gaining enough reviews. If you decide to use paid ads before gaining enough reviews, this could harm you more than it helps. People will still look at Google reviews as a basis of legitimacy. And if you’re competitor has more reviews, customers will go to them instead. Another way is through Google my business. This will allow Google to recognize that you are a legitimate local business thus raising the chances of local residents to find you.

Edmonton business coach | optimizing website for Google

As the Edmonton business coach for Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we want to discuss an important way to boost client generation. Marketing has evolved to having a solid online presence. Specifically ranking high on Google’s results. You can do this through search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization is a certain set of rules to allow Google to read your website as relevant content. There are few ways to make your website fall under Google’s canonical compliance. This article will talk to you about the importance of online presence.

Our firm employs like-minded people were passionate with accomplishing our goal. Our team is driven by our mission of helping small businesses. The statistics shows that the first five years are all it takes for 50% of small businesses to succeed. According to our Edmonton business coach. 42% of these failures are directly correlated to the lack of clients. We have developed ways to help small businesses. One of which is having giving free consultation to new clients and a free copy of Michael Gerber’s best selling business book called “E-Myth.”

The average small Canadian business overestimate the value a newly launched website gives them. As the Edmonton business coach, itís important for us to tell small business owners that a new website will not gain them any leads. A new website will not never rank on top of Google. Most successful websites are optimized for SEO. The common properties of successful websites are responsive design, mobile friendly, content rich, and positive reviews.

Responsive design means, fast and scalable websites. Websites that adapt to the screen size and loads quick. This goes hand in hand with being a mobile friendly website. These are necessary for an optimized website. Google reviews are also just as important. According to 80% of potential customers, they look through Google reviews before conducting business with the company. Having sufficient Google reviews gives legitimacy to a company. Small business owners should try to reach at least 40 reviews. We believe that this is the magic number to which potential customers see you as a legitimate company. They should also avoid using Google ads before reaching 40 reviews. This can damage your business more than it helps. Google ad word puts your website on top of Google. However businesses with enough Google reviews might take away your potential customers if you have little to no reviews.

Having a content rich website is also one way to win the SEO game. Almost all of the top websites will have a blog page and other important pages with thousand words or more. They should have relevant keywords and content for Google see. We suggest trying to come up with a thousand words for your website or at least the important pages such as homepage, about page and the team page.