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Edmonton Business Coach | Increasing Productivity in Your Business

Do you ever wonder why some people get more accomplished in their week than others asks Edmonton business coach. It seems that business owners are all very busy, but only some business owners are accomplishing their strategic goals. That means some business owners are putting in a ton of work, but there businesses are not growing. The business owners who are getting lots accomplished don’t have any superpower, they are probably just implementing a very effective tool and time management. That tool is called time blocking.

Time blocking, very simply is setting aside a specific time in the future, dedicated to specific tasks. Your creating future blocks of time, and locking them in so that you can schedule your most important tasks. Time blocking is an effective technique because you can schedule out your entire week, and no what you will be doing at any point in the week. Effective business owners also ensure that their team all has time blocks as well, that way a business owner can ensure that each member of their team is working on the most important tasks, or projects that the business owner wants them to be working on.

One of the biggest time wasters business owners will face is email. Email tends to be one of those urgent tasks that business owners believe is urgent and needs to be dealt with immediately says Edmonton business coach. However this isn’t true. There is a difference between urgent and important tasks. Email is urgent but not important. It probably is the most important thing to the person sending the email, but not to you. Customers are not worried about your strategic objectives. You can set aside block time for checking email, or a train your staff to check your email, and set time blocks for them to do that.

Your marketing strategies should also be time blocked. The reason for this is the best marketing methods are the ones that are done consistently. Without setting aside time in your schedule to work on your marketing, it’s one of those tasks that doesn’t seem to get done when you’re busy says Edmonton business coach. You should be marketing even when you’re busy, because without consistent marketing your business isn’t growing.

Other tasks that you can time block are administrative tasks. Business owners often think that they will get to administrative tasks during their free time, but when they are at home they should be spending time with their family, not thinking about work. It’s also less likely that business owners will be thinking about administrative tasks been they are away from work says Edmonton business coach.

Time blocking will help business owners stay on task, get more out of their day, and accomplish their strategic objectives. Ensuring that your staff is time blocked as well will help them stay on task, know what’s expected of them and increase communication overall throughout the business as well as you coordinate with your team.

Edmonton business coach | increasing productivity in your business

Edmonton business coach discusses the quote: ìIf you don’t plan your time, someone else will wasted for youî – Zig Ziglar. This is especially true for business owners. Entrepreneurs are often very busy every single day, but not actually accomplishing any of their strategic goals. They’re putting in a ton of work but their businesses are not growing. There is a reason why some business owners are able to be much more productive in their day than others. One very effective tool that can be used to help increase productivity for any business owner in any business is time blocking.

Time blocking is a way to schedule your day, where you set aside blocks of time for tasks. It’s not setting aside time in your calendar to meet with the client when they call asking for an appointment, but dedicating time in your schedule for those client meetings. And is highly recommended by Edmonton business coach. Other tasks you can time block are recruiting, training your staff, HR tasks, administrative tasks, and marketing strategies. The reason behind time blocking each of these, is that without setting aside a specific time in your week to accomplish all of these, business owners often get too busy to work on them. Business owners tend to underestimate the time required for these tasks, meaning if they don’t set aside a specific time to accomplish them they run out of time to do them. This stop start method is inefficient and often costs more time to do them in the long run.

The best practices for this method are to have your time blocks be no less than two hours at a time recommends Edmonton business coach. The reason for this is so that business owners can finish the task that they are working on before switching to a new one. Having too short time blocks can mean switching tasks before you’re finished working on one it is inefficient. Switching tasks also is inefficient because you won’t reach your peak productivity if you’re constantly moving on to new projects and tasks. Having longer time blocks is actually better than having a shorter time blocks, because if you have extra time you can always use that for unforeseen events that pop up in the day that need your attention. Business owners can also create time blocks to deal with those events.

It’s also best practice to have some of your time blocks where you are unreachable, the reason for this is to eliminate interruptions and make you as productive as possible in that block. Having time in your schedule where you can’t be reached will also help your team know when they’re able to talk to you, get training and discuss any thing important they may have.

These time blocking techniques will help business owners get the most out of their 168 hours and there week and accomplish everything including their strategic goals.