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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Work 80 Hours A Week

Business owners who think that they will be able to work only 40 hours a week or less as soon as they start their business may not realize how much work and time it takes to build a stable business says Edmonton business coach. The average entrepreneur works 80 hours a week in building their stable business, and Gary Keller who is the author of the book the one thing has a lot to say about time spent on a task, ìtime on task, over time, eventually beats talent every time. î One of the most important resources that a business owner has at their disposal is time. Will they start their business, entrepreneurs have more time than they have money, so they use that to build their business until they can develop cash flow.

Many people do not understand how much time entrepreneurs spend working, and people at jobs all the time to start businesses to improve their work-life balance. Edmonton business coach says this is a mistake, because while people think that if they own their own business, though able to set their schedule and work as hard as they want, but successful entrepreneurs work longer and harder than most other people. If they’re leaving their job to have a better work-life balance, business ownership is not the way to do that, or at least not the way to do it quickly.

While the goal for many entrepreneurs is to have a better work-life balance, it needs to be a long-term goal says Edmonton’s business coach. It is a good worthwhile achievement to aim for, but business owner’s schedules are going to get worse for a long time before they have sustainability in their business to take the schedule that they want and have more time off.

To be able to meet this hectic schedule of mostly work, business owners need to utilize time blocking in their life to ensure that their work time is scheduled and not wasted. Time blocking can help an entrepreneur not only ensure that they stay on task, and get more accomplished, it also helps employee buy-in, and that a business owner will get things that are scheduled in done. Edmonton business coach says that creating a rigid work schedule is important, but it also needs to be repeatable, so that the business owner, as well as the business ownerís family, can count on the same things happening at the same time.

By working 80 hours a week, and on the strategic priorities of their business, business owners will be more able to build a solid and stable business that they can eventually use to help them increase the life in their work-life balance says Edmonton’s business coach. But to achieve that balance, the scale is going to be too away from the business ownerís favor for a very long time.

Most entrepreneurs are extremely prideful and being entrepreneurs says Edmonton business coach, even though they wrote to business ownership is a long one, filled with extremely long days for an extremely long period. The most successful entrepreneurs who have the most stable businesses tend to work no less than 80 hours per week. This is a double amount of time that the average citizen works for their employer. Industry Canada says that 50% of businesses fail in year one, 30% failed by year 2, and 50% fail by year 3. Businesses can increase their chances of success by increasing the amount of work that the putting into their business and make sure the work that they are doing is measured and effective.

While many people throughout the years have talked about the importance of working fewer hours and on week, and to get more accomplished by utilizing strategies such as patching tasks together that are similar to increase the deficiencies in the business, but Edmonton’s business coach says the hard reality of business ownership is that business owners are going to have to work long days for any years to build a stable business.

One of the difficult things that a business owner is going to have to face when they are working these long hours, is that their own families are going to be the ones that are based on an understanding of the amount of time that the business takes away from them. Edmonton business coach says because of that, this is owners often have to put up with their families complaining that their spending too much time at work, and that they should give up and come home. People who are not entrepreneurs do not understand what it takes for them to be entrepreneurs, and that is why they are complaining about it. If they are not in the entrepreneur mindset, they just do not understand where the entrepreneurs coming from. Because of that, business owners should understand that they should not take it personally, but also they need to focus on their family when they are not at work.

The time that an entrepreneur spends with their family must be quality time, and it is time spent with them regularly. Edmonton business coach says there are several reasons why this is important, the most are because the business owner will see their family less often, making it a priority to see them, and ensuring its quality time when they do. By spending quality time with the family, they may start to complain less about the business owner putting in long hours at their business.

By working strategically in their business, and having strategic time at home, entrepreneurs can build a super business, while ensuring that their family is a priority in their life so that they can get recharged in their life and be ready to put in some more difficult hard days at work.