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Edmonton Business Coach | How to Use Time Blocking

Business owners are some of the busiest people says Edmonton business coach, but if they are not working efficiently and effectively, then all that time spent in their business is time wasted. A great tool that anyone can use to become more efficient in business is time blocking. There are several questions that business owners can ask to help them master the art of time blocking. Learn how to make the most of the 24 hours that everyone gets.
Should the most important email in your inbox be your daily number one objective? This is the main misconception that business owners have, that their inbox is the most important task to work on in their day. Unfortunately as urgent as email seems to some business owners, customers are not worried about what you need to accomplish in the day they are only concerned about their problems. Customers do not value your own time and don’t consider your needs when they have an urgent matter they want to take care of. Working on your strategic goals should be your number one priority recommends Edmonton business coach. And no matter how fast a business owner may work through, emails will never stop coming, therefore becoming a huge waste of time that business owners could potentially spend the entire day on.
What is time blocking? Time blocking is a method of scheduling your day by setting aside a specific time in the future dedicated to specific tasks. This method is highly recommended by Edmonton business coach because they are very effective. By creating these blocks of time and locking them in ensures that entrepreneurs are able to fit in their most important tasks, and achieve their goals.

Why is it important to have time set aside for marketing even when you’re busy? Marketing should be one of the most important tasks for any business owner. If business owners aren’t growing their business, their business is in danger of failing. Marketing efforts are only effective when they are done consistently. If not done consistently, business owners will often spend far more time on marketing than they would if they had been using consistent methods. Consistent marketing will ensure that your business is always growing.

Should a business owner include making checklists and templates in their time blocks? This is absolutely an efficient way to spend time says Edmonton business coach. By taking the time to create and refine efficiencies within their businesses, entrepreneurs can ensure that they and their team work even more efficiently than they did without checklists and templates. By being more efficient, businesses can increase client satisfaction.

These are just some of the ways that time blocking can be used in the business to help not only increase efficiencies but ensure that a business owner and their team gets the most important tasks done and that nothing gets left out or forgotten. Time blocking is something that any business owner in any business can use. As zig Ziglar said if you don’t plan your time someone else will help you waste it.

Edmonton business coach | how to use time blocking

Business owners are some of the busiest people says Edmonton business coach, but if they are not accomplishing their strategic goals, then are they working efficiently? A great tool that entrepreneurs can use to become more efficient within their business is time blocking. These questions can help business owners learn how to master the time blocking for themselves. Everyone has 168 hours in their week, and there are tools available to help get the most out of those hours.

What happens when people think administrative tasks will get done in free time? Business owners often think that they will be able to tackle administrative duties in their free time. Edmonton business coach says since business owners have no free time while at their business because they are running their business, this means they believe they will get administrative tasks done when they’re at home. These are great tensions but they’re not effective because they don’t work. When business owners go home they often want to spend time with their family, and spend time on their hobbies or relaxing. It’s not realistic to think that once an entrepreneur goes home that they will start thinking of administrative tasks. It’s very easy to time block these administrative tasks in a day so that entrepreneur can work hard at work and then go home and spend time doing things they love.

Do most people underestimate the time required for recruiting staff, training staff, and HR duties? Edmonton business coach says that this is often a misconception that business owners have, that it won’t take that much time in their day. But these are very important tasks that should not be left for later. Business owners should schedule time in the day to recruit staff because it’s important to constantly be looking for potential candidates to join your team, you won’t know if an employee decides to leave, or gets sick and you will need to replace them. Ensuring that you have time set up for training will also ensure that it team continues to learn, get coached and be developments.

Should you schedule some extra time during the day for unforeseen events? This is very important to do says Edmonton business coach because there are things that will crop up during the day that need to be dealt with and if you don’