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Edmonton Business Coach | How to Succeed in the Online World

Edmonton business coach | online marketing 101

Technology has advanced in a way that it greatly affects our daily lives according our Edmonton business coach. Businesses need to adapt to the market and technology. The rise of the Internet has made information more accessible. It also has gone mainstream and a lot of people can connect to the Internet. Marketing firms started to realize this and try to take advantage of the massive untapped market that is the online world. Digital marketing or online marketing has become the go to initiative for advertising. The web is potentially an infinite number of potential clients. With modern marketing initiatives, businesses can take advantage of the online world to generate even more clients.

The traditional marketing initiatives in the past have been rendered less effective in the modern day. The Internet has paved the way to more accessible content that are often cheap or even free. The decline of the cable TV market means less viewers for TV commercials. This is one of the traditional marketing strategies that past initiatives use. The radio has also seen a decline because of accessible music streaming services.

With our Edmonton business coach your business can use our services to create effective online marketing strategies. Digital marketing as our specialty and we can create websites, branding initiatives and content strategy for your business. However we also offer business coaching and professional consultation services. Our work is inspired by our goal to help small businesses. We have developed a free consult program for new clients. Not only will they get free consultation for free, it will also receive a free copy of the best-selling business book written by Michael Gerber called “E-Myth.” If you should know more please visit our website at If you wish to contact us use influence or call us at 780-665-4949. We look forward to hearing back from you.

One of the few ways we can advertise your business online is through social media. As the Edmonton business coach it’s important to note that even big corporations have social media accounts on almost every platform nowadays. The market is prime for picking because almost everyone has social media account. A successful social media marketing initiative knows when to balance customer appreciation and contact with product placements. You will often see big corporations interacting with their fans using creative, funny and relatable post. This is mostly for our younger generation but it is also effective for the past generation. In between these proposed our product placements such as deals and new products. Having a solid foundation for social media marketing paves way to search engine optimization which is our next topic.

Websites require search engine optimization to be successful. Search engines use certain types of algorithms to look for websites with relevant keywords and content. Websites that comply with these algorithms are more likely to rank high on Google search results, the better you are at complying the higher you will will likely to rank.

Edmonton Business Coach | How to Succeed in the Online World

If your business requires an effective marketing strategy, professional business consultation and coaching feel free to contact our professional Edmonton business coach. We have dedicated our time and effort into helping small businesses beat the odds. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants realize that 50% of small business owners fail within the first five years and 42% of entrepreneurs agree that their failures are directly correlated to not having enough clients. Our work is not as to create a free consultation program for first-time clients. They will also receive a free copy of “E-myth” the best-selling business book by Michael Gerber. Diffusional more please contact us at or 780-665-4949.

Efficient client intake strategy requires an effective marketing initiative. Without clients your business will fail. An effective marketing strategies will generate a lot of clients for your business. However marketing initiatives have been advancing fast in the recent years. Technology played a big part to this massive change to marketing. Traditional marketing strategies have been rendered obsolete by the Internet. The Internet has became more mainstream and move thus giving easy and accessible access to information and content. Cable TVs have been on a decline. Television commercials have been less relevant ever since the Internet provided the world cheap or free access to streaming services. The same can be said for radios. Radio ads have been rendered obsolete because of music streaming applications. These for the classic marketing strategies.

Traditional marketing strategies have been on the decline which requires marketing firms to adapt according to our Edmonton business coach. The mainstream nature of the Internet gave an idea to marketing firms to use it as a marketing tool. The web can reach almost anyone in the world and to thus providing potential limitless client generation. Digital marketing has been the go to for advertising in recent years. These online digital marketing initiatives have been adopted by even the largest corporations. One of the ways Internet can be used as an advertising platform is through social media. There are different social media platforms will with a lot of users. Corporations have used this to their advantage and hire social media marketing specialist. These social media specialist will often post relatable content between our product placements to appeal to the younger generation.

Social media marketing is important for our next initiative. This will solidify your search engine optimization. As the Edmonton business coach will tell you who all about search engine optimization or SEO. These are a certain set of rules that web designers need to comply an order for their website to rank on Google. Social media marketing can contribute your search engine optimization however there more to it than that.

In order for your website to generate leads he needs to rank high in Google. To comply with search engine algorithms, websites need to be responsive. In the past, responsive website is just a quick loading website. However as technology advances and smart phones hit the mainstream market, mobile web searches have become more common. This forces Google to initiate a mobile friendly for websites. Now web designers not only need to make her quick loading website, it also needs to accommodate smaller screens.