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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Stop Multitasking

Many entrepreneurs believe that the key to their success is learning how to effectively multitaskers Edmonton business coach. Unfortunately this is the furthest thing from the truth. Studies have shown that multitasking reduces productivity. One of the reasons for this is because it takes a person up to 23 minutes to reach their peak intellectual capacity. This is the point at which a person is at their most productive, doing their best work. By multitasking, people eliminate the potential to get into this peak zone. And by constantly switching tasks, it means that their focus is never on one thing which can increase their chances of errors greatly. If entrepreneurs want to learn how to work effectively in their business, they can unlearn how to multitask in order to increase their productivity.

If people are to think of careers where extreme concentration is required, they might think of a surgeon. This is an industry where people would know that multitasking is bad. So if people can understand that multitasking is bad in some businesses why it wouldnít apply to all of them. Edmonton business coach says any business can learn how to increase the productivity in their business by eliminating multitasking.

One of the first things that they can do to start eliminating multitasking is by creating schedules. Business owner can adhere to schedule as well as put their entire staff on the same schedule. The things that should be scheduled out our the most important tasks that need to get done in the business. For business owner this would be the strategic priorities they need in order to grow their business including marketing efforts. Your staff, this can be the work that they need to do for the business. By creating these times where people are expected to be working focused and alone at the same time, business owners can ensure that interruptions are eliminated says Edmonton business coach.

The having time and schedule for people to work focused and alone, time and the schedule can be created for collaborative work as well. Having the specifics time set aside in order for people to work together, bounce ideas off each other and talk to Jimmy about what theyíre working on will allow the focused and solitary work to be kept as an interested time. If employees know that will have the time to talk to others, they will be sure not to reach out to them during the times that they should be unfocused work.

Another way that people can eliminate interruptions and avoid multitasking is by removing social media notifications from their devices. Edmontons business coach says these constant notifications can actually keep people from reaching their peak productivity because they are essentially being interrupted all day long. If it is necessary to check social media for the business, there can be time set aside schedule in order to do that. Thereís no reason why any businesses or staff should be getting these notifications.

Despite the fact that many people think that multitasking is great for business, Edmonton business coach says it is actually something that will hinder productivity as well as reduces the quality of work that is being done. Multitasking is one of the great to business myths that people tend to believe because it is so prevalent. Even though people are starting to realize that multitasking is ineffective, some people believe that they are very good at it, and should be the exception to the rule. However studies have been done that a proven that not only is everyone that multitasking, the people who believe they are very good at it are actually some of the worst. Thereís no reason that any businesses should have multitasking exist.

Thereís many things that business owners can do to eliminate multitasking in their business. it may be difficult, because multitasking has been such a way of life for so many businesses for so long, but itís possible to eliminate it and immediately increase the productivity in the business. Business owners can learn to not check their email as their first task of the day, or as they receive notifications. Edmonton business coach says business owners should remove email notifications from their computer as well as their phone to eliminate the probability that a business owner will check their email as soon as they hear that they perceived message. Business owners can set up times in their daily to look at the messages that they need to deal with, and they can have staff members check the email and prioritize them and deal with many of the messages. Entrepreneurs think that email is one of the most urgent things that they should attend to, however none of the items in their inbox are going to be activities that a business owner needs to work on in order to grow their business.

While business owners are removing email notifications from their phone, they can also remove social media notifications from their devices as well. Thereís no reason that a business owner or their employees should be getting notifications about social media throughout the day says Edmonton business coach. It may be important for businesses to know whatís going on on their social media, but they can create specific times in the day dedicated to looking at the information so they can eliminate those interruptions.

Another thing for a business owner to learn in order to eliminate multitasking from their workplace is that it is okay to be unavailable for certain times of the day. This includes customers walking into the business as well as phones. By eliminating the ability to be interrupted by phone calls or customers, this owners can set aside times in their day where there were completely working uninterrupted on things that they need to do to grow their business. Their strategic priorities and their marketing are two important that a business owner canít risk being interrupted and not get those things done. They can always return messages at a later date, but business owners should get into the habit of working on their strategic priorities to the completion.