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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Hire Without Reading Resumes

One of the first things that business owners do, when they are looking to hire people in their business according to Edmonton business coach. Is start reading all the resumes that come into their business.

There goal, will be to try to figure out who to bring in for an interview. Based on the information in those resumes. Although, this is not an effective method for figuring out who they should means.

The reason why, is because 85% of all people and up lying on their resumes. Whether they are simply stretching the truth. Or completely fabricating something. Based on the study done by hire right and Inc. magazine.

In addition to that, Edmonton business coach says a lot of the most important attributes of the candidates. Are not necessarily discernible from a resume. Such as whether the candidate will be able to overcome challenges in the business. Or if they have a commitment to lifelong learning.

Therefore, it is almost arbitrary. That an entrepreneur is choosing to meet some people. And not others based on the information in their resume.

Instead, Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs meet all of the candidates. But in a group interview setting. So that they can meet each person face-to-face. Which will give them a better idea about the suitability of each person.

Not only will this be a more effective way of choosing candidates. Then looking at their resumes alone. But it will help an entrepreneur save a lot of time. Because they do not have to read dozens or even hundreds of resumes in advance.

In addition to that, it will help an entrepreneur save a lot of time by avoiding the one-on-one interviews that follow reading resumes. Which can be very difficult to figure out who a good candidate is based on those interviews.

Especially because business owners will have interviewed anywhere between three or four or may be eight different candidates. And likely forgot the a lot of information about the first few candidates. By the time they got to their last interview.

Therefore, by meeting all the candidates at the same time. They will be able to compare the candidates to each other. As well as see how they interact. In order to help them decide if any of them should be brought in for another interview.

Doing the traditional one-on-one interviews. Often take an entrepreneur so long. That not only are they desperate to find someone in their business. But even if none of them are the best fit for their business. They feel like they have no other options. But to choose one of them, so that they can and their search.

With the group interview however. Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs should not feel pressured into making a decision. Because they will know next week, they will have another group of candidates. And perhaps in that group, be the perfect fit for their organization.

When business owners learn how to do group interview. Not only can they save time. But they can meet enough candidates. That they increase their chances of meeting the right one for their business.

Are You Looking Forward To Finding The Edmonton Business Coach?

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding the right employees for their business according to their Edmonton business coach. And this actually contributes to an entrepreneur’s deciding to close the doors to their business.

According to industry Canada, not only are half the business owners that start up a small venture in Canada failing within five years. But 23% of those failed businesses. Go on to say that the reason why they failed. Was because they could not find or keep staff in their business.

And while trying to find staff can be frustrating. Especially as the turnover rate for employees in business is higher than ever before. Many business owners often blame themselves, the quality of candidates or even the interview questions. As the reason why they cannot find the right people for their business.

However, none of those things are actually to blame says Edmonton business coach. And the real reason why business owners have a difficult time finding people for their business. Is because they are simply not meeting enough people.

Large corporations can use a one on one interview method effectively. Simply because they have the resources available. To interview people endlessly. Until they have found the best person for their organization.

While business owners do not have that time at their disposal. Which is why they need to find out different way to meet a larger number of candidates for their business.

This is why a group interview is so beneficial. Because not only does it allow business owners to meet as many people as will show up to a group interview. But it will allow a business owner the ability to do this, without having to pre-read dozens of resumes.

They simply need to advertise for the position on an ongoing basis. And have a spot in their calendar every week. Devoted to a group interview. And invite anyone who applies for the job to the group interview.

This means a business owner may have as few is five people for the group interview. But may be even as many as twenty or more. And in as short amount of time as one month, they can meet hundred people easily.

This also saves time. Because an entrepreneur can go through the overview of the company once, and discuss the qualifications of the job once. And answer the same questions that the candidates might have over and over. But do it just once in the group interview.

In fact, Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs will be able to remember what all the candidates are like because they see them at the same time. In this will give them a good idea of who they would like to bring back to find out more information from.

The candidates that they are interested in. Will be the ones that an entrepreneur actually reads the resumes of. And if they are still interested, can call those people back for a second interview.

Or more ideally, a job shadow. That will give an entrepreneur then idea of whether they will truly fit in with the business.