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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Hire People Without Reading Resumes

While many entrepreneurs think that reading resumes is an important step in hiring staff says Edmonton business coach. This is not an effective way to find candidates to interview.

Especially when considering that according to the higher right Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes. Which makes resumes a poor method of choosing who the most suitable candidates might be.

As well, the most important information for determining whether a candidate is going to be a good employee or not. Is not necessarily contained within their resume. From their commitment to lifelong learning.

As well as things like their ability to overcome adversity and their resiliency. Or if they can be coached, or are willing to are not. And whether someone is the most skilled candidate. Or has the highest education. May not be an indication of whether they are valuable or not.

Because while an entrepreneur can always teach skill and knowledge. The ability to overcome obstacles and be resilient. Is something that cannot be taught which is why resumes are a poor judge of a great candidate for business.

However, many business owners do this, because they do not know any other way of finding staff for their business. Even though they recognize that this method is very problematic.

With many business owners struggling to find and keep staff in their business. And 23% of all failed entrepreneurs say this is the reason. That their business was not successful, which force them to close the doors to their business.

However, rather than try to read resumes in advance. And choose candidates to interview. Edmonton business coach recommends interviewing them all. But since small business owners do not have the time to do one-on-one interviews.

That they should implement a group interview. So that they can meet all candidates at the same time. In order to decide who is the best candidate if any.

In fact, in order for a business owner to find one good candidate. They likely have to meet around one hundred people. And the only way that they can do this is through a group interview.

While large corporations may be able to conduct one-on-one interviews effectively. This is because they have the resources and time of an HR department. To allow them to interview candidates on a one on one basis. Until they meet the right candidate for their organization.

But because business owners do not have this ability. They need to meet as many people as quickly as possible. Order to make some decisions about who the best candidate would be.

In order to ensure that they are meeting enough people. Edmonton business coach says they need to ensure that there holding these group interviews every single week. And everybody who submits a resume gets invited to these group interviews.

They will be able to see very quickly, who is likely a good candidates. Based on their ability to show up on time, their preparedness, and their style of dress. As well as how they interact with others and the business owner.

By utilizing a group interview method. Business owners will be far more likely to find better candidates. And be able to overcome the obstacle of not finding the right people in their business.

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While many business owners read resumes as a way of shortlisting candidates to interview says Edmonton business coach. This can be a lot of wasted time. Because it is not going to help an entrepreneur get closer to finding the right candidate to their business.

The reason why, is because an entrepreneur must meet enough people in order to find the right one. And not become better at figuring out who people are based on their resumes.

Instead, it is much easier for entrepreneurs to figure out who people are when they meet them. And they can do that just as easily in a group setting, then they can on a one on one method.

In fact, one-on-one interviews are also a waste of time for many reasons. In addition to requiring a business owner to give up one hour of their busy schedule. In order to meet one candidate at a time.

But Edmonton business coach also says that since a percentage of the candidates will not show up at all the interview. And some of them will show oblates, which indicates that they will be a good fit for the business.

A business owner can spend a lot of time interviewing people, or not because they do not show up. And not be any closer to finding the right people to hire in their business.

In fact, because entrepreneurs often have taken several weeks to get to this point. They often feel like they need to hire one of these candidates. Even though none of them are the best fit for their business. Because it has taken so long to get to this point.

Instead, business owners can save a lot more time. First of all by not looking for people only when they have an immediate opening in their business. But by interviewing people every week in their business. They can always be meeting people.

So that when an opening does happen in their business. Whether it is because an employee is leaving. Or because they are growing in their business. They already have a pool of qualified candidates that they can call on. So that they can minimize the amount of time it takes to hire staff.

But also, so that business owners do not feel like they have to hire someone in an interview. That is not necessarily the best fit for their business. Just because they need to fill the spots quickly.

In addition to that, when people show up to the interview. An entrepreneur will be able to be a better judge of character. And see how they interact with others, how they dress and how prepared they are according to their Edmonton business coach.

And if they like what they see, they can then read the candidate’s resume. To verify the information, as well as call references. And if all that information checks out. They can then call them back for a one-on-one interview. Or have them job shadow the business. To ensure they are truly the best fit.