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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Find The Best Staff

Having the best staff in a business makes it much easier to grow that business according to Edmonton business coach. Which is why many entrepreneurs struggle when they cannot find the right people.

In fact, according to industry Canada. Not only are 50% of all entrepreneurs failing within five years of opening the doors to their business. But the reason why they are failing are completely avoidable reasons.

The same study by industry Canada. Found that 23% of all failed entrepreneurs in Canada. Said that the reason why they failed was because they were not able to find or keep staff in their business.

And while employees are leaving the businesses that they work at faster than ever before. With the average employee staying two point three years instead of five years that they used to.

Business owners need to be prepared. Because their turnover rate in their business. It is going to be more than they have ever experienced. Through no fault of their own.

Which is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs start utilizing a group interview method. Because they will be able to meet more candidates in a shorter time period.

In fact, business owners can stop reading resumes altogether. Which is something that could take several hours every single week. Depending on how many resumes an entrepreneur gets for the position.

And while reading resumes is one way that business owners figure out who they want to meet and interview. Does not necessarily the best way to make a decision on who would be a good fit for the business.

Not only because 85% of all people lie on their resumes. Which is according to a study done by higher right and Inc. magazine.

But because all of the indicators that might point to a candidate not being the right fit for a business. Or being a great fit for the business. Can only be found when meeting them in person.

A business owner can tell if they showed up to the interview on time, if they dressed appropriately. And if they showed up prepared for example. Even their mannerisms, and how they interact with the other people in the business.

Can indicate to an entrepreneur who is a good candidate for their business. And who would not be a good fit in the business. Based on this information that they see.

Therefore, Edmonton business coach says reading resumes can waste time. Without a business owner being any closer to figuring out who would be the best fit for their business.

But instead, if they invite every applicant to a group interview. And have group interviews every single week. They can be more likely to figure out who would be a better fit for their business. Then they could if they were simply reading resumes.

During this group interview, business owners can make a decision if there are any applicants they want to talk to further. And invite those people back either for a second interview or a job shadow day.

But this way, entrepreneurs can not only meet more people. But ensure that the people that they meet would be a better fit for their business than reading resumes alone.

Making It Easier With Our Edmonton Business Coach

Finding the right people for a business is very important says Edmonton business coach. Because the wrong people are not going to help an entrepreneur grow their business.

However, business owners often think that finding the better person for their business. Means better interview questions. When the problem is not interview questions, but simply not meeting the right people.

However, the only way that an entrepreneur is going to meet the right people. Is if they meet more people to interview. However, business owners typically cannot afford the time to do that on one on one basis.

One-on-one interviews are effective. When it is a large corporation that has a dedicated HR department. Because they can spend as much time as they want conducting one-on-one interviews.

In order to find who the right person for their organization would be. But entrepreneurs do not have their own HR departments. And are not likely to be able to spend time needed to find the right person for the business.

Therefore, learning how to meet more people in a shorter amount of time. Is how an entrepreneur is going to increase the chances. That one of the people that they meet is going to be the right fit for their business.

An entrepreneur needs to ensure that they have a regular group interview. Every week that is scheduled in their business. And that they are constantly running ads for the interview whether they are looking for people are not.

And the reason why an entrepreneur needs to always be holding group interviews says Edmonton business coach. Is because they do not know when one of their employees is going to give notice.

Or when the need will suddenly arise and they are busier than ever before, and need an employee. But also, because the only way an entrepreneur will be able to meet the right number of people.

His they always need to be meeting people. Because if they need to meet one hundred people in order to find one right candidate. They may not be able to meet hundred people. Until they have held several or several dozen group interview sessions.

That way, business owners can take a look at all applicants at the same time. And if an entrepreneur thinks that they would be a good fit for the business.

They can then look at the resumes of the people they would like more information on. As well as call their references and verify the information.

And if they still look like a great candidate’s, when all of the information checks out. Then they can bring them in for another interview. Or better yet a job shadow day says Edmonton business coach.

And during this job shadow day. They would be able to tell if the person’s mannerisms will fit the business. And if they would get along with the staff and customers as well.

Helping entrepreneurs have better strategies defined people. Is one important way. That they can learn in order to help them succeed.