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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Find The Best Employees

Many business owners struggle with finding great staff says Edmonton business coach. And while many people think that it is the way that they conduct their interviews.

The problem is that entrepreneurs are not meeting the right amount of people. To ensure that they are going to meet the one right person. Who will be the best fit for their business.

Studies have shown that in order for business owners to find the one right person for their business. They need to meet about hundred people. But doing one-on-one interviews.

Is not going to help entrepreneurs meet hundred people. Since they already have so much to do in their business. That trying to meet hundred people one-on-one, would take so much time.

Instead, Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs utilize group interviews. So that they can increase the number of people they are meeting at a time.

So that is much more possible for them to be able to meet hundred people. So that they can identify who would be the best fit for their business.

One very important thing for people to keep in mind about group interviews. Is that in order for them to meet that important hundred people. They need to be looking for people all the time, and holding group interviews.

The reason why business owners need to be holding group interviews. Even when they are not necessarily looking to hire someone immediately. Is because they do not know when they may need to hire someone.

Even when the relationship with the employee is fantastic says Edmonton business coach. Staff leave for a wide variety of reasons. That have nothing to do with the business for the entrepreneur themselves.

People can get sick or injured for example, And that causes them to leave their job. They might decide they need to retire. Or leave in order to start a family, or take care of their family.

There are significant other might receive a promotion, and they have to move away. And all of these reasons can results in a fantastic employee. Giving notice, and deciding to leave the business.

And since an entrepreneur never knows exactly when one of their staff is going to give notice. They need to always be looking. So that they can have met the important one hundred people.

To ensure they are meeting good candidates in their busines And if an entrepreneur finds that one great candidate. They are not hiring in their business at that moment. They can keep a list of great people.

That they would be able to call upon. In the case where an employee does move on That way, an entrepreneur can minimize the amount of time between having an employee give notice.

And when they can hire the next best person for their business. So that they do not have to waste time looking for people, and being short-staffed.

Learning how to do group interviews says Edmonton business coach. Can significantly help entrepreneurs find the best staff for their business. So that they can continue to grow and increase their business.

Finding The Best Employees WIth An Edmonton Business Coach!

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding employees for their business says Edmonton business coach. And instead of spending more time reading resumes and creating interview questions.

Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs utilize group interview methods. And they do not have to spend any time reading resumes. Because the business owner will meet every candidate personally instead.

In fact, entrepreneurs can waste dozens of hours reading resumes. And according to the higher right and Inc. magazine. The number of people who lie on their resumes is significant, with 85% of all people not to have white lies on their resumes.

Therefore, trying to figure out who would be a good candidate to interview. Can be very difficult based on the resume alone. And most business owners can figure out if someone would be good fit in their business. In the first few seconds of the job interview.

Therefore, by conducting group interviews. Business owners cannot only save time by not reading resumes. They will be able to make that are decisions by looking at all of the candidates themselves. Then reading their resumes.

Things like showing up late, not coming prepared to the interview or not dressed properly. Can have a real impact on their chances of being hired. And these are things that a business owner could not figure out from the resume alone.

There is also wasted time with trying to schedule all of the successful candidates for an interview. Requiring a business owner to call all applicants. Trying to schedule time, leaving messages. And having applicants call back or try to reschedule.

Therefore, by inviting each applicant to three different recurring interview times. Can help ensure that only the candidates that are able to make that time are showing up.

In saving entrepreneur from having to call and receive messages from candidates. Who are looking to be schedule their interview.

During the interview there is lots of time being saved as well says Edmonton business coach. And instead of having to read the company overview and job description. One on one with each candidate in the one on one interview.

A business owner can save the job overview and job description. To the group of candidates present. Whether it is one, five or even twenty people at a time. And when they go to ask questions.

Chances are quite high that multiple candidates will have the same questions they want to know the answer to. So by having them asked questions in the same interview.

Can ensure that business owners are saving as much time as possible. And meeting more people. That can help them make the decisions of who would be the best fit for their business.

By utilizing this group interview method. Not only can save business owners a lot of time. But it can also help business owners find better candidates for their business.

And so no matter how often someone might decide to move on to a new business. Entrepreneurs can always be identifying people for their business.

Ensuring that they do not minimize their ability for their business to grow. By not having the right staff in place. So that they find the best staff, and can replace people with the right staff quickly.