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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Eliminate Multitasking

Entrepreneurs often believe that multitasking is the best way that they can get many things done very quickly says Edmonton business coach. However this is not the truth. Multitasking has been one of the biggest business myths out there, perpetuating the belief that people can be much more productive if they are working on several things at the same time. However by working on many things at the same time, means that thing is getting the full attention and therefore nothing is getting done very well. A quote from Gary Keller says ìmultitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a timeî. Business owners can increase the productivity in their business by eliminating the instances of multitasking.

Multitasking not only is not effective at increasing productivity, Edmonton business coach says it actually reduces productivity. Also it reduces the ability of doing it good job and can reduce the intelligence of the person who is multitasking in that moment. These are just some of the reasons why multitasking is not an effective tool. What is effective in increasing productivity in the business, is on interrupted work time. It takes the average person 23 minutes to reach their peak productivity. Once they are at this, they will work their most efficiently. It should be a goal to get to that intellectual capacity as often as possible. This can only happen by eliminating workplace interruptions.

There are many things that contribute to workplace interruptions including answering telephones, checking email, even employees interrupting each other as well as the business owner. There are several things that can be done in order to eliminate these interruptions to have everyone working at their peak productivity as often as possible. Edmonton businesses coach says it can be very scary for business owner to have times in their business where they are unreachable by telephone. Many business owners think that the telephone is so vitally important that they can not let it go unchecked for any periods of time. However business owners need to learn that itís okay to be unreachable. They will always have the opportunity to check voicemails or return important phone calls once they are done working on the most important tasks in their business.

Another way that business owners can eliminate interruptions in their business is to remove email notifications from their computer. For the same reason business owners always think itís necessary to answer every phone call, business owners have to learn that they donít need to attend to all emails as soon as they get received says Edmonton business coach. Entrepreneurs will be able to look at emails and respond to the most urgent ones at a set time in their schedule, it does not need to be there top priority. Growing their business and increasing productivity should be there top goal.

Once business owners can learn how to eliminate distractions and interruptions in their business, they can increase their own productivity and the productivity of all of their staff in order to grow their business and accomplish all of their goals.

One thing that business owners should learn is that it takes an average of 23 minutes for person to reach peak productivity once interrupted says Edmontons business coach. Why is this so important for business owners to know is because by eliminating interruptions in their business, they can increase not only their productivity but their quality of work. Unfortunately, multitasking has been hailed as the answer to businesses productivity problems. Despite the fact that it is completely untrue, entrepreneurs seem to think that by multitasking they will be able to get all of the things done in their day they need.

Instead of trying to do many things all at the same time, business owners can learn how to reach their peak productivity and work uninterrupted, they will be able to see that multitasking does not help them become more productive, and they can set up their business to allow them to work as much as they can in their peak productivity zone. Learning how to eliminate interruptions in a business is fairly easy but requires discipline says Edmonton business coach. It requires a business owner setting a schedule, and then adhering very strictly to that schedule. It can be very helpful for business owners to get their entire office on the same schedule. This can ensure that if the entire team is working on the same schedule with the same goal of being on interrupted, it will eliminate most of the interruptions.

While putting everyone on the same schedule can eliminate internal interruptions says Edmonton business coach. There still the external interruptions that still need to be addressed. During their focused solitary work, businesses can learn that itís okay to not be reachable by telephone. Business owners and their staff can always return phone calls at a later time, and even have that time scheduled in Their calendar. Clients can also start to learn when itís not advantageous for them to try and reach the business, and stop phoning during those important sessions.

Another way that business owners and staff are often being interrupted is through email. Entrepreneurs should learn that despite how urgent their emails may seem, none of those emails are going to include working on the strategic priorities that will help them grow their business. Business owners can have checking email be the task of a staff member, and have time scheduled in order to deal with the emails that they didnít to answer says Edmonton businesses coach. Many business owners fall into the trap of working out of their inbox, working on all of their clients most urgent tasks, but they never finding the time to work on their own strategic priorities. Itís extremely important that business owners learn how to avoid falling into that huge interruption.

By learning how to deal with interruptions both external and internal says Edmonton business coach, business owners and their staff can learn how to be productive and increase the quality of work that they are producing.