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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Effectively Multitask

Many business owners often seek help in learning how to effectively multitask says Edmonton business coach. And the answer to this question is extremely easy, it is not possible. Business owners may believe that multitasking is the key to unlocking productivity within their business, but studies have shown time and time again that multitasking does not increase productivity. In fact, what multitasking does is it decreases the quality of work that is being done in addition it reduces the intelligence of the person who is multitasking and the moment, and it also negatively impacts productivity significantly. Any business owners who require help multitasking should be told the same answer, they should stop doing it altogether.

Many businesses are then at a loss as to how they can increase productivity in their business if they canít multitask. Adding another employee is not possible, so how can business owners be more productive in their business asks Edmonton businesses coach. The answer is by allowing themselves and their employees to work uninterrupted. The science behind that is an average person needs 23 minutes before their brain has reached its intellectual capacity. The longer an employee can work uninterrupted, the longer they can stay in that peak productivity zone. Getting far more accomplished than they could if they were being interrupted, as well as improving the quality of work that they are finishing. There are several things that a business owner can do within their business to minimize interruptions and create an environment where this type of productivity can be achieved.

Business owners can easily learn how to block their time. This is where business owners take future blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks and then locking them into their calendar. They would choose how often in a day and how many days a week they would create these solitary focused work periods. They would create these schedules and ensure that all employees are working on the same schedule to minimize interruptions including themselves. Edmonton business coach says once the schedule has been created the next step is to ensure that business owners are minimizing interruptions during this time.

Some of the most obvious ways that business owners can minimize interruptions is by having the phones go directly to voicemail during these work periods. When business owners can minimize phone interruptions, people can be a lot freer to work without fear of having to either answer the phone or take a phone call. Another distraction that can be eliminated is checking email. Business owners often get caught in the trap of checking emails as soon as they start their workday and then never being able to stop checking emails because emails keep coming in. Edmonton business coach says that this is called working out of their inbox, and can be a huge detriment to productivity. By creating these periods of time dedicated to productivity, business owners can completely avoid the temptation to check their email at this time. They can always schedule times in their daily dedicated to checking email instead.

There is one word of advice that business owners can take when they are learning how to multitask efficiently in their workplace says Edmontons business coach. That answer is donít. Business owners should not be in the habit of multitasking, and if they are, they should get out of that habit. The reason is because multitasking is actually not productive at all. It is one of the biggest business meds out there that multitasking can help business owners get a lot of stuff accomplished. Instead it just means that they are increasing the number of things that arenít getting done effectively at the same time. Even people who think they are good at multitasking are not. The key to productivity is actually helping people reach their peak productivity zone.

Edmonton business coach says that it takes a person on average 23 minutes of being interrupted or starting a new activity in order to reach their peak productivity. By allowing people to work as long as they can in this peak productivity zone is the key to unlocking their productive potential. The way a business can create conditions where this is possible, is by Creating a schedule where focused and solitary work is the goal. By creating a schedule that everyone will be expected to adhere to, and then minimizing distractions during that time., Business owners can create an environment where itís possible to get into that peak productivity zone.

The hardest thing for business owner may be to eliminate distractions in that time, simply because business owners have never not taken phone calls and not checked email. Edmonton business coach says this is an extremely important thing for business owners to be able to learn how to do in order to tap into not only their staffs peak productivity but theirs as well. Business owners need to be able to work uninterrupted on the strategic priorities of their business in order to grow and market their business. It is Extremely important that business owners learn for at least these small blocks of time to work without answering the phone or their email.

Once business owners are able to get used to having no interruptions and everyone is on the schedule of focused and solitary work, business owners will be able to see how much more productive their environment can be and how much more work get accomplished. One of the most amazing byproducts of this increased productivity says Edmonton business coach is that business owners will find that fewer interruptions in their own life will make them happier, as well as fewer interruptions at work for their staff will increase their staffís happiness as well. Have your staff with better quality of work means the business will also have happier clients. These are all extremely great goals that can only be accomplished by eliminating multitasking in a business and creating blocks of time dedicated to solitary work.