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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Create Productive Workplaces

One of the most important things that business owners should learn about how to effectively multitask says Edmonton business coach is that they shouldnít do it. This may seem against what many business owners have been told about productivity, however many studies have been done that prove time and time again that multitasking is not the key to being productive. Not only does it not improve productivity, but it actually actively reduces productivity in the business. Not only does it reduce the productivity, but it also reduces the quality of work that is being done. The reason for this could be because it actually lowers the intelligence of the person who is doing the multitasking in the moment. Meaning that anyone who is multitasking does not have the ability to make the best decisions or do their best work. For all these reasons, multitasking should be seen as a menace to business rather than a virtue.

Business owners may be wondering what they should do to increase productivity in their business since they can no longer multitask. Edmonton business coach says the key to increasing productivity is actually eliminating interruptions. This may seem like a very simplistic approach, however studies have been done that says it takes 23 minutes of a person working on a specific task to reach their peak productivity. Which means that after 23 minutes, a person is using as much of their brain as they possibly can on a certain task and being very effective and productive. If a business can increase the instances of their staff working in this peak productivity, they will be able to increase the businesses productivity as well as increase the quality of work that they are producing and create happier clients.

It can be very simple for business owners to create an environment where increase productivity can be achieved by scheduling for focused and solitary work.the reason why many businesses donít, is because they are unable to eliminate the interruptions in their business. Interruptions include phone calls, emails and customers. Many business owners believe that they are unable to eliminate the is completely for a certain period of time, because they have built their business on be available at all times. When business owners can realize that being available at all times is not actually beneficial to productivity, they will be more willing to continue this method. In order for businesses to try out for the first time, you should understand that they can always return phone calls as the next block of time after their focused work, and they can answer emails. Or, if it makes a business owner much more comfortable, they can choose one employee whose task is during these focused and solitary work times will be to deal with anything urgent that comes out of including phone calls and emails says Edmonton business coach.

By enabling workplace to schedule focused and solitary work in order to minimize interruptions for businesses to maximize the peak productivity, entrepreneurs can create ultra productive environments happy customers and even happier employees.

For many years, people believe that multitasking was not only a virtue, but a skill that can be developed and wielded to help businesses to alter productivity says Edmonton business coach. However, multitasking is not actually functional. Studies have been done that prove that not only is multitasking not more productive, it is actually less productive than not multitasking at all. Business owners can significantly improve the productivity of their business just by encouraging their staff to not work on multiple projects at the same time.

Business owners want to actually increase their productivity in their business, all they need to do minimize distractions. The reason why eliminating distractions is much more effective at increasing productivity then multitasking says Edmonton business coach, is because it takes the average bring 23 minutes of working on a task in order to get into the peak productivity zone. Every time someone is interrupted, it takes an additional 23 minutes to get back into that productivity. That means any more than two interruptions per hour means that peak productivity is never actually achieved. If business owners think back to their average work day, they can see that they are being interrupted far more than just twice an hour.

Business owners can eliminate interruptions in their business in order to achieve that is to think of all the various things that interrupt them and their staff in a day and set aside time in their day to eliminate those interruptions. For example if a business owner says that the first four hours every day is going to be focused solitary work, they will ensure that no appointments are booked for the mornings, they donít even open their email first thing in the morning so that nobody can check their email and be distracted by it, they will let their clients know not to phone at that time, or they will get an answering service to answer the phone and that time so that they can work uninterrupted. Itís extremely important says Edmonton business coach that businesses ensure that all of the staff is working on focused solitary work at the same time in order to minimize internal interruptions. If everyone is expected to work uninterrupted at the same time, theyíll be less likely to interrupt each other at this time. Business owners can also eliminate interruptions internally by creating a block of time that is specifically designed for collaboration. If employees know when the are expected to work independently and that they will also have an opportunity to work with others, they will be much more likely to work independently and that time block. By maximizing the amount of time that employees will be able to get into their peak productivity zone, business owners will be able to be far more productive in their business than they were trying to be with multitasking.