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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Choose The Best Candidate

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding great employees for their business, says Edmonton business coach. And while many business owners use to keep employees for around five years in their business. But now the average employee staying approximately two point three years with each employer.

While businesses are experiencing even more turnover than ever before. The way that they are hiring staff, is ineffective for small business owners. Because they do not have the time or the resources to make it effective.

This is the one on one interview style. And while large corporations use this method effectively. The reason why, is because they have the time and resources. To meet the large number of candidates required. In order to find a good fit for their organization.

Small business owners however often have to do all tasks of the business themselves. Including looking for and hiring staff. And they do not have the time to meet dozens of candidates in order to find the best fit.

However, because the one on one interview method is typically the only one that small business owners know. The utilize this method says Edmonton business coach. Even though it is ineffective, and they end up struggling to find a great person for their business.

In fact, it takes a long time to get to the interview stage. With an entrepreneur putting out help wanted ad, and then waiting for the resumes to come into their business.

And then an entrepreneur will need to spend time reading each resume. In order to try to find which candidates they want to bring in for an interview. Which can take hours every week.

And does not guarantee that an entrepreneur will find the right person to interview. And then when they get to the interview stage, this will take about an hour each candidate.

And if they do not show up, are late, or the first impression is not great. The business owner will still go through with the interview, even if they may not be the right fit for their organization.

By the time all of the interviews are over. Business owners may have forgotten the first few that they interviewed. And none of them may even be a good fit for their business.

But because several weeks will likely have passed to get stage. Business owners often feel pressured to fill the position with one of the people that they interviewed. Even though they are not the best person for the job.

However, learning how to do a group interview. Can help entrepreneurs stop wasting time preselecting resumes. And instead, meet every candidate in one big group.

Not only will they be able to save time by not reading resumes says Edmonton business coach. But they will also be able to meet enough people to increase the chances of one of them being the right fit for their business.

In order to help business owners hire better candidates in their business. They should learn how to do the group interviews in their business. So that they do not have to struggle any longer.

How Can You Learn About The Edmonton Business Coach?

Many business owners struggle to find the right person in their business says Edmonton business coach. And in fact, this is one of the most common reasons why business owners close the doors to their business.

According to industry Canada, not only are 50% of all small businesses out of business within five years. But 23% of those businesses say that they failed. Because they were unable to find people to work in their business.

This is typically because entrepreneurs are utilizing an ineffective interview style. That requires a lot of time. That small business owners do not have.

The group interview can be so much more effective. However, many business owners do not know this method says Edmonton business coach. Which is why they are not using it.

However, once an entrepreneur starts searching for candidates this way. They will be more likely to meet enough people, that chances are that one of them will be the right fit for their business.

In fact, studies have shown that in order for a business owner to find one good person. They need to meet an interview one hundred people. Which simply is not possible for small business owners meeting people one-on-one.

However, by doing a group interview. Business owners can easily made a hundred people within a month. Which can help them identify who the best people are much more easily.

When an entrepreneur hosts a group interview. They will be able to see all candidates at the same time. Which will eliminate the problem of interviewing several candidates one on one. And then forgetting who the first ones were, or why they were good.

A group interview also ensures. That if somebody shows up late, or they fail to show up. It is not wasting anyone’s time. Because the ones who do not show up, are no longer considered for the job. And the ones who show up late, will not get admitted to the interview.

Since many business owners can often deem who is a hireable candidate and who is not. In the first few seconds of the interview. When there is a group interview. Entrepreneurs will be able to make a lot of decisions very quickly. Without wasting entire hour of their time.

Once they have an idea of who would be a good fit in their business. Edmonton business coach says this is the time where they actually read the resumes of each candidate they are interested in. And verify the information, and check references.

Keeping in mind, that the best information about the candidates. Such as if they are coachable, or if they can overcome adversity. As well as if they have a commitment to lifelong learning. Are not likely to be in a resume.

Which is why once the resume checks out, Edmonton business coach says that further narrows down the number of candidates who should be brought back. Either for a second interview. Or for a job shadow. To see who truly fits in with the organization.