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Edmonton Business Coach | How To Avoid Multitasking

There are few things in the business that can kill productivity quite like multitasking says Edmonton business coach. Many people are misled to believe that multitasking is a great productivity tool, however multitasking reduces productivity. Far from being a tool to make businesses productive, it should be avoided at all costs. As Gary Keller once said quote multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time.î Whatís far more effective for businesses is to have people focusing all of their brainpower on the most important task at hand completing it and moving on to the next one.

No matter what the business is, increasing productivity by eliminating multitasking is definitely possible. There are several things that entrepreneurs can do to make multitasking a thing of the past. If business owners learn how to use time blocking their business, they can start creating an environment towards increased productivity. One of the first things that they should learn to time block is set aside time on a regular basis to work on all of the strategic priorities they need to focus on in order to grow their business. The reason why these need to be scheduled first is because the strategic priorities are going to grow the business. Not only do they need to be done on a regular basis, but they also need to be uninterrupted time. If the business owner gets into the habit of setting aside this time to work on those strategic priorities ensure that they donít get interrupted while working on them, they will be able to work on them effectively. Itís also important that this is time that they are on interrupted, which means they will either have to let their phone go to voicemail, or have someone take calls for their working on this. It may be difficult for a business owner to learn how to do says Edmonton business coach, but once they see how much more productive they can be and how much more work done, this will be an easier habit for them to keep up.

Itís also very important that everyone in the business works on the same schedule. The reason for this is Edmontons business coach is because if everybody is working on focused solitary work where there uninterrupted, then other employees are less likely to interrupt each other. Creating the same time every day for this uninterrupted work time can ensure that everyone increases their productivity and increases their quality of work. This may mean putting phones to voicemail, and removing email notifications from computers to avoid the temptation of checking.

Business owners will also be happy to discover that if they eliminate workplace distractions and increase productivity that not only will that allow them to get more accomplished in their work, but Edmonton business coach says they were interruptions means happier employees. Itís been studied and proven that the more interruptions someone faces in their day the more unhappy they become. By eliminating those interruptions, business owners and staff become even happier. Having very productive and happy workplace should be a goal for all business owners.

Multitasking is seen as an effective tool of busy and successful people says Edmonton business coach. However nothing is actually farther from the truth. The science behind multitasking suggests that not only does multitasking reduces productivity, it also reduces the ability to execute the tasks at hand and even reduces intelligence of the person multitasking in the moment. By not focusing on any task for any significant period of time, means that the person who was multitasking never really does any of their tasks well. The same science that says it reduces productivity, says that in order for a person to reach their peak intellectual capacity, it takes 23 minutes. If a person is multitasking, they never have that 23 minutes to reach their peak product productivity, and therefore are never working at their capacity.

One of the goals of business owners should be ensuring that their staff as well as themselves can all work at their intellectual capacity in order to be not only as productive as they can, but also to do their best work. Edmonton businesses coach says that Business owners can take a look at all of the most successful businesses and realize that they all have systems in place to increase what activity in their businesses and eliminate multitasking. Edmonton businesses coach says that entrepreneurs can significantly increase productivity in their business instantly by learning how to eliminate multitasking in their business.

Business owners can start with creating a schedule where time is that aside for all of the most important activities for the business. This will include time to work on the strategic priorities of the business, business owner can work on their marketing efforts. For all the most important tasks, business owners should know that during these blocks of time they should also be unreachable recommends Edmonton business coach. Many business owners have never known what itís like to work uninterrupted, as theyíve always been available to take phone calls as well as customers. By learning that itís okay to be unreachable during these most important tasks, business owners can learn how to work uninterrupted and be most productive while working on the most important tasks of their business. Business owners can always return phone messages and answer important emails once theyíve completed their most important work.

Once business owners have their own times blocked out they can ensure maximum productivity by putting all of the staff in the business on the same schedule. The creating blocks of time where everybody is working focused and solitary can ensure that minimum interruptions take place. In order to help employees stay uninterrupted, Edmonton business coach says that there should also be time in the schedule to allow staff and business owners to work collaboratively. The creating these time blocks will help businesses learn how to avoid multitasking and become super productive.