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Edmonton Business Coach | How to Avoid Multitasking

Many entrepreneurs think the key to their success will be figuring out how to multitask as effectively as possible says Edmonton business coach. When the key to their success will actually be doing the exact opposite.

Many people believe that multitasking can help them get more accomplished in their day. Because they will be getting many things done the same time. However, this simply is not true.

All multitasking does, is ensures that a person gets a little bit of many tasks done at the same time. And that does not actually help them save time, the way they think it does.

Even tasks such as talking to someone, and working on another task. Is not efficient or effective. Because that ensures that a person cannot complete the task that they are working on to their best ability.

People should consider a surgeon, working on a life saving surgery for a patient. And if anyone would be happy to know that their doctor was talking on the phone during this surgery.

They would want to know that the doctor working on their surgery. Was focused on the task at hand their best ability. So that they do not and up making a critical error, that could become fatal.

And while people can see how ineffective multitasking is. And why it would be a poor idea for people. When it comes to themselves, they often think that they are the exception to the rule.

However, Edmonton business coach says that studies have shown. That not only does multitasking make people get less work accomplished. But they get the work that they do accomplish, done to a very lower quality.

Then they would if they were concentrating only at the task at hand. However, even though everyone is bad at multitasking. The people that think they are very good at it are actually worse than people who know they are bad at it.

Therefore, nobody should be multitasking. And especially the people that think they can multitask when others cannot. But learning how to not multitask can be a challenge.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. Is that it is okay to let their phone go to voicemail. And then call people back at a later time.

Edmonton business coach says that so many entrepreneurs think that it is urgent to respond to all phone calls, and emails immediately. But this is not the case.

And that the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Can let people take phone messages. And that their phone go to voicemail. And call those people back.

When they are done working on the important task they have to do. So business owners should let their phone be on silent during certain periods of the day. As well as remove email notifications.

And then share this with the staff, that they are not to be interrupted during this time. So that they can focus on what is important. And then have time set aside for responding to people, and have all of their focus on those customers, and problems.

Multitasking has become so synonymous with success says Edmonton business coach. That can be quite a challenge to convince business people that it is actually not a good strategy in their business.

The reason why, is because studies have been done that shows that it takes an average of twenty-three minutes for people to reach peak productivity. If they are interrupted, by any means.

And if people are getting interrupted more often then twenty-three minutes. What this shows says Edmonton business coach. Is that they are never actually reaching their peak productivity.

And never working as effectively as the should be. Therefore, people who are trying to multitask. Are simply doing several things to a lower quality. Then if they focused on each task individually to completion.

While it is beneficial to have people create a time block schedule. Edmonton business coach says they need to ensure that they are creating time blocks long enough to get all of the tasks that they are working on done.

Because if they have time blocks that are too short. Not only are they not getting tasks done. But when they switch to a new task, they are going to needs to work for twenty-three minutes to reach peak productivity.

So if their time blocks are only half an hour. Edmonton business coach says there never actually spending any significant amount of time. Working in their best brain capacity.

And then, they will have to multitask later on. When they tried to get back to the task that they were doing. When the switch tasks. So shorter time blocks are not effective.

In fact, the recommendation is to have time blocks be longer then is absolutely needed. And then business owners have a built-in cushion of time. In case something unexpected happens.

And they need some time during their day to focus on that. These extra cushions of time can also be used for finishing up a task that took even longer than the were expecting.

But regardless of how they are going to time block. They need to ensure that they have time set aside for everything that they need to get accomplished. And then to put all of the staff in their business on the same time block schedule as well.

This way, everyone has dedicated focused time. At the same time as everyone else. Which will minimize interruptions from staff. Not just with the business owner.

But with each other, ensuring that the staff can get even more accomplished in their day then they would if they themselves were being interrupted.

It can be very difficult for many people to turn their phone to silent, and not answer emails. But once they do this, and see how much more efficiently and effectively they can work.

Most business owners will not go back to the constant interruptions that they were used to. Because they can get more accomplished in their day. Which helps them be able to go back to their family at the end of the day on time.