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Edmonton Business Coach | How Multitasking Stops Productivity

One of the great business myths that still exists today says Edmonton business coach is that multitasking is a great way to increase productivity in business. Not only does multitasking not increase productivity, but it actually hinders productivity. It takes an average brain 23 minutes to reach its peak productivity, and since multitasking is essentially a string of interruptions, multitaskers canít actually reach that peak productivity. by constantly switching tasks over and over throughout the entire day, people who multitask are forcing themselves to stay in unproductive mode all day long.

Not only does multitasking reduce productivity, it also reduces happiness says Edmonton business coach. The same science that says it takes 23 minutes to speak productivity is the same science that says constant interruptions reduces peopleís happiness. By eliminating multitasking within businesses, makes more productive and happier employees. There shouldnít be a better reason in order to eliminate multitasking in every office.

There are several ways that business owners can ensure that they eliminate interruptions in their day in order to help them reach their peak productivity says Edmontons business coach. One of the most important ways is to schedule their time. By creating specific blocks of time dedicated to focused solitary work where they are not getting interrupted, business owners can be sure that they are creating those pockets of super productivity in their day. They can even ensure that their entire staff does the same thing by creating schedule for the entire workplace to follow. Edmonton business coach says That means everybody will be working on dedicated focused work at the same time, eliminating the instances of interruptions. During these bouts of focused work time, business owners should ensure that phones go to voicemail and there are no email notifications on the computer. Phones and email can be extremely distracting and can haul to productivity. Every time someone gets a notification even, their focus gets interrupted and they have to reach their peak productivity once more.

Once they have their workplace on the same schedule, business owners can be free to work on the strategic priorities that are important for them to grow their business Says Edmonton businesses coach. They can include marketing time and this time block, creating checklists and templates to help their workplace become more effective and more productive. The business owner needs to make sure that they are working on all of the things that are going to either grow their business or make their business more productive. Time blocking is a great tool to help business owners eliminate multitasking in order to be extremely productive.

Many people are under the misconception that even though multitasking is bad, they are actually the exception to the rule and are very good at it. And studies have been done to show that actually everybody is bad at it says Edmonton business coach, and that those people who think they are good at it are actually very bad.

A very common myth that still exists in business today is that multitasking is a tool of the productive people says Edmonton business coach. However this is not true, as Gary Keller says quote multitasking is merely the opportunity to scrub more than one thing at a timeî. Studies have been done to show that not only is multitasking not more productive, it actually harms productivity. The reason for this is because it takes the average brain 23 minutes to reach its peak productivity when a new task is started. Since multitasking is constantly switching and working on different tasks, a multitasker never actually reaches peak productivity. And since focus is split, there is an increased chance of making mistakes on tasks that are being worked on. If a person thinks of a career where focus is needed, a surgeon for example, they would never want a person in that career to be multitasking, especially if they were the patient. People intrinsically know that multitasking is bad, so why is it so prevail and?

There are many things that people can do in order to eliminate multitasking in their life. The best tool is to create a calendar says Edmontons business coach that has blocks of time devoted to all the various activities that need to be worked on. People should put in their calendar a time to work on focused solitary work, where they can work on interrupted on the most important priorities. For a business owner this will be the strategic priorities of their business, marketing time, improving productivity in their business. For employees this time is for working on their work that needs to get accomplished. This time should be uninterrupted work, where business owners and employees can work without having to check email or get interrupted with phone calls. There can be time in the schedule devoted to checking email so that doesnít get missed, but creating these pockets of time where workers can get into their peak productivity will allow them to get so much more accomplished.

Businesses can distractions in order for employees to reach this peak productivity says Edmonton business coach is have certain times where people are unavailable by phone, remove email notifications from the computer. It can be time set aside to deal with phones and emails, or that can become one personís regular job, but by eliminating phone and email interruptions, this can ensure that people get into their peak productivity zone.

Once business owners have put themselves and their entire staff on a productive schedule, they will be happy to learn that not only will they make their workplace more productive, the quality of the work will improve, and the business owner and the employees will become happier. It has been proven that the fewer interruptions that a person has through the day, the happier they are. Thereís no better reasons for business owners to increase productivity in their business by eliminating multitasking.