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Edmonton Business Coach | How Multitasking Kills Productivity

One of the biggest business myths that exists even today, is that multitasking is the height of productivity says Edmonton business coach. The reason for this is because people often believe that by working on many things the same time, they can get many things accomplished faster. However, the science proves that not only is multitasking ineffective as a productivity tool, it harms productivity. Not only does it reduces productivity, multitasking reduces execution great and even reduces intelligence in the moment. Multitasking is actually the worst thing for productivity. It takes an average person 23 minutes to reach productivity. Every option they encounter means they to another 23 minutes to reach peak productivity. Multitaskers are essentially constantly interrupting themselves and never reach that peak productivity level. And while everyone is that, people who think theyíre good at multitasking are actually the worst and at. This article will discuss several of those ways. Since multitasking is the enemy of productivity, what can businesses do in order to eliminate multitasking their business and create an environment to encourage productivity? Edmonton businesses coach says there are many things that businesses can do in order to foster productivity in their business.

The first thing that businesses can do is to remove social media notifications from their phones. By eliminating unnecessary distraction us from themselves and their employees, Edmonton business coach says they are on the right track to becoming productive. Itís also okay for business owners to eliminate the constant checking emails in the business. If email needs to check, that can either be a dedicated . Task for one staff member, or can be scheduled to be checked at strategic points in the day. that way they can check email, but also know that they will be uninterrupted during tasks that need full attention. And I that businesses can do to eliminate interruptions is have certain times of the day where phones will go to voicemail. Again they can hire a staff member who can manage the phones, or businesses can have certain periods of the day where phones do not get answered. This is to ensure that businesses can keep that productive time, and set aside time to check voicemail get back to the important messages.

The easiest ways that businesses can ensure that there is periods of time where they and their employees are not checking emails or answering phones, is to create a schedule of the entire office is Edmonton businesses coach. Itís very important that if they created schedule, everybody is on the same on. The reason for this is because if there is focused solitary work, if not everybody is working on that, there is a risk that the people who are not working on focused solitary work may interrupt those who are. By creating a schedule that everyone adheres to that includes the same times to be productive and times to collaborate, business owners can be assured that they will keep their staff as productive as possible says Edmonton business coach.

When people think of multitaskers, they often think of entrepreneurs and real estate agents says Edmonton business coach. Multitasking is often seen as the going to reach, and a skill to celebrate because it seen as a productive way to accomplish tasks. However, multitasking is not only not productive, it actually reduces productivity. Multitasking reduces execution rate and even reduces intelligence in a moment. The reason for this, is that it takes people 23 minutes to reach their peak intellectual capacity. Working uninterrupted is actually the best way to be productive, because people can work very hard one task at a time. Since it takes 23 minutes to reach peak productivity, every time someone is interrupted, it will take them 23 minutes to get that productivity that. If you think of multitaskers, that is essentially constant interruptions. It would be rare or impossible for a multitasker to ever reach peak productivity.

Although real estate agents are seen as true multitaskers, a very famous real estate agent named Gary Keller actually built the largest real estate firm in the world says Edmonton business coach. And he is the biggest proponent for solitary dedicated work. Has spoken out against multitasking and has proven that it is actually less productive, by building his real estate firm on the principles of solitary, dedicated work. If it makes typical multitaskers more effective and productive, eliminating multitasking can make you more productive.

So how can people learn how to stop multitasking asks Edmonton businesses coach. The first thing that people can do they want to stop multitasking, is create a time block schedule that they adhere very strictly to. They will create times in their schedule to work on all the things that the including solitary and focused work, collaborative work, working on the strategic goals of the business, time marketing, time to check email and voicemails. Not only is an extremely important that businesses create that schedule, itís extremely important that they put their entire office on the same schedule. Will by creating expectations that everyone will follow about when to work uninterrupted, a business owner can set the precedent of how to be productive.

Once the business owner has a time block schedule that the entire office will follow, the next thing that they can work on is eliminating distractions. The first to go is social media notifications. Social media notifications are not designed to help keep people in the know and connected, the sounds are designed to keep people addicted to that social media. The more notifications, the more they will be on the platform. Remove social media notifications from phones in order to immediately eliminate many distractions recommends Edmonton businesses coach. Another way to eliminate distractions, is to create time block schedules where people will be unreachable by phone, and have the time set aside for checking email. When time is set aside to check email says Edmonton business coach, people can remove the email notification from their computer and eliminate their interruptions.