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Edmonton Business Coach | How Multitasking Hinders Productivity

Multitasking is often viewed in the business world as a virtue to be celebrated says Edmonton business coach. However multitasking is not a key to productivity. In fact multitasking reduces productivity as well as reduces intelligence in the moment. If people think of careers that need to be focused such as doctors or pilots, they would never consider multitasking to be an effective tool there. No one would want to consider itís an effective strategy for their pilot to be multitasking as they were flying or landing the plane they were on, or for a surgeon to be multitasking as they were operating on a patient. Everyone inherently knows that multitasking is ineffective, so why is it so prevail it in offices everywhere?

Business owners can immediately increase productivity in their office as well as increase the quality of work being produced if they changed how the operated their businesses Edmonton business coach. Business owners should immediately remove multitasking from their workplaces, but it is so ingrained that many entrepreneurs donít know how. The first thing that they can do is to create a schedule that inhibits multitasking. Business owners should create blocks of time for focused solitary work and that every staff member should be on the same schedule. This will allow people to be able to work on interrupted on the tasks that they need to work on. Business owners should also create blocks of time in the schedule for staff members to work collaboratively. This will allow employees time to work on interrupted, and then a time where they can work together. By having both time set aside in the schedule, will mean that fewer interruptions will happen during the focused work.

Many business owners donít believe that they can create a schedule like this because they need to deal with phones and email. Edmonton business coach says it is completely reasonable for business owners to help blocks of time in their day where they are unreachable by phone recommends Edmontons business coach. Being a business owner does not mean they have to be reachable at all times. If Business owners think of any successful entrepreneur they will know that those people are not reachable day and night by phone either, and neither should they. They can always set aside time in their schedule to return phone messages and check voicemail.

Business owners should also avoid working out of their inbox. No matter how urgent the emails makes to be, business owners rarely can accomplish the strategic goals of their organization if they are constantly responding to every urgent email that comes in says Edmonton businesses coach. They can set aside times in their day to look at email, or have it be one staff personís job to check email. But huge mistake that entrepreneurs often make is by checking email as the most important task in their day.

By learning how to time blocked their days, business owners can reduce interruptions, and increase the productivity of their office and staff.

Business owners often believe that multitasking is a great skill to have in their business and can help them become extremely productive says Edmonton business coach. However studies have been done that proof that multitasking is not only unproductive, but it reduces the quality of work and makes people less productive. The reason for this is because takes the average person 23 minutes to reach peak productivity. People should be working as often as they can in that peak productivity zone in order to do their best work. Multitasking ensures that people do not reach that peak productivity being there are not only working unpredictably but it reduces the quality of the work that they are doing.

Since multitasking does not make anyone more productive or better at what they do, it should be avoided in all workplaces. Many business owners think that it is impossible to eliminate multitasking in their business, however the largest real estate firm that was built, was built by Gary Keller who is the biggest proponent of eliminating multitasking from workplaces. Many people see the real estate agents as some of the most effective multitaskers, and Gary Keller had proved that even the most dedicated multitaskers can first, learn to not multitask, and to build an extremely successful business by avoiding that multitasking. He was quoted as saying, ìmultitasking is merely the opportunity to scrub more than one thing at a time.î Therefore says Edmonton businesses coach, if a real estate firm can learn how to not multitask, any business can.

The first thing that business owners should learn when it comes to eliminating multitasking from their office, is that it is okay for them to be unreachable at certain times of the day. Phone calls can be a huge distraction, and business owners should know that itís completely acceptable to have times in the day where they are working on things that are so important they canít be interrupted. Edmonton business coach says the tasks that are most important to business are the strategic priorities that a business owner needs to work on in order to grow their business. Business owners will always be able to return phone messages later, but creating time in their day where they can work very effectively on the tasks that are going to help them grow their business is extremely important.

The next thing that business owners can do is set aside time in their day to deal with their email. Many business owners start checking email as soon as they get their business and then never move on to do another task. By working out of their inbox, business owners are ensuring that they are not working on the important tasks in their business that can help them grow. Business owners can hire people to check email and forward the emails they need to look at for them to deal with later. Edmonton business coach says that business owners should definitely avoid the instances of checking email from the day.