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Edmonton Business Coach | How Multitasking Harms Productivity

Many people mistakenly believe that multitasking is a skill that not only they should use in their business, but will help everyone become extremely productive says Edmonton business coach. This is actually not the case according to studies. Every time a multitasker switches tasks, they reduce their productivity since it takes the average brain 23 minutes to reach peak intellectual capacity. Multitasking is not more productive, and it is even harmful to productivity. It reduces how well we can do tasks and even reduces intelligence of the people who are multitasking in the moment. Multitasking is something that all businesses should actually avoid.

Since multitasking has been something that has been ingrained into businesses and employees for so many years, that business owners need to unlearn how to do it. The best way that businesses can create an environment to avoid multitasking is through scheduling. The business owner puts their entire staff on the same schedule, they can start to create a workplace environment that breeds productivity and eliminates multitasking completely. Edmonton business coach says that creating schedules in the day for not only themselves but their staff to work on focused, solitary work can ensure that all staff are working on tasks that are necessary completely uninterrupted.

In order to ensure that people working are on interrupted, business owners will need to create times where people will be unreachable by phones. They should be working on important tasks of this time, and being interrupted by phones can reduce that productivity. People can always return phone calls later and check voice messages at a different time. But itís definitely okay and sometimes necessary to ensure that people donít get interrupted this way. Another way that businesses can avoid interruptions during productive work periods is by removing email notifications from phones and computers. Edmonton business coach says there could be specific times in the day in order to deal with important emails, but most people should get out of the habit of working out of their inbox. Even the most urgent emails are rarely what a business needs to focus on in order to accomplish their strategic priorities.

Many people may agree that even though multitasking isnít great, that they are actually very good at it, so they should be the exception to the rule. Edmonton businesses coach says studies have shown that this is untrue. Everyone is actually very bad multitasking. It makes us less intelligent in the moment and reduces her productivity. However the people who think they are good at it have been shown to be the people who are the worst. Thereís no reason why businesses should continue having any of their staff be multitasking.

By eliminating multitasking in their business, business owners can become much more productive and have much happier staff. The reason for this is because the less interruptions in the day contributes to happier workers. Thereís many benefits to eliminating multitasking business says Edmonton business coach increased productivity and happy people are definitely to great reasons.

People believe that multitasking is a great skill to develop says Edmontons business coach, however it actually harms productivity. Gary Keller has been quoted as saying ìmultitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time. The idea behind multitasking was that people would be able to accomplish many tasks at the same time, however by not giving full attention to anything, multitasking can only make businesses less productive, can also make the work that they do poor in quality.

Often people think of entrepreneurs as the typical multitaskers, they are so busy that they have to do many things in order to accomplish them all. However the most successful entrepreneurs arenít multitasking, they work on interrupted on the most important things that they need to focus on, and have created their entire life around not being interrupted. It can be very simple for any business to eliminate multitasking from their days, in order to get more work done, and increase the quality of work that is being done.

A great tool that business owners can use in order to help eliminate multitasking in their business is time blocked calendars. By creating specific blocks of time for not only themselves but for staff to work on focused solitary work, business owners can that eliminates the potential for interruptions. This focused solitary work will be time where people arenít checking their emails, theyíre not checking their phones, and theyíre not taking phone calls. Itís perfectly acceptable for businesses to have times where people are unreachable, especially when they are working on their most important work. People can always get back to phone messages and set aside a specific time to check emails, itís extremely important that businesses have time set aside for people to focus on their work. If everyone is on the same schedule says Edmonton business coach, then everyone will be working uninterrupted at the same time, which will continue to eliminate interruptions.

Once a business owner has everybody on a block schedule, they can create times in the schedule to work on collaborative work. By creating the schedule times for people to work together and talk to each other, employees can have times where they are uninterrupted, and times where they can talk to each other which will help them adhere to the schedule. When they are in the focused work. They should not be checking emails, and they should not be answering phones. They should also remove social media notifications from their devices. Having social media notifications sounding on the phone all day can cause interruptions all day long, ensuring that people donít get into their peak productivity says Edmonton business coach. Social media notifications are not designed to keep people connected, it they are designed to keep people addicted and on that platform.

Business owners can learn to eliminate multitasking in their business through scheduling in order to create productivity in their business to help them succeed.