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Edmonton Business Coach | How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Rescheduling Anything

Can be very tempting for entrepreneurs to miss meetings as they get busy, in an effort to be more efficient with their time says Edmonton business coach. However, this ends up backfiring when taking the time to reschedule an appointment ends up taking far more time in an entrepreneurs day, wasting even more of their precious time. Zig Ziglar was famous when he said ìif you do not plan your time, someone else will waste itî. Therefore, business owners who get busy and are tempted to miss meetings or cancel appointments should learn that this is the most critical time to avoid cancelling.

Business owners need to understand that their time is a finite, and limited resource. While they believe they are limited by money, they can always make or get more money, but they can never do this with time. Therefore, the key to ensuring they can get everything done is learning how to be efficient with that limited resource that they have says Edmonton business coach. Therefore, they should avoid rescheduling appointments, and instead to ensure every appointment that they make is extremely important and is going to help them further the goals of their business. That way, they will never be tempted to cancel that meeting because it is too important.

Another reason why entrepreneurs should avoid rescheduling appointments at all is that they might end up annoying customers. If they get to the habit of rescheduling appointments often enough with their customers, those customers might feel like an entrepreneur wasting their time, or that they are not valued and they will simply take their business elsewhere. Or, Edmonton business coach says that another scenario might be that causes the customer to believe that an entrepreneurís time is flexible, and they will start cancelling rescheduling appointments, creating a vicious circle of time being wasted for both.

An entrepreneur might also want to cancel appointments, because they have not been able to finish the job that they are working on. Edmonton business coach says this is a situation where if entrepreneurs are not able to finish the job perfectly, but they are able to bring it to completion, that is important to do so that they can keep the meeting with their clients, and avoid wasting their time. They can find time to perfect the job after the meeting is over.

By ensuring that an entrepreneur is never tempted to cancel appointments, can help them ensure that they are staying on schedule because cancelling an appointment is not an option. Cancelling appointments end up with an entrepreneur wasting even more time, which can put them even further behind schedule. By avoiding this early on in their business, not only are they setting a precedent for their clients, but they are setting a precedent for themselves that will ensure they are making good use of their time. By doing this, entrepreneurs will be better able to get everything done that they need to.

Edmonton Business Coach | How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Rescheduling Anything

If entrepreneurs find that as their business grows, it is getting harder to accomplish all of the tasks in their business says Edmonton business coach. Rather than thinking they can increase their time by postponing meetings, entrepreneurs should look at their schedule instead. A time block schedule can help entrepreneurs figure out the time for each of the important tasks they need to accomplish in their business, with enough time set aside for each of them. By doing this, entrepreneurs can ensure that they have enough time to accomplish everything in their business, removing the need to postpone appointments.

How an entrepreneur should start to time block, is by making a list of all the important tasks and activities that they need to get accomplished in their day, week and month. Once they have a list of everything that needs to get done, they can write down how much time it will take to get them done. Edmonton business coach says that entrepreneurs can start scheduling in the meetings there at a specific time and fill in the rest of their priorities. By saving the tasks that need concentration for the morning, and meetings and collaboration for the afternoon, entrepreneurs can start to put together an efficient schedule.

It is very important that entrepreneurs build into their schedule additional time to deal with unforeseen circumstances, or in case problems arise on a job that will require additional time to work on. They can either schedule time blocks that have more time than necessary to complete tasks so that when the entrepreneur has finished the task, they have additional time that can be put towards these unexpected events or situations. Or, Edmonton business coach says that entrepreneurs can also create small time blocks in their day, with absolutely nothing scheduled, that they can use for anything that needs to get dealt with.

In this schedule, Edmonton business coach says that entrepreneurs need to understand that they should never let one circumstance cause them to cancel an appointment, even and especially when it comes to clients who have emergencies. The reason why is because an emergency from a client is typically caused by their own poor planning. If an entrepreneur gets into the habit of accommodating clients who have emergencies crop up, they will start to expect an entrepreneur to rearrange their schedule on a regular basis, and they will never actually learn to be efficient with their time. If an entrepreneur never accommodates these clients, they will either go elsewhere or learn how to manage themselves better. Both situations are win-win for an entrepreneur.

When entrepreneurs find that their business is growing so much that they cannot accomplish everything, is a good indication that they need to create or reconfigure their schedule. Edmonton business coach says that schedules can be adjusted from time to time to allow an entrepreneur to readjust what they need to accomplish in their business so that they can ensure that they are accomplishing all of the strategic priorities that they need to in their business.