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Edmonton Business Coach | Hire Staff Without Reading Resumes

When entrepreneurs have a need to hire staff in their business, Edmonton business coach says they typically advertise the position. And start reading resumes. This is not an efficient way of finding the best people.

This is how business owners start creating a short list. Of all the people that they think are the best candidates to interview. And then bring only the shortlisted people in for an interview. Even though resumes are not an effective way for business owners to find candidates.

The reason why, is because according to the higher right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes. And whether they are stretching the truth, or fabricating information out right. This does not help entrepreneurs make the best decisions on who to interview.

In addition to that, Edmonton business coach says that most important skills for a candidate possess. Are not even found on their resume. Such as a dedication to lifelong learning, resiliency or coachability. Therefore resumes are not an effective way for entrepreneurs to figure out who the best people of are.

Instead, business owners should learn about group interviews. And how they can utilize those. To find the best candidates. Without having to spend time reading resumes, or scheduling and conducting one-on-one interviews.

One of the biggest benefits to this method according to Edmonton business coach. Is that business owner are able to meet a wider pool of candidates. Especially if they posted these interviews on a consistent, weekly basis.

In fact, according to several studies. In order for an entrepreneur to find one good employee in their business. They need to meet hundred candidates. And the only way they can do that, is by utilizing the group interview method.

How an entrepreneur should go about starting group interviews. Is by regularly advertising for the position. Whether they are hiring in their business or not.

Since they are going to need to meet about a hundred people. They are only going to be able to meet those people if they are looking even when there is not an opening in their business yet.

Because while it is possible to meet hundred people in four or five group interviews. It is not always going to yield that many people per interview. And it might take two months for an entrepreneur to meet hundred people.

Which is why entrepreneurs need to be looking at all times. But also, business owners may not know when they are going to need to hire someone.

And by always looking for people. They can be prepared to replace someone as they need quickly and easily. Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they are hosting group interviews every week.

As well, if entrepreneurs are hosting them every week. They will not feel pressured into bringing one or more candidate in for a second interview. Especially if they were not impressed with any of them.

Because they will know that they will have more people coming in next week. That might have the perfect candidate for their organization. So they should not feel pressured to hire anyone.

If You Are Looking For The Edmonton Business Coach!

There are many different styles of interviewing candidates for a job says Edmonton business coach. But many small businesses are typically only familiar with the one-on-one method. Even though it is not very effective for their business.

And the reason why many entrepreneurs are aware that it is not an effective hiring strategy. Is because the number of business owners that are struggling with it.

In fact, according to industry Canada. Not only are 50% of all entrepreneurs failing in their small business every single year. But 23% of these business owners. Say that the reason why they were struggling in business. Is because they were unable to find the right staff in their business.

However, because many business owners are not aware of any other style of interviewing. They would struggle, blaming the inability to find candidates on their interview questions.

When the blame actually is in the style of interview that they are conducting. Because is not allowing them to meet they required number of candidates. In order to find the perfect fit for their business.

In fact, one-on-one interviews are only truly effective for large corporations. Because they have an HR department. That can be devoted to interviewing as many people on a one-on-one basis as possible. To find the right fit for their business.

Since entrepreneurs do not have the resources at their disposal to do that. They need to find a different way of interviewing potential candidates. Which is why Edmonton business coach recommends a group interview.

The group interview can ensure that instead of having one hour per candidate. That an entrepreneur is meeting all of them within one hour.

But the time savings also starts from the first resume that they receive. Instead of reading it is, and then figuring out if they want to meet that person. Business owners should simply invite every person who applies to the group interview. And meet them all.

If anyone does not show up, then a business owner is not even aware that they did not show up. And the same with people who showed up late. The doors will simply be locked, and an entrepreneur will never know that someone was coming who did not show.

During the group interview, they can go over the company overview, and a job description. That would have taken one third of the traditional interviews. Wasting a lot of time.

Then, Edmonton business coach says an entrepreneur will open up the interview to allow questions from the candidates. And since many candidates will likely have the same question. They can save a lot of time by asking them in a group setting.

Whether they have one candidate, or twenty. The hour that the entrepreneur spends will be far more efficient, and yield better results. Than reading all the resumes, contacting people for an interview. Then trying to conduct a one on one interview.

The sooner that business owners start utilizing this interview strategy in their business. The sooner they are going to be able to find better candidates for working in their business.