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Edmonton Business Coach | Hire Employees Without Reading Resumes

While many business owners think that reading resumes is essential to finding the best employees, Edmonton business coach disagrees. In fact, not only is it a waste of time. But it is very difficult for an entrepreneur to find the right people based on a resume alone.

One of the reasons why, is because according to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of people lie on their resumes. And whether this is a small lie that stretches the truth. Or if it is a complete fabrication. This shows why resumes are not a great indication of who the best candidate for business would be.

In addition to that, Edmonton business coach says that the most important aspects of a candidate’s skills. Are not necessarily on their resume. Such as whether they are able to be coached easily or not.

As well as their ability to overcome adversity, and their resiliency. As well as if they value lifelong learning or not. They could be the most skilled applicant, with the most education.

And not be as beneficial to the business. As someone who possesses a lot of the skills that can make them truly valuable employee.

Therefore, Edmonton business coach recommends all small business owners stop trying to utilize a one on one interview method. Because it is not going to help them identify the best candidates for their business.

Instead, entrepreneurs can save a lot of time by implementing a group interview strategy. and right from the beginning, entrepreneurs are saving a lot of time. By avoiding reading all the resumes.

The reason why, is because instead of reading all of the resumes in order to figure out who do invite to the interview. Edmonton business coach says an entrepreneur should just invite all candidates to the interview. And sort out with her they are qualified or not later.

During the interview, business owners will be able to take a look at each candidate side-by-side. In order to figure out if they are good candidates. Such as are they wearing the appropriate clothing for the job, are they prepared?

To whether they have a good rapport with other candidates and the business owner themselves? And do they seem interested in the position.

If an entrepreneur likes what they see, after the interview, they can read the resumes of the people that they like. In order to determine if they have the right qualifications. And to call their references. To see if those check out as well.

If they still like the candidate, they can always call them back in for a second interview. Or, a more telling job shadow date. Where they can spend an entire day in the business. Which will show the entrepreneur if they fit in well with the work, other staff members and even customers.

That will help an entrepreneur make the final decision, about whether they are someone that would make a good fit in their business. Or if they should keep looking, because of how the another group interview scheduled for the next week.

If You Are Meaning To Find An Edmonton Business Coach?

Many business owners struggle at finding staff according to Edmonton business coach. Which can end up causing many problems, including forcing business owners to close the doors to their business.

In fact, 23% of all failed entrepreneurs told industry Canada. That is not being able to find or keep staff is reason why their business was not successful.

And while a traditional one on one interview is not the most effective interview method. This is owners still utilize this. Often because it is the only method that they know of. And they need to find people in their business.

However, a traditional interview while it can work for large organizations. Because they have the resources and time available. To be able to interview as many candidates as they need. In order to find the right one for their business.

But small business owners do not have this time at their disposal. And they need to be able to find people quickly. And while many studies have shown that in order to find one good candidate, entrepreneurs will need to meet about a hundred people.

There is literally no way for an entrepreneur to utilize a one on one interview method, and meet hundred people for their business. And be able to accomplish all other tasks in their business.

However, Edmonton business coach says it is possible to meet that number of people. If they utilize group interview strategies in their business.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that in order to be able to meet hundred people. They need to post group interviews every week. Whether they are hiring people in their business or not.

By the time they meet around a hundred people, they could be that their business has grown enough to require hiring someone. Or, by the time they meet hundred people, they might have an employee who has given notice.

And whether they are moving on because they are going back to school, they are moving, or they are retiring for example. Since an entrepreneur never knows exactly when an employee is going to leave.

By always looking for staff, means that business owners are continually meeting people. To increase their chances of having one or two of those people being a candidate. But they can keep in their pool of candidates that they call upon. When the need arises to replace someone in their business.

Therefore, business owners can avoid doing a one on one interview when they have a need. And instead, spend in our every week meeting a group of people. In order to ensure that they are meeting the right number of people. To hire one great person when they need to.

This also will allow business owners to base their opinions on a person based on the interviews with those people. Instead of their resume, that may or may not have white lies or fabrications and it.

And once they identify someone who they were like, they can actually read the resume. And verify the skills as well as called references.

By utilizing this interview method, Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs can meet more people. And ensure that they will have a pool of great people to call upon when the have a need to hire someone.