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Edmonton Business Coach | Have You Heard of Website Google Compliances?

Edmonton business coach | launching a new website

Marketing has drastically changed over the years according to our Edmonton business coach. Digital marketing has taken over the space. Your online presence is one of the most important aspects for marketing nowadays. Google plays a big part to your online presence. Optimizing your website to fall under Googleís Canonical Compliance is important for modern day marketing. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is necessary for your website. Your website needs to be fast, responsive, mobile friendly and content rich.

At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants, we are inspired by our goals and values. Our Edmonton business coach dedicates time and effort to help small business owners succeed and beat the odds. We offer first time clients free professional consultation and a copy of Michael Gerberís best selling business book called ìE-Myth.î Please contact our office at or 780-665-4949.

Small businesses often treat website as this magical thing that will automatically get them clients. New websites will never generate clients. Top businesses have websites on Googleís first page. As the Edmonton business coach, we found similar traits from top business websites. These traits are fast, responsive, mobile friendly and content rich websites. In this article we will show you the importance of SEO.

Google reviews also plays a big part to your digital marketing needs. Statistic show that 88% of your potential clients will look at your Google review before conducting business. Small business owners rely heavily on referrals. Itís important to ask your existing clients to leave you a Google review. This will allow your business to grow faster and convert more client in the long run.

Businesses with ample Google reviews are often seen as more legitimate than those with a few. They should try to get at least 40 reviews. This seems to be the magic number to for people to see your company as legitimate. Once you reach 40 reviews, you can try to use paid ads. Google AdWord is a fast way to get on top of Google results. However itís important to note that using Google AdWord without enough reviews can cause more damage than itís worth. Potential clients will still look at the Google reviews. If you donít have enough, then they will still go to the competitors.

Having a content rich website is also important for search engine optimization. Make sure the important pages on your website have at least a thousand words. This will increase the chances that Google see your website. Of course this content must be relevant to your services. The minimum words count for each page is 350 but strive to get a thousand for your homepage, team page and about page.
After building your website, you need to update it at least once a week. Add more content through a blog. Use videos for your blog to increase viewer retention. Another way to use this video is to transcribe them to words. This will give you more content for your website.

Edmonton business coach | website Google compliance

The most important factor for modern day marketing is search engine optimization according to our Edmonton business coach. Having a solid online presence is important in todayís marketing strategy. Almost everyone uses Google and social media nowadays. Optimizing your marketing strategies to include social media marketing and SEO is necessary to succeed.

Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants are inspired by our corporate mission and values. Our team of Edmonton business coach are passionate at helping small business owners succeed. We developed a free consultation program for new business owners. Our firm will offer our professional consultation for free and a copy of ìE-Myth,î Michael Gerberís best selling business book. If you wish to know more about this program, please contact us at 780-665-4949 or email us at

The chances of a new website to get to Googleís first page is almost non-existent. Small business owners underestimate the time and effort required to make a website effective. Search engine optimization plays are big part to the success of a website. Most people wonít go past the first page when searching for something. You need to Googleís ìcanonicalî compliance. The website needs to be content rich, responsive and mobile friendly. These factors will give you a good start at the SEO game.

According to our Edmonton business coach, 88% of your potential customers will look at your Google reviews. People use reviews to determine the legitimacy of a business. This is owner shouldn’t underestimate the importance of having reviews. Small business owners rely on referrals. Even referrals will look at your Google reviews before conducting business. We suggest trying to get your current clients to write Google review for you. Try getting at least 40 Google reviews. We believe that this is been magic number for Google reviews. Once you hit 40 reviews, you should be able to effectively use Google AdWords. Using Google AdWords will having less than 40 reviews can be detrimental to your business. This might cause your competitors to get the business instead of you. Google AdWords will boost your website on top of Google. However if you don’t have enough reviews, your potential customers like the look that your competitors would more reviews.

Another effective way to get on top of Google is using Google my business. This is a free way to let Google know that your local business and thus will more likely to suggest you to the local population and tourist.

Top websites have one similar trait, it is plentiful and relevant content. You will start seeing a trend of homepage, about page and meet the team page with over a thousand words. We suggest trying to come up with a thousand words for these important webpages soon Google will have an easier time finding your website. Coming up with a thousand words is difficult however there is 1 Efficient Way to do this. It’s common for websites nowadays to have a blog page. It’s efficient to use video blogs and then transcribing them into words to use us content for your website.