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Edmonton Business Coach | Group Interviews Are Efficient

Group interviews are great way for business owners to save time says Edmonton business coach. And at the same time, identify great candidates for their business.

Typically, small businesses utilize a one on one interview process. Because that is often the only interview style they are aware of. When it is not necessarily efficient for their size of business.

Larger corporations utilize this interview strategy. Because they have the time and of the resources. Because they have an entire human resources department.

Who can dedicate themselves to holding as many interviews as needed. To ensure that they meet the right person for their business.

They know that in order to find the one good higher for their business. They likely need to meet approximately a hundred candidates. And they have the ability to do so using one-on-one methods.

However, small business owners have a lot different of the situation. Not only do they not have a human resources department. They also do not have the time end of the resources at their disposal.

To host one-on-one interviews endlessly. However, the statistics are still is same. That in order to meet one good candidate. An entrepreneur needs to meet approximately a hundred people.

Which is why they should abandon the one-on-one interview process. For a group interview method. Because that will allow them to meet more people.

Which is going to help them find the one right candidate in their business says Edmonton business coach. And do so quickly, and without wasting a lot of their time.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that every single candidate will get an invitation to the group interview. That should be time blocks in their schedule every single week.

By avoiding having to read resumes. A business owner can save a lot of time right from the start of the process. As well as avoid missing a good candidate. Because their resume not stand out.

In fact, studies have shown that 85% of all candidates. Lie to some extent on their resumes. This is according to hire right and Inc. magazine. Which makes resumes a poor indicator of suitability in a candidate.

The next way that an entrepreneur saves time. Is by having all of the candidates interviewed at the same time. Instead of sitting aside one hour for each candidate. All candidates show up within the same hour.

And this will allow entrepreneurs to save many hours every week. But get to see who is likely a good fit for their business. Based on whether they showed up or not, or showed up on time.

As well as things like if they were dressed properly, if they came prepared. And how they interacted with staff, and other candidates. Which can help business owners see if these candidates are good fit for their business.

By moving their interview style to a group interview method. Business owners can not only save time. But increase the number of people that they meet says Edmonton business coach.

Because the more candidates that entrepreneur meets. The higher the chances are that one of them is going to be a great fit for their business.

How Can We Show You The Edmonton Business Coach

It is very important for entrepreneurs to find great people in their business according to Edmonton business coach. Because that is how they are going to grow their business.

According to industry Canada, 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail in their small business. And there are three main reasons why entrepreneurs are not successful.

The third most common reason why entrepreneurs fail. Is because they cannot find or keep staff in their business. And affects 23% of all business owners close their business.

One thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that they are going to have more turnover now than ever before. Through no fault of their own. Because of how employees look for work.

Employees typically stayed an average of five years with their employer. Before looking for work elsewhere. But now that amount of time that they stay has decreased dramatically.

And Edmonton business coach says that employees are staying approximately two point three years on average. Which means entrepreneurs are going to have higher turnover in their business.

When way to help ensure that they can replace the employees that are going to inevitably leave their organization. And be able to replace them quickly and efficiently.

And ensure that the people that they are hiring to replace their staff. Are equally as good. It is recommended for entrepreneurs to utilize group interviews in their business.

This will increase the number of people that they can meet on a regular basis. And this is something that they should schedule on a recurring basis in their calendar every single week.

Even if they are not currently hiring in their business. They will be able to continue to meet people. Increasing the chances that they will meet the right person for their business.

If they have met that great candidate. And an entrepreneur is not yet hiring in their business. They know that they can start a list of great candidates. That they can call upon when they do have an opening.

So that they can fill the spot with a great candidate quickly. To decrease the amount of time that they are left short staffed. It is also going to help other staff members.

Because they know that the business owner is looking for the best candidate for the business. And when they get a new coworker. They are typically the best of the best.

Which will help ensure that current employees get along with the new hire. And that they will not have to put up with someone who is not very good at what they do.

During the interview process. They will have all candidates show up at the same time. And they can get all of the same information at the same time. In the business owner can look at them to see how they interact with each other.

If any of the candidates are our people that the business owner would like to spend more time with. That is when they should actually read the applicants resume. To verify the information and check references.

By utilizing a group interview process. Can help entrepreneurs significantly. Avoid going out of business because they are able to find the right people says Edmonton business coach.