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Edmonton Business Coach | Finding Great Staff Without Reading Resumes

It is very important for entrepreneurs to be able to identify great people to hire says Edmonton business coach. Because without the right staff. Business owners may have a difficult job trying to grow their business.

However, business owners typically have a very difficult time. Finding the right people in their business. And this is one of the top three reasons. Why business owners fail in their small business in Canada.

Many business owners think that the key is choosing the right resumes. And choosing people to interview based on that information. And so they spend dozens of hours reading resumes.

And unfortunately, a resume is not always the best way for an entrepreneur to identify the best candidates. Especially because according to a study done by the higher right and Inc. magazine. A large percentage of people lie on their resumes, approximately 85%.

Therefore, business owners spend dozens of hours reading resumes. Trying to make a decision on who the best people to interview would be. When the best people for the job. Might not stand out by their resume alone.

Therefore, Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs are discounting some of the people that might be the perfect fit for their business. Which will not help them identify the best employees for their business.

Instead, entrepreneurs should interview every single candidate. So that they do not have to judge based on their resume. Especially since so much can be decided upon by how they act in the interview alone.

Whether they show up late, are dressed properly, and are prepared for the interview. Are often things that a business owner can only tell when they interview them. Even though their resume may look one way.

However, a business owner may not have enough time at all. To interview each of the candidates one on one. Especially if they have received a large number of resumes.

Which is why it is recommended to that entrepreneurs utilize a group interview method. Instead of trying to meet everybody in a special one on one interview. That can take a significant amount of time.

Instead, Edmonton business coach recommends business owners have a weekly interview slots. And invite every applicant to three different interview slots. And conduct a group interview every single week.

That way, they will be able to meet all of the candidates. And be able to figure out who would be more likely to fit the business. And who would not be, in a very short amount of time.

Not only will that help an entrepreneur save dozens of hours of not reading resumes. But it will also help an entrepreneur save time interviewing people. Because they can interview everybody at the same time.

Then, a business owner can bring back the people that are the ones that they think would be the more likely and better fit in the business. And if none of them are a good fit. Business owners should not feel pressured hire any of them. Because they know that Bill meet another group of candidates next week.

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It is very important that business owners understand that reading resumes does not result in better candidates being found according to Edmonton business coach. And in addition to that, coming up with better interview questions. Does not help identify the best candidates for the business.

The reason why, is because the problem is not that the entrepreneur is not choosing the right people to interview. And it is not because they are not asking the right questions during that interview.

But simply, because an entrepreneur is not meeting enough people. To increase the chances of finding the one that is going to be the best fit for their business.

One thing that Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. Is that no matter how many great employees there might be. Not all of the great employees are going to be a good fit in the business.

Therefore, they need to increase the number of people that they are meeting. To increase the chances of one of them. Is going to be the one that fits their business best.

By utilizing a group interview method. Business owners can interview as many people as show up to the interview. Whether that means one, five or even twenty people are being interviewed at the same time.

However, it is very important that business owners also know. That even if they are not actively hiring in their business. Because in order to meet hundred people. An entrepreneur needs to meet people every single week.

They also may not know exactly when one of their staff members are going to give notice. And even when the relationship with the employee is extremely positive. There might be many reasons why they are choosing to leave.

Staff might have become injured or sick. And they need to leave the business in order to heal properly. Or, they may have a spouse that received a promotion. And they need to move to a different city.

Employees might be ready to retire, go back to school, or start a family. And that can all be something that would cause them to quit the job that they have. Even if they love it.

Therefore, business owners need to keep in mind. That they should always be looking. In case a staff member gives notice and they do not expect it says Edmonton business coach.

Decreasing the amount of time between having an employee gives notice. And when they can put a great person in that spot. Can help a business owner significantly.

As well, business owners may not have an opening when they meet the right person for their business. And this means that an entrepreneur will simply have a list of great people they can call upon. When things change, and they need to hire someone in their business.

Whether it is somebody that has recently given notice. Or the business owner is growing. Being able to hire great people quickly. Can happen when people start utilizing a group interview in their business.