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Edmonton Business Coach | Find The Best Staff

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding people for their business says Edmonton business coach. And that can affect an entrepreneur’s ability. To grow their business significantly.

In fact, not being able to find or keep the right staff. Is one of the top three most common reasons. Why business owners fail in their small business in Canada.

According to industry Canada. Not only are 50% of small business owners in Canada. Closing their doors within five years of opening their business.

But the reason why entrepreneurs are failing, are often unavoidable. With the third most common reason why entrepreneurs are failing in business.

Is because 23% of all the business owners that fail. Say that they are unable to find or keep staff in their business. And without staff to work in their business, business owners are not able to grow. Or even to run their business.

Therefore, learning better interview strategies. Can help business owners find better people. So that when their staff leaves, they will be much more likely. To have great people already to replace them.

Is is owners need to understand says Edmonton business coach. That staff are going to leave for a variety of reasons. That are completely unavoidable by the entrepreneur.

For example, employees might leave because they are retiring, moving away from the area, or they may have become sick or injured.

And even when the relationship is extremely positive with the business owner. This is not going to guarantee that staff are not going to leave the business from time to time.

Therefore, being able to find great people consistently. Is very important, because even when an entrepreneur has the best people in their business. Those people are not guaranteed to stay for the rest of their lives.

How Edmonton business coach recommends finding people. Is through group interviews. Instead of the traditional one-on-one interviews that many business owners are utilizing currently.

One on one interview method wastes a lot of time. Right from the start, when it requires a business owner to read every single resume. From all the applicants that they get.

So that they can make a decision on who would be the best person to meet. Based on those resumes. However, this is not an effective strategy. Especially because according to hire right and Inc. magazine.

More than 85% of all candidates. Lie on their resume, so that it is very difficult for business owners to truly make a great decision. On who the best people to interview would be.

So a group interview can help an entrepreneur avoid that problem. By not requiring them to decide who would be the best person to interview. And instead, meet every single applicant.

Because they will be able to make a better decision on who the best candidate for the business would be. Simply by meeting them, having a conversation during a group interview process.

If any business owners have any questions about how to conduct a group interview. They should talk to their Edmonton business coach. To help ensure that they can identify better people in their business faster.

Edmonton business coach | find the best staff

Many entrepreneurs struggle with finding staff according to Edmonton business coach. And they often think that it is because they are not asking the right interview questions.

Therefore, they spend as large amount of time. Reading resumes, to figure out who the best person to bring in for an interview would be.

And then spend a lot of time. Trying to figure out what the best interview questions to ask are. So that they can identify who the best candidates for their business would be.

However, Edmonton business coach says that the problem is not with the questions that they are asking. In not being able to find the best people for their business.

The problem is, business owners are simply not meeting the right candidates at all. Because they are not meeting enough of them. To ensure that one of them is the best fit for their business.

Studies have shown, that in order for business owner to find the one right candidate for their specific business. They need to meet about a hundred people. To ensure that one of them is the right fit.

However, it is going to be impossible for an entrepreneur to be able to meet hundred candidates. If they are utilizing the one on one interview method. Which is why they need to learn how to conduct group interviews.

Group interviews are especially beneficial. Because it saves an entrepreneur time from the start. By not requiring they read dozens or even hundreds of resumes.

Instead, all applicants will get an invitation to one of the interview slots available. And entrepreneurs should have time blocked in their calendar. One hour every week. In order to conduct a group interview.

Since many business owners are able to tell of the first few seconds of an interview. Who would be a right fit for their business or not. They can apply the same logic to the group interview.

And since a percentage of applicants will not even show up to the interview. Not nor does not have to waste an hour of their time. By waiting for someone who was never going to show up says Edmonton business coach.

And another percentage of applicants will show up late. And instead of interviewing that person anyway. It is recommended for business owners to simply close and lock the door to their business.

And then late applicants will not have the opportunity to show up late. Helping a business owner narrow down who would be a great fit for their business.

By conducting the group interview, they can make some decisions about who would be great in their business. And after the group interview, can identify which candidates they would like to bring in for either another interview. Or a job shadow day.

This way, a business owner can meet anywhere between one and twenty applicants at a time. To decrease the amount of time needed. To meet one hundred people. So that they can have the one best person hired for their business.