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Edmonton Business Coach | Find The Best Employees

Many entrepreneurs struggle when it comes to finding the right staff according to Edmonton business coach. And even though they have a difficult time. They still continue hiring people using the one on one interview method.

While this is typically the only style that many business owners are aware of. In order to find employees to work in their business. However, this is not only inefficient.

But it also does not help entrepreneurs identify the best people for their business. Which is one of the reasons why employees that are hired. Are not the best fit for the organization.

Instead, Edmonton business coach recommends utilizing in group interviews. Because not only is it a much more efficient use of the entrepreneur’s time. But it also helps identify the best people to hire. And helps an entrepreneur keep a list of great people to call on when the need arises.

The first thing that business owners need to do. Is instead of reading every single resume that comes into their business. Just invite every applicant to the group interview.

That way, an entrepreneur does not waste a lot of time reading resumes. And trying to figure who would be a good fit based on this document. Especially since according to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes anyway.

Since most business owners are able to figure out in the first few seconds of the interview. Who are typically good candidates for the business. Including if they showed up early to the interview.

However, Edmonton business coach also recommends locking the door when the group interview starts. And that way, no late applicants would be admitted into the interview.

Which is one great way how entrepreneurs can start eliminating candidates. Would not be a good fit for their business. So they can spend more time focusing on the candidates who would be a better fit in the business.

And if they have a group interview every week. Set aside in their calendar. They can ensure that candidates are coming to the business regularly. To increase the chances that one of them would be a good fit in the business.

Many business owners are concerned about having group interviews. Even when they are not actively hiring in their business. But there are several reasons why this is beneficial.

The first reason is, business owners never know exactly when they are going to need someone to work in their business. And of their staff could give notice unexpectedly.

And business owners may not know exactly when they are going to grow their business. To the point where they need someone to help them manage the extra work that they are now receiving.

By keeping a pool of candidates that would be a good fit for the business. Entrepreneurs can decrease the amount of time it takes to hire a great person for that role.

In order for business owners to identify the best people for their business. They should start utilizing group interviews. So that they can ensure they have the best people, to help them grow their business.

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Business owners often spend so much time interviewing candidates according to Edmonton business coach. And yet, are not better able to find the best person for their business.

And not having the right people. And not keeping the right people in their business. Is one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs fail in business.

While 50% of all entrepreneurs fail in their small business in Canada. 23% of those entrepreneurs say that the reason why they failed. Is because they could not find or keep staff in their business.

One thing that business owners also need to keep in mind according to Edmonton business coach. Is the fact that a typical employee used to stay with the business for approximately five years before moving on.

Nowadays, staff stay on average two-point three years. Before moving on. So business owners need to get used to the fact. That they have more staff turnover than ever before. Through no fault of their own.

But because of the increased turnover. They need to be able to identify great people for their business. A lot more efficiently than they ever used to.

If business owners simply stop reading resumes. Not only would they save a lot more time. But they could start holding group interviews. That would be a lot more efficient in helping entrepreneurs meet enough people.

According to studies, in order to find one good candidate for business. A business owner needs to meet about one hundred people.

And utilizing a one on one interview method. Will not allow a business owner to meet enough people. To increase the chance that one of those people are good fit for their business.

In fact, Edmonton business coach says the one-on-one group interview is only really feasible. For large organizations. That have their own HR departments.

Because they have the time as well as the resources to be able to interview as many candidates as they want. Utilizing the one-on-one interview method. Because they will have the time and ability.

To interview as many candidates as they need. In order to find the one right fit for their business. Therefore, small business owners should interview a little bit more efficiently.

So by avoiding reading resumes. And inviting every candidate out to a group interview. Means that business owners can already save themselves a lot of time.

The next thing that business owners should keep in mind. Is that by hosting a group interview. Not only can they avoid wasting an hour every time they want to interview one candidate.

But they will also be able to will give the same information. Saving even more time. They will only have to read the company overview once. As well as reading the job description once.

By learning how to interview many applicants at one time. Can help ensure that business owners are meeting enough people. To find the one that is going to be the best fit for their business.

And in doing that, not only can save time. But ensure that they are able to find and keep the staff they need. To stay in business, and grow.