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Edmonton Business Coach | Fatigue

Often times what might tend to happen, says Edmonton business coach, is the fact that people might relax a little bit during their workday only to take their work home with them at night. This might be an error in judgement as people are generally far more productive during the day and they are at night. If you find that you need to bring work home with you at night you may run into distractions such as your family, house chores, friends, technology, etc. Attempt to get all of your work done at work as that is the reason for your being there. Edmonton business coach suggests that if in fact you do need more time at work, to get to work earlier in the morning versus staying later in the evening.

This is because we are far more productive in the morning before lunch then we are after lunch. However notice that after you have eaten lunch and have set down and relaxed for a while that you have become tired and lethargic, asks Edmonton business coach? This is the reason why is far better to work on the more intimidating, harder tasks in the morning when your brain is far better engaged than in the afternoon. As well, you can take all of those morning accomplishments of getting a lot of work done into your afternoon work so that you can continue to be more motivated and continue on with wins and accomplishments the day so as you feel it can be a very productive work there.

Consider a very regimented and very detailed work/play schedule. For example you can assume that if you need to do more work to get it done in the morning before your actual work starts because you will get there earlier as traffic will on the whole be later. People are obviously more engaged in the morning and therefore are on the whole better drivers. As well consider leaving earlier so as to avoid any inclement weather or bad road conditions, motor vehicle accidents or any other things that could affect you from getting to work on time or early so that you may do all of your work.

In the mornings as well what you can do is you can book all of your meetings for the afternoon and get right into all of the files, and all of the PaperWorks as you will be able to more get intellectually in touch and in tune so you can get your work done. If it helps, employ a schedule for both yourself, and the people around you, be it professional or personal. That will help everybody in your life no what your schedule is when you are and where you are going to at the time. Particularly because your part of the family and the owner of the company everybody will need to know where you are to ask you questions, bring forth concerns, etc. It is important to be transparent.

Unfortunately, says Edmonton business coach, 50% of industry Canada says that small businesses will no longer be here five years from now. Because many things, one of which is because they just don’t have an organized schedule.

Zig Ziglar, who is an author, promoter, and speaker, says quote if you don’t plan your time someone else will help you wasted.”

So let’s do exactly what Mr. zig has asked of us, let’s plan our time. We plan our time so everybody knows where we will be at which time, what our priorities are for the day and what our schedule is. You schedule your day to to see if you can potentially save time in the evenings. Meaning, if you have to get to work early in order to leave on time, that is just fine but it should be a priority in order to spend time with your loved ones. Instead of staying late for work, it is highly stressed to come in earlier than your start time many reasons for this one of which is because you just have far more intellectual capital in the morning, after you have had a great night sleep some good breakfast, and some very quick morning time with your family.

As wel, says Edmonton business coach,l we can plan to save time in the evenings and on the weekends if we just use the mornings as very strenuous work time that we can use for the more intimidating car, harder tasks or longer ones.

You could in fact find that because you are trying to build a small business and you are working very hard that you might run into burnout. If that is the case it might be a good idea to book a small vacation to detox and refresh. You will find that if in fact you don’t do that and you experience burnout you will be no good to anyone, and you will not be able to help the business to spring forward. Take some time for yourself and your family to decompress. However if you do need to take a holiday, make sure all of your work is done prior to leaving on the holiday. That might mean coming into work earlier than normally for the first few days or a couple weeks to the get all your work done you might in fact decide that you want to stay later for a few days as well. The reason for this is because you don’t want to upset any of your clients, your subordinates, or your business partners. And you don’t want to be a deterrent to your company as you are attempting to grow it.

As well, states Edmonton business coach, when you do in fact go on a holiday you will want to be completely in that moment with your friends and family so that you don’t worry about work at all. If you in fact have all of your work done then you can do just that, focus completely on relaxing and enjoying your family.