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Edmonton Business Coach | Excited for the Creation of an Online Presence?

Edmonton business coach | creating an online presence

It’s necessary for business to have marketing initiatives, as the Edmonton business coach we will discuss how to create an effective online presence. Businesses in the past relied on time tested marketing strategies. It didn’t change for a while. However due to the fast technological advancement, marketing strategies are suddenly changed. Traditional marketing strategies of the past took advantage of the popularity and accessibility of televisions and radios. They created television commercials and radio advertisements. This proved effective for a while however it is expensive. Sadly, these types of marketing initiatives have proven to be less effective nowadays. Technology has given birth to the Internet. The web is an accessible and easy way to learn information and consume content. Internet has created a way for a way to consume video and music content for free or of little charge. This made cable companies struggle and the same can be said for radio stations. Classic marketing strategies have been on a decline ever since.

Since the Internet has been a major game changer for the marketing industry, marketing firms started to look into using the Internet as a way to advertise. This is called digital marketing strategies. There are a few ways to do this right in this article we will discuss social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Companies who didn’t adapt to modern solutions have went under according to our Edmonton business coach. Digital marketing initiatives have created social media marketing to take advantage of the you audience residing in each social media platforms. It is very common nowadays to see big corporations on various social media platforms. It’s important to take note on their social media strategies. These companies will often engage conversations with fans and post relatable content. Between these posts are product placements and advertisements. The younger generation likes brands that are relatable and does bigger corporations try to appeal to this need to relate. Good social media specialist and knows how to balance advertisements and customer engagement. This is one way to create a solid online presence on the surface.

As the Edmonton business coach we know that search engine optimization is another big factor to digital marketing. Search engines have algorithms that help them find content than websites. Web designers are required to comply to these algorithms in order for their websites to gain traction. The better the comply, the higher they will rank on the search results. These rules are necessary for modern-day marketing however this is not an overnight process. This is at least a few months of work.

To succeed in search engine optimization, your website needs to be responsive. This means your website needs to be faster and scalable . In the past Google only requires website to be fast. However in the recent years the rise of mobile phones have been prevalent. This sudden surge of mobile web searches forced Google to enforce mobile first web design. Websites nowadays need to accommodate different screen sizes of different devices.

Edmonton business coach | the creation of an online presence

A company’s online presence is important in modern-day marketing according to our Edmonton business coach. The accessibility of the Internet will allow companies with strong online presence have a potential limitless amount of clients. Marketing has changed ever since the Internet became mainstream. Before digital marketing strategies there are time tested classic marketing initiatives. These took advantage the popularity of televisions and radios. Marketing firms created TV commercials and radio adverts. However with the decline of cable companies, television commercials have become less and less desirable. The same goes for radios. The rise of the Internet gave way for accessible content consumption for little to no charge. There are subscription based websites where to where you can watch movies, TV shows and etc. without advertisements. Music streaming services are also a thing of placing radios. Technological advancements have paved the way for new marketing strategies.

As the Edmonton business coach its important to know what digital marketing is. This is very simple to define. These are just using the Internet as a way to advertise yourself. However it’s’s a lot different than your traditional marketing strategies. In order for digital marketing to succeed, it’s important to create a solid online presence. Most of the top companies will already have a solid online presence either by search engine optimization or social media marketing.

It is extremely common for big companies to have social media accounts on various platforms. These are a solid way to create an online presence. You will often see them interacting with fans through relatable and funny post or just having a normal conversation. In between these interactions are product placements and advertisements. Big corporations have realized that the younger generations want a brand they can relate here. This has led them to create social media presence revolves around being relatable. It’s important to know how to balance customer interactions with advertising.

Another way to use the Internet to establish an online presence is is through search engine optimization according to our Edmonton business coach. There is a lesser known method especially by small businesses. Search engine optimization or SEO is that of rules that web designers need to follow in order to rank on search engine results. If web designers comply to these rules with reasonable skill, they are likely to rank pretty high on search engine search results.

One of the few ways to rank high on SEO is having a responsive website. In the past or responsive website only means it’s a quick loading website. This is enough to get Google’s attention for being responsive. However in the past few years the influx of mobile web searches have changed what responsive design means. Websites not only need to be fast they also need to be mobile friendly. Smart phones hitting the major market means almost everyone has a minicomputer under pocket. They have access to the Internet from almost anywhere. And thus websites need to be scalable to a small phone screen to gigantic monitors.