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Edmonton Business Coach | Entrepreneurs Should Not Multitask

Often, when business owners realize that they have to work extremely hard to get things done says Edmonton business coach. They think the key to success, his learning how to multitask as efficiently as possible.

However, this is the first thing that business owner should avoid doing. Because while multitasking feels like people are getting a lot accomplished. The science proves that this is not the case.

In fact, studies have shown that it takes the average person twenty-three minutes. Of working uninterrupted, in order to reach peak productivity. And every time someone switches tasks, or is interrupted.

They have to start all over at the beginning, working twenty-three minutes. In order to reach peak productivity once again. Therefore, when people multitask says Edmonton business coach.

They are rarely if ever getting into the peak productivity zone. Because they are constantly switching tasks. Which is why multitasking should be avoided by everyone.

However, while studies have shown that people are not able to work in their peak productivity zone. When they multitask, the studies have also shown. Those people are getting a poor quality work done.

When they multitask, not only are they working in efficiently. But they are doing poor quality work. Because they do not have the ability to focus on any one task, for any length of time.

And while these scientific studies have shown that nobody is actually good at multitasking. People who tend to think that they are better-than-average at multitasking. Actually scored the lowest in proficiency.

Therefore, business owners should realize. That not only does multitasking cause them to work slower. They are also accomplishing tasks to a lower quality. Which is why multitasking should be avoided at all costs.

However, learning how to avoid multitasking can be very difficult. Especially as our society has valued immediacy. It can be very difficult to try and tell an entrepreneur.

That not only should they not answer that phone when it rings. They should put that phone on silent, and only listen to voicemails once or twice a day.

However, people will find that they are going to be able to get far more accomplished in their day. If they actually stop multitasking, and focus on each task.

That they have more time that they can spend on calling people back on the phone. And they are going to do a better job speaking to these people. Because they can focus on what they are saying, and responding.

Not only should business owners do this with their phone says Edmonton business coach. They should also do this with their email, text messages, and social media notifications.

Once they eliminate these interruptions. They are going to be able to get even more done. Although many people argue that they do not have to put their notifications on silent. As long as they are not responding.

But this is also not true. Just the simple fact of getting a message notification. Can be enough to cost entrepreneurs that productivity zone. Requiring twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work, before they can get it back.

Often, people value multitasking so much says Edmonton business coach. That people put it on their resumes. And employers ask if this is something that they are good at during job interviews.

However, multitasking is not beneficial for anyone. Whether they are entrepreneurs, or if they work in other fields. In fact, when people think of other careers, they may realize why multitasking is such a bad idea.

Take surgeons for example, people do not want the doctor that is performing life-saving surgery on themselves or their loved ones. Is multitasking at the same time as the surgery.

Perhaps they are on the phone, having an argument with a family member. Or they are on the phone ordering something, while they are performing surgery.

People understand that when the surgeons focus is on something else. It is not 100% on the surgery that they are performing. And that makes many people worried that they might make a mistake.

And when people think of pilots as well says Edmonton business coach. They do not want to think that there pilots is multitasking either, flying the plane while they are checking email, or responding to a text.

Despite the fact that nobody wants to think of a pilot or surgeon is multitasking. They think that it is okay because they are a business owner. However, they need to realize that the same principles apply to them as well.

And when they are doing something else while they are trying to work on a strategic priority in their business. They are not getting that task done as efficiently as they could.

And they could end up making mistakes, or doing lower quality work. And while a business owner may not make a mistake that could cost the life. Like a surgeon could.

The mistakes that they make could cost them in their business. Causing them to make critical errors that costs them money, productivity, or losing customers.

This is why it is so important for people to understand that they need to avoid multitasking. And there are two ways that business owners can do this. The first is creating a time block schedule.

In the second way to avoid multitasking. Is to avoid interruptions in their business. By avoiding interruptions, business owners can get more accomplished.

However, minimizing interruptions is easier said than done. Because it will require a business owner from resisting checking their notifications.

But once they can resist the urge to check their email, text messages, social media notifications. And let the phone ring to voicemail. They are going to be able to get even more accomplished than ever before.

Once business owners experience how much they can get done. It will become very easy for them to continue minimizing distractions. Begetting business owners to buy into this can be a challenge.

The sooner Edmonton business coach can get them to try minimizing distractions. The sooner they are going to be able to get even more accomplished in their business. That will help them succeed.