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Edmonton Business Coach | Efficient Time Blocking

Zig Ziglar once said if you don’t plan in time, someone else will help you wasted says Edmonton business coach. This is especially true in business because business owners can easily get off track by constant interruptions from staff customers or unnecessary tasks. Everyone has 24 hours in their day, but some entrepreneurs are getting drastically more done than others. Despite the fact that all business owners seem to be working very hard, the business owners that aren’t accomplishing their strategic goals are working in efficiently in their business. Time blocking is a great way to ensure that businesses get the most out of a business day and achieve their strategic objectives.

Blocking is a method of scheduling that includes setting aside specific time in the future that is dedicated to specific tasks. Taking future blocks of time and then locking them in to allow specific tasks to be scheduled ahead of time. It is not just a method of scheduling, as soon as a client calls asking for an appointment to write that in schedule. Blocking is a deliberate way of devoting time to specific tasks. There may be a block of time devoted to client meetings.

Many people believe that the most important task that should be tackled as soon as they get to work is email. Unfortunately email is not the most effective use of time cautions Edmonton business coach will. Despite how urgent that email seems to be, if it is not one of your strategic priorities, doesn’t need to be something that takes your primary attention. Create time blocks for dealing with emails, either for business owners themselves, or their staff members. It is easy to train staff members to deal with emails, freeing business owners to work on their most important tasks.

Entrepreneurs may want to schedule certain time blocks where they are available for interruptions. This will help entrepreneurs in our be far more efficient with their time says Edmonton business coach, as interruptions causes work to be completed in efficiently. In takes time for people to reach peak productivity, and when you stop working on at task, it takes more time to figure out where you left off than if you were able to continue to work on task. be clear it’s time blocks where there should be no interruptions and ensure your staff are aware of that. This way you can work efficiently in that time as possible.

Another great use of time blocking is setting aside time to create checklists and templates. Entrepreneurs might think that spending time on that is wasteful, the amount of time that creating efficiencies saves is huge. Checklists and templates can be used by a business owners as well as their staff create efficiencies for everyone recommends Edmonton business coach.

By utilizing time blocks in a business, entrepreneurs can be sure that every minute of their hard work is effective. They can also rest easy knowing that no matter how hard they work they will be accomplishing their strategic objectives which will help them grow their business and be successful.

Edmonton business coach | efficient time blocking

Nobody has more time in their day than anybody else, but sometimes it seems that some people can get far more accomplished than others says Edmonton business coach the reason for that is simple. Business owners who implement time blocks get more accomplished.

Many business owners fall into the trap of working on urgent things that are not important. This is harmful to business because the urgent things tend not to be as important to the business as strategic priorities. Strategic priorities help drive the business forward, and helps grow the business. One of the most important time blocks that business owner should have in our schedule is an time to do marketing. Any business owner should always be marketing because with out it a business is less likely to grow. Also inconsistent marketing efforts are not effective says Edmonton business coach. Marketing must be done consistently to make the most of the time. This is why some business owners seeking to be working harder but it’s not consistent their wasting their time.

Another important task to include in a time block is administrative duties. Many business owners don’t think about administrative tasks during the day and think that when they get home will be the best time to work on them. But once a business owner gets home they are busy staying time with their family, relaxing and spending time on their hobbies. It’s least likely that a business owner will be at their child’s baseball game thinking now is the perfect time to get administrative tasks done. Creating a time to get them done is the only way to ensure that they will get them. Business owners may not even block time for training and HR duties, but if they do it’s not usually enough says Edmonton business coach. Training staff is an important duty because a business owner will always want their team to always be getting better and growing. Setting time aside for recruitment is also important as business owners should always be looking for new talent to join their team because they never know when they will have a need to fail. Employees may get sick, leave their business, or a business may experience a sudden growth. By having set aside time and schedule for recruitment business owners can draw from a pool of civil candidates rather than reacting to the situation and potentially hiring the wrong candidate out of panic.

It’s not just important to time block but to time block as effectively as possible including these underutilized areas of time blocking. Business owners can be assured that they are accomplishing all of the tasks necessary to grow their business. By not using time blocks business owners are leaving it to chance that they will somehow find the time to do all of the necessary tasks to grow their business.