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Edmonton Business Coach | Efficient Scheduling

We’ll have 168 hours in the week, but some business owners are able to get drastically more done than others says Edmonton business coach. Even though business owners are busy they may not be accomplishing any of their strategic goals which contributes to them putting in a ton of work but their business fails to grow. Learning how to effectively schedule time is a great tool business owners can use to get the most out of the day and ensure that their strategic objectives are being met on a regular basis.

This method of efficient scheduling is called time blocking. Time blocking is setting aside blocks of time in the future that are dedicated to specific tasks. This way the business owner themselves is in control of everything that is being scheduled, and leaves nothing to chance that they may forget something important. Time blocking is not simply just creating time and calendar when something comes up. For example, when a client calls and asks for a meeting. Time blocking is creating blocks of time in a day specifically set up for client meetings. Business owners can schedule all sorts of events further time block making sure that they don’t miss blocking time for their strategic goals.

It’s important for business owners to know that they need to set aside time for marketing even when they are busy. Their marketing efforts are best when they are consistent, so taking the time regularly to work on tasks that helped the business become successful in the first place is very important. Consistent marketing is key to success and growth of their business.

Another time block they can help you with efficiencies in your business is setting aside time for creating checklists and templates. The reason why this is important, is because templates and checklists actually make your life easier by reducing the number of error a business owner their staff makes which increases the level of satisfaction with the clients. By increasing the level of satisfaction business owners deliver their products and services to a higher standard. Less problems for client increases their satisfaction with business owners says Edmonton business coach.

Creating time blocks in a business can help a business owner coordinate with their team, especially if the business owner is unreachable during some of their time blocks. This lets the staff know when they will be able to talk to the business owner on a regular basis, giving them the opportunity to ask the questions they need answers to such as problems that they have been facing. By creating this time to check in with employees business owners and limit the possibility that they will get interrupted throughout the day.

Nobody has more time in their day than anybody else but efficient and effective use of that time is the difference between working hard and getting lots done and and just merely working hard. As zig Ziglar said if you don’t plan your time someone else will help you wasted.

Edmonton business coach | efficient scheduling

Many business owners are not strangers to time blocking says Edmonton business coach, however time blocking efficiently and effectively is a skill. Learning how to implement this tool in business can help business owners free up time, or make the time that they spend on their business much more effective. Time blocking can be the difference between working hard and getting a lot done in your business or just working hard.

Time blocking is setting aside certain blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks. It’s not just creating time in a schedule when that need arises, time blocking is a way of scheduling your calendar to create pockets of time dedicated to all the important tasks that need to get done in a day. What happens if the time blocks are too short asks Edmonton business coach? Time blocks that are two sorts leads to an necessarily switching between tasks without finishing them. It doesn’t make sense to stop doing a task before it’s done, and every time a person switches between tasks takes about 23 minutes for the brain to reach peak productivity. By having too short time blocks, and increases the chance of wasted time switching tasks. A good rule of thumb is to figure out how much time the task should take, and then scheduling just a little bit more time than that. If the entire block is not needed for that task, business owners can use that additional time to deal with urgent matters that have come up during the day.

It’s important to include several tasks in a time block. Business owners often think that administrative duties are easy to get done during free time. Business owners generally don’t have any free time in their business, and once a business owner leaves the business for the day, chances are very slim that they are going to work on administrative tasks says Edmonton business coach. Whether it’s spending time with their family, or working on hobbies, it’s not likely that a business owner will complete the necessary task, these tasks are often things that will help a business owner drive their business forward, so not finding the time a day to do them is not a great business practice.

In addition to helping business owners spend their time more effectively time blocking can actually help companies save time. By creating time blocks dedicated to creating checklists and templates business owners are actually helping their business become more efficient. Checklists help reduce the instances of errors, says Edmonton business coach. Fewer errors means less time fixing errors and increased client satisfaction. Creating templates helps the business owner automates tasks that are repeated throughout the day allowing time to be saved instead of working on that task just using the template. Saving time in a business is another way to make effective spend the day. Business owners who implement time blocking in their business can create efficiencies, build their team, and increase customer satisfaction.