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Edmonton Business Coach | Efficient Schedules Help Entrepreneurs Avoid Cancelling Meetings

One of the most common problems that entrepreneurs have in their day according to Edmonton business coach is that they constantly run out of time. Many business owners believe that they can simply cancel a meeting or an appointment in order to make the most efficient use of their time, however, that would be a big mistake. Instead of cancelling appointments, which end up with an entrepreneur wasting even more time, they should learn how to schedule their time more efficiently in their day.

One thing that an entrepreneur needs to understand, is that their time is a finite resource, and therefore extremely valuable. They need to be very picky and choosy about how they spend their one hundred and sixty-eight hours that they get in their day. Rather than stealing time from one priority that they had previously identified as being important, entrepreneurs should instead attend all meetings, even if they have to accomplish urgent tasks, and get that task done at a later date, even if that means staying later in their business because cancelling meetings actually wastes even more time.

In order for an entrepreneur to cancel a meeting or appointment, they need to think about it, contact the person they have the meeting with to cancel it, and then contact them at a later date to reschedule it. Rescheduling often takes even more time through multiple phone calls and or emails that end up taking more time than an entrepreneur initially assumes, and usually interrupting their workflow in order to get rescheduled. Therefore, instead of an entrepreneur taking more time in their day, they’re actually wasting more of their time in the future says Edmonton business coach.

Another thing that business owners should take into consideration, is that if they get into the habit of rescheduling with customers, customers might eventually get upset at feeling that they are not a priority, and take their business elsewhere. But worse than that says Edmonton business coach, went customers have appointments cancelled on a regular basis, that makes them believe that an entrepreneurís time is not important and that it is a normal situation to be able to reschedule appointments whenever they want, which ends up with customers wasting the entrepreneurís time in the future. Instead, business owners should treat all appointments like they are unchangeable so that everyone can feel like their time is being valued.

When entrepreneurs refuse to cancel appointments, they can ensure that they are not wasting more of their future time by trying to reschedule those appointments. If business owners are very picky choosy about what appointments or meetings they schedule in the first place, ensuring only the most important priorities get a place in the schedule, an entrepreneur will never want to cancel an appointment because it is so important. And by living by the roles if they are so busy, that they cannot make an appointment, it is the most critical time to not cancel says Edmonton business coach. The reason why is because if a business owner has such little time, trying to reschedule will rob them of even more of that time.

Edmonton Business Coach | Efficient Schedules Help Entrepreneurs Avoid Cancelling Meetings

If entrepreneurs find that they are constantly cancelling appointments in order to accomplish important tasks says Edmonton business coach, they should take a look at what is causing them to constantly run out of time. Often, it is a matter of not working as efficiently as possible in the business. This can be fixed through an efficient time block to schedule. If business owners find that they are running out of time to accomplish all of their tasks, or that they are cancelling or rescheduling meetings on a regular basis, they should learn how to time block and get even more done in their day.

The reason why time blocking will help entrepreneurs avoid cancelling appointments is that it allows business owners to get even more accomplished in their day by making efficient use of their time. By setting aside blocks of time in the future for all tasks that need to get done, as well as taking into consideration how much time it will take to accomplish each task, entrepreneurs can be extremely efficient with their time from the moment they set foot in their office. This might end up with an entrepreneur working a few more hours than they are expecting, but when they create a schedule and know how many hours they must work in order to accomplish all of their tasks, can ensure that they are getting things done on a regular basis, and eliminating the need to cancel appointments in order to get things done says Edmonton business coach.

However, there are things that are going to come up from time to time in the business that is impossible to schedule says Edmonton business coach. These are things that entrepreneurs must deal with at the moment. If a business owner does not have time set aside for these types of circumstances, they will run into having to steal time from a one-time block in order to deal with these circumstances. Therefore, in building an efficient time block schedule, an entrepreneur needs to build additional time to deal with unexpected events. Either by creating time blocks that are longer than is needed to accomplish the task, so that when they finish a job, they have additional time, that can be used for things that have come up in their day. Or, an entrepreneur can create small blocks of time in their schedule that have no tasks assigned to them, so that they can be used for whatever comes up in an entrepreneurs day.

In addition to creating a time block schedule, entrepreneurs should ensure that they are never changing their schedule in order to deal with an urgent matter from a client. Edmonton business coach says the reason why, is because typically the reason why a client will have an urgent matter, is due to poor planning. By accommodating clients with poor planning, will not ever prepare them to be efficient with their time. Business owners should avoid inconveniencing clients who have never wasted their time with clients who will constantly waste theirs.

By learning how to be more efficient with their time, entrepreneurs can get even more tasks accomplished in their day, eliminating the need to ever cancel appointments. By working more efficiently, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are accomplishing all of the strategic priorities that they need to, on time all the time.