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Edmonton Business Coach | Efficiency in Your Workplace

Business owners are very busy but they are not accomplishing any of their strategic goals therefore even though they are putting in a ton of work there businesses are not growing says Edmonton business coach. How can business owners get the most out of their work day by working more efficiently is the question many business owners have. The answer is simple, blazing time blocking entrepreneurs can ensure that they are getting everything accomplished that the want as well as all their strategic priorities that they need.

Time blocking is a method of scheduling your time by setting aside specific blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks by locking in specific times to get certain tasks done. Business owners can use this tool to ensure that everything that needs to get dealt with and work done will. Business owners can also get their staff’s time blocking so that their staff can be working on the tasks that they need to in order to help the business owner run their business efficiently.

Knowing how much time to set aside for each task is an important aspect of time blocking Edmonton business coach recommends that time blocks are never shorter than two hours. The reason for this is because if not enough time is given to complete a certain task, been more time is spent switching tasks then working on important ones. It takes 23 minutes for people to reach peak productivity so switching tasks too often lowers the amount of time that you can be at peak productivity. When you switch tasks you also need to take time to figure out where you left off on that specific task before getting to peak intellectual capacity a much better method is to have more than enough time to accomplish each task in its entirety. If there is time left at the end of the time block that time can always be used to deal with unforeseen events that may happen throughout the course of the day. If no time is left at the end of time block a business owner can always decide to schedule in a time block to deal with those events.

It’s also important to note that a business owner does not need to be available for questions or phone calls during every single time block constant interruptions of phone calls, customers, and questions from employees can interrupt the workflow and reduce peak productivity. By scheduling some blocks as blocks where a business owner is not available for questions, customers, or phone calls, they are ensuring will be as efficient as possible with their time. Setting aside time blocks in order to take phone calls, see clients, and discuss important matters with staff helps everyone know when is it appropriate time to see that business owner says Edmonton business coach.

By efficiently time blocking, business owners and 13 can ensure that they are working as efficiently as possible as well as accomplishing all the important goals of the business

Edmonton business coach | efficiency in your workplace

Business owners often have heard about time blocking and may implement it in their business says Edmonton business coach, but knowing how to use time blocks efficiently is a great way to make a great tool even better. Here are some easy ways to help entrepreneurs make the most of their time blocks.

Business owners who are not time blocking their employees time a missing out on an opportunity to help their staff become as efficient as possible. Creating time blocks for their staff, helps everyone know but the most important things to work on each day are. This will eliminate unnecessary switching of tasks by staff, and will help them get into peak productivity. Since it takes 23 minutes for people to reach intellectual capacity, I blocking time entrepreneurs can ensure that their staff are reaching at peak productivity on a regular basis. Edmonton business coach also recommends creating time blocks for staff so they know when they can get training, coached up, and coordinate with everyone on the team.

Many business owners only recruit team members when they have an immediate need. This is inefficient because a business owner never knows exactly when they will require new staff. Their existing staff could leave, get sick, or the business owner could land a large and brand-new contract which will require more people to accomplish. By waiting until there is an immediate need to recruit causes business owner to react and set of being proactive, which may lead to a business owner feeling pressured and hiring the wrong person. Thinking about the business like a sports team, a talent scout is always looking for new players for that team, even when that team has a full roster of players. The reason for that is, a coach never knows when that player may get injured, and be out of the line up. By creating a time block to recruit new staff you are ensuring that you always have someone appropriate ready should the business have a need.

It’s also important to time block for administrative tasks. The reason for this is any business owners underestimate the amount of time it takes to take care of administrative tasks, thinking they can get it done in their free time. When that free time doesn’t happen, neither do the administrative duties. Admin duties help the business run efficiently, and without it a business won’t run as efficiently as it should.
Time blocking can be implemented a number of ways including a paper calendar on the wall, but Edmonton business coach recommends using Google calendar that all staff have access to from anywhere in the building, and even if they are out of the office, so everybody knows who is working on what tasks. As zig Ziglar said, if you don’t plan your time someone else will help you wasted. Avoid wasting time, business owners should implement time blocking as soon as possible.