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Edmonton Business Coach | Effective Scheduling

Business owners may think that they are scheduling efficiently, but if they are not time blocking they may be wasting their time says Edmonton business coach. The time blocking is a technique where he set aside specific blocks of time that are dedicated to specific tasks. This way business owners are able to set aside time for each of their important tasks such as completing strategic priorities for the corporation. By only scheduling appointments, which is what a lot of business owners to the end up forgetting to include the things that will help drive their business forward. Learning the discipline required for time blocking will ensure that business owners and their staff can get far more out of their day than the are used to and continue to grow the business.

Edmonton business coach likes the quote by zig Ziglar that says if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you waste it. By not time blocking and ensuring that you are unreachable during certain periods in your day, you leave yourself open to having anybody take over your time. The reason you need to be unreachable for certain blocks of the day is to minimize the amount of interruptions. Every interruption is a blow to productivity because it takes a brain 23 minutes to reach its peak productivity. If you consider that every interruption costs almost half time is an easy to see reason why avoiding interruptions is key to productivity.

Time blocking should include objectives other than just client meetings. Some examples of things that should be time blocked include marketing time, creating efficiencies at work, administrative duties, recruiting, training, and HR. Many business owners think that many of these tasks will get done during the business is free time, and free time never actually happens. Business owners have the best of intentions by thinking when they go home they will be able to work on administrative duties, but that is something that rarely happens says Edmonton business coach.

By putting your workplace on a time block schedule business owners are also helping coordinate with their team. The reason for this is when the staff knows that they are predictable blocks of time that they will have to ask questions, address specific information as well as get regular training and being coached, but be less likely to interrupt you. Ensure that these time blocked times with your staff are predictable intervals so your place can always know when they’ll be meeting with you. Says Edmonton business coach. A team that receives regular training, is better work for the business.

The learning how to effectively and efficiently schedule their time, business owners will be able to accomplish their strategic goals and continue to grow their business. They can avoid working hard and not getting any important done. These are just some tips to time block effectively business, if you’d like more information on how to effectively time block please contact your Edmonton business coach for more information.

Edmonton business coach | effective scheduling

Business owners are very busy people, so how come some business owners can get drastically more done in a day than others ask the Edmonton business coach. Getting more done in a day isn’t about working harder, but about working smarter. By implementing time blocks in a workplace, business owners and their staff can get far more out of their day and if they weren’t scheduling properly. It’s important to time block properly, and part of that includes ensuring that the strategic goals of the corporation are getting scheduled regularly.

Business owners are often mistaken in thinking there email is the most important thing they need to be working on in a day. Even though email seems like it is the most urgent item of their day, emails tends to not be the activities that help a business owner drive their business forward and achieve their strategic goals. Email can always be looked after by staff who’ve been properly trained how to deal with it, leaving only the most important emails for business owner to be dealt with. Business owners who do not learn this strategy tend to work their entire day out of their inbox, meaning whatever shows up is what they work on instead of working on their strategic goals and marketing strategies.

The reason business owners need to set aside time for marketing even when they’re busy is because marketing efforts are the most effective and efficient when they are consistent. But not being consistent with marketing efforts, whatever they are business owners often end up spending far more time on their marketing with it being less efficient says Edmonton business coach. The matter what the marketing efforts are whether it’s taking out ads, putting out content online, or even contacting ideal and likely buyers and people who can refer to you. Ensuring consistent marketing allows businesses to grow and thrive.

Another mistake with scheduling is people tend to underestimate the time required for recruiting and training. Businesses that only recruit staff when they have a specific need our reacting rather than being proactive with your staff. It’s never known exactly when an entrepreneur might need a new staff person, whether an employee falls ill or leaves the organization. By only looking for new people when there is an immediate need leads to a start stop method which is ineffective. Business owners who do this tend to not wait long enough for the right candidate and hire because they need someone to fill that space, rather than hiring the best fit for the job and for their business says Edmonton business coach.

By avoiding these mistakes and learning how to time block properly business owners can get a lot more done in their day and accomplish the strategic priorities of their corporation. They will continue to grow their business and thrive. Blocking takes a bit of discipline to learn how to do, but once a business owner and their staff gets the hang of it it can make all the difference to their business.